April 2, 2009




The Ellettsville, Indiana Plan Commission met in regular session on Thursday, April 2, 2009 in the Fire Department Training and Conference Room located at 5080 West State Road 46.Terry Baker called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M. and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call:†† Members present were: President; Terry Baker, Vice President; Sandra Hash, Dan Swafford, Don Calvert, Frank Buczolich, and Frank Nierzwicki.


Members Absent: Ron Wayt, Phil Smith and Secretary- Connie Griffin


Approval of the Minutes- February 5, 2009


Sandra Hash, I make a motion to approve the March 5, 2009 Plan Commission minutes, Dan Swafford, seconded the motion.All in favor-minutes approved.


Terry Baker, A new item has been added to the agenda concerning potential conflicts of interest concerning commission members and items on the agenda.Terry asked the commissioners if any of them have any conflict of interest on any items listed on the agenda for this evenings meeting.


Dan Swafford- Conflict of interest stated with Tractor Supply.When we get to that point of the agenda, I'll sit in the audience.


Terry Baker- So noted.


Old Business


Proposed changes to the Ellettsville Town Code.


Chapter 96- Animals, and Chapter 152.329 Board of Zoning Appeals


Frank Nierzwicki- Chapter 96 Animal code, tabled from discussion. The next code for revision is the Board of Zoning Appeals added definitions.


Terry Baker- Do I have a motion?


Frank Buczolich- Made a motion to approve of the definitions specified for the Board of Zoning Appeals Chapter 152.329.


Dan Swafford- Second.


New Business


Tractor Supply


Frank Nierzwicki- Tractor Supply proposed business location west of Pizza Pantry, State Road 46.Introduced Keith Carter discussion on project background, a full proposal will be presented in May, 2009.A developmental review will be conducted with the supervisors and recommendations will be brought before you before the May meeting.


Keith Carter- Bundle Hill Development Company, Lebanon, Ohio, Henkle Schueler Realtors.Henkle Schueler was founded in 1935, and Bundle Hill was founded in 1975.We are one of the developers for Tractor Supply Company; they have over 1,000 stores nationwide.We have located a few properties we are considering for development.Bynum Fanyo has prepared a site plan for TSC, which is featured in your packet of information.The site plan addresses elevation changes and we have several retaining walls in place according to the site plan.The site will be tight, but we can make it work.


Commission Concerns:


  • Do you hire local contractors or do you have your own crew,
  • How many employees do you project hiring,
  • Will there be someone on site at all times,
  • Have you had any concerns from neighboring properties,
  • Parking space variance,
  • Construction time from start to finish,
  • Entry into highway,
  • Pervious Concrete,
  • Lighting and fencing


Keith Carter- The work is sub contracted out locally, we do have a supervisor that will oversee the project.We are currently taking local bids.We anticipate 6 to 8 full time employees, open 7 days a week from about 8 to 10 at night.A job superintendent will be on site at all times of working production.I haven't spoken with the neighbors personally, but I've heard the neighbors are excited from other community members.At any given time throughout the day you will see about 8 to 10 cars in the parking lot and we have 70 onsite parking spaces, we will have a few less than what code specifies.The construction site will start in June and the delivery date won't be until March of 2010, with the store finished at the end of the year.The entry/exit from the business will be according to INDOT standards.The lights will be directed down to the lot.††


Rick Coppock- Rick explained site plan features, such as pervious pavement, parking spaces, rain gardens and the under drain systems. A detention pond will be located in the back of the property.We could show more parking spaces in the back of the building, technically there are around 11 more spaces in this area for parking.Tractor supply requires 10x20 parking space dimensions, which is larger than what Ellettsville Town Code specifies (9x18).Right now the highway entry/exit shows 40', which is the maximum allowable width for a class 3 drive from INDOT, we have the extra width in there for semi tractors pulling in and out.So, it will have at least 3 lanes out in front.Rick explained pervious concrete and its benefits and its current use in Bloomington.


Proposed Sign Permit Form


Frank Nierzwicki- Discussed the proposed sign permit application form.The information would go into a database.We will get comments next month from the commissioners.


Terry Baker- Itís a real good start and Sandy mentioned she would like to have applications for developments and other projects.


Training Session


Frank Nierzwicki- Training session McCormick's Creek State Park, March 23, 2009, K.K. Gephart Fritz speaker.17 town personnel, board members and citizens attended the training session.The event was paid for from the I-69 community planning grant.The highlights of the event were discussed.Extra copies of the training manual are in the Planning office and a possible test was mentioned for the commissioners. The Comprehensive Plan is in digital format.


Terry Baker- Thinks INDOT would be a good training session/speaker.


Sandra Hash- The Comprehensive Plan is a key element and was mentioned throughout the event.


Don Calvert- Mentioned a Plan Commission Identification tag.


Frank Nierzwicki- I'll look into that.Frank closed by talking about Micah Austin and his new position and a new intern that will start in the fall of 2009.

Non Agenda Items


Russ Ryle- Commended Frank for having the training session and the importance of adopting a code of ethics for following rules and procedure; he expressed concerns about having full understanding of a project or concern before coming before the commission.The packets that have come before the commission in the past have been incomplete and this is confusing to the commissioners and the petitioners.By adopting better procedural controls this can be eliminated in the future.The commissioners need to see a map and need to visit and walk the site.He closed with a brief discussion of having a reciprocal agreement with an adjoining jurisdiction for site review plans if a potential conflict of interest exists.The 5 factors were never defined by K.K.; these should be in the procedures.


Frank Nierzwicki- I'll get those for you.


Terry Baker- This goes back to having a checklist. We need to develop some procedures and have them in place in Town code.




Terry Baker- I would entertain a motion.Frank Buczolich- I make a motion we adjourn. Dan Swafford- I second.All in favor say aye.Meeting adjourned at 6:57 P.M.Next meeting will be April 2, 2009.