January 5, 2005





The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in a special session on Wednesday, January 5th, 2005 at the Town Hall.Patrick Stoffers called the meeting to order at approximately 6:10 PM.


Roll Call:Patrick Stoffers asked for roll call of the Council Members.Patrick Stoffers, President; William Evans, Vice-President; Lisa Creech, Phillip Rogers and Dennis Williamson were present.Also present were Sandra Hash, Clerk-Treasurer and Frank Nierzwicki interim Planning and Zoning Administrator.


Supervisors Present: Jim Ragle and Ron McGlocklin, were present at the meeting.


Patrick Stoffers explained there are two purposes for this special session.The first was to appoint officers for 2005 and the second is his recommendation to hire Frank Nierzwicki as the Planning and Zoning Administrator with the intent of amending that title in the upcoming weeks.The Planning and Zoning Board will be discussing the title change at their meeting on January 7th.


Appointment of a new Planning and Zoning Administrator


Lisa Creech asked how changing the title would impact his responsibilities and job description.Patrick thinks changing the title reflects more of the scope of the job and how it will be expanding down the road.We will pass an ordinance that strikes the name Planning and Zoning Administrator or Zoning Administrator and replaces it with Director of Planning Services.


Sandra has requested Mike Spencerís office to prepare the ordinance.


Frank explained he would still be in charge of enforcement of the health issues, transportation development, community development, economic development and act as the telecommunication coordinator.


Patrick discussed the newly formed telecommunication committee and the areas they would be looking into such as broad band communications for the County.


At Patrickís request Frank shared his progress with the INDOT grant application.The application for the trail has been submitted.It was electronically sent to the Metropolitan Planning Organization.They will review the application at their meeting on January 17th where they will be endorsing it.It is his understanding this is the only application in the Bloomington area this time.Once it is endorsed it will be sent to INDOT in Indianapolis for consideration.Frank will monitor the application and talk to the required individuals in Indianapolis.††


William Evans made a motion hire Frank Nierzwicki as the PZA.Lisa Creech seconded.Motion carried.


Council Officers for 2005


Phillip Rogers made a motion to appoint Patrick Stoffers as President for 2005 and Bill Evans Vice-President for 2005.Dennis Williamson seconded.Motion carried.


†† Police Station


Ron McGlocklin wanted to assure the retainage would not be released until the grounds and parking lot are completed next spring.There was discussion on the amount of retainage and the procedure to release bonds to vendors.


Sandra called and Mike Spencer advised when a vendor requested the release of their bond they should send a letter to the Council.The architect, construction manager, supervisors and Council would all be required to approve and sign the release.This ensures it will not be released before the work is completed.


Patrick asked Ron if they had a completion date in writing yet.Ron answered they do not have the date yet.They are supposed to have a meeting on Friday or next Monday.


Ron also advised the generator would be in place soon.They continued to discuss the remaining things that need to be done.Patrick requested outdoor lights be turned on.

The furniture is in, but it is stored in the back storage building.


Food and Beverage Tax


Frank asked if the County adds the food and beverage tax would Ellettsville get a portion of the tax.Patrick explained the City of Bloomington hold the majority of the votes and will control how the money is spent.Ellettsville would benefit by the addition of a convention center or a new juvenile detention center but would not receive revenue from the tax.


General discussion


Sandra discussed a few of the upcoming issues on the agenda.This first was the information on the 504 compliance required by the 5 year master plan for the Park and Recreation Board.Mike Spencerís office has not been able to locate the information.Lisa Creech said it is through the Department of Education and she has the book and would forward the information on to Mike Spencer.The second is a zoning change for the Antique Mall at 1415 West Temperance.In 1992 a zoning change was requested by the owners from R-1 to C-1.The Plan Commission approved the change but it was not forwarded to the Council.Therefore Mike Spencer will prepare an ordinance to present to the Council to finalize the zoning change.The third item was a change to the salary ordinance to strike a term concerning longevity.Sandra also shared that Mike Spencer informed her that when an ordinance is first presented to the Plan Commission it would only require one reading from the Town Council.


Lisa Creech has organized a meeting concerning downtown beautification on the 1st of February at the Fire Station.It is a posted meeting so the Council can all attend if they desire.




Lisa Creech made a motion to adjourn. William Evans seconded.Motion carried.Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p m