Summary of the 2018 budget



v    General Fund’s budget is $2,548,632. that is $44,013 less than in 2017.  The General Fund includes the Administration, Planning, Fire and Police Departments. Richland Township will contribute $509,634 toward fire protection in Richland Township and Bloomington Hospital will contribute $59,869 for assisting with the ambulance at the fire station on Curry Pike.


v    County Option Income Tax is estimated at $675,390 which is $2,090 more than the town received this year.


v    Motor Vehicle Highway’s budget is $673,300, which is an increase of $97,000.  


v    The Park and Recreation budget will be reduced by 12,500 to $13,657.


v    Local Roads and Streets will increase by 70,000 due to additional distributions from the State.


v    The Cumulative Funds total $172,300.


v    The debt service for the Police and Fire Stations will be $295,000.


v    The new Local Income Tax for Public Safety budget is $151,375.


v    The total budget for the civil portion of the town for 2017 is $4,006,829.


v    The Maximum Levy Growth Quotient for 2018 is 4.0%.



v    The Water Utility budget is $1,873,734 an reduction of $169,946.


v    The Waste Water budget is $1,550,382 an increase of $100,842.


v    The Storm water budget is $185,315 an increase of $49,303.