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Situated only 7 miles from Bloomington, the seat for Monroe County, Ellettsville is an incorporated town with a population of 6,378 residents. It is close to Indiana University, Ivy Tech State College, and Lake Monroe, the largest lake in Indiana. What Ellettsville is best known for is its hometown atmosphere, where friends are always friends and neighbors are always willing to help neighbors. It is home to the Monroe County Fall Festival, a homecoming of sorts for anyone who has had the privilege of calling Ellettsville home.
Explore Ellettsville-the Friendly Little Town Next Door! Edward Ellett Tombstone

History: The Town was founded in 1837 and later incorporated in 1866. It gets its name from the first merchant to get established, Edward Ellett.   Ellettsville'sproud heritage is rooted in the limestone industry.  "Millions of tons of building stone have been shipped by trains and trucks throughout the United States to build magnificent memorials, cathedrals, government buildings, libraries, public schools, colleges and universities, and countless churches and synagogues.  Included inthese shipments have been priceless carvings that have told the rich history of our states and national capitol.  Craftsmen from our limestone mills have traveled throughout the nation to do on-site work on these structures in building American history" (by Maurice Endwright), hence the town's motto, "Builders of American History."

Today, Bybee Stone Company still produces great designs and limestone works at its mill in Ellettsville.  The stone for the rebuilding of the Pentagon was provided by Bybee Stone after the September 11, 2001 attacks.  A special limestone panel was signed by the workers in Ellettsville with the inscription: "Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America." - Pres. George W. Bush, Sept. 11, 2001.   Our Town is proud to continue the tradition of Building American History.

The Legend of Jack's Defeat Creek

A creek runs through the Ellettsville area (flows north), and there have been several versions of how it got its name in the 1800's when the creek was much larger.  Here is the latest:

"In his reminiscences of 1812, Col. Jack Ketcham, a first-hand source, says Gen. John Tipton and a Col. Beam, with about 20 men, crossed a tributary of Bean Blossom Creek while scouting the west fork of the White River.  Jack Storm's and John Ketcham's horses got mired in the mud.  Tipton or his men jokingly named the creek "Jack's Defeat" because of this incident.

This information can be found in "Messages and Letters of William Henry Harrison", Logan Esarey, Editor, Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Commission, 1922, Vol. 2, page 279."    Herald-Times HOTLINE column, 1/2/06.

Population from the 2010 U.S. Census:

Monroe County - 137,974
Ellettsville (Incorporated) - 6,378
Richland Township (un-incorporated area around Ellettsville - 12,349
Bean Blossom Township (area north of Ellettsville) - 2740 (includes the Town of Stinesville).
Note:  The Richland-Bean Blossom School Corporation includes students from these two townships as well as Town of Ellettsville students. 
More statistics are available at: www.stats.indiana.edu

The Ellettsville and Richland Township area  is one the most rapidly developing areas in Monroe County. Two industrial parks house General Electric, Whitestone, U.S. Food Service, Tree of Life, Tasus, Hall Signs, Huntsman Packaging, Griner Engineering, InterArt Distribution/Sunrise Publications, Beasley Produce, among others.   Ivy Tech State College is located in Park 48, which is also the new headquarters of Cook, Inc.  Several industrial sites are still available. Three commercial centers, Jack's Defeat Creek Mall, Richland Plaza, and Smith Pike Crossing contain several businesses offering a wide-range of merchandise and services.

Last updated: November 2, 2016