Park and Recreation Board


April 20, 2001



The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met for an organizational meeting on Friday, April 20, 2001 at the Ellettsville Town Hall. Members present were L.D. Axsom, Art Moynihan, Patrick Stoffers, Darlyne Sowder, and Edwin Macatangay.


Patrick Stoffers asked for nominations for President. Art Moynihan nominated Darlyne Sowder for President. Patrick Stoffers seconded the nomination. The nomination passed.

Darlene Sowder nominated Art Moynihan to be Vice President.  Patrick Stoffers seconded the nomination. The nomination passed. Art Moynihan nominated Patrick Stoffers to be Secretary. Darlene Sowder seconded the nomination. The nomination passed.


The meeting dates and time was discussed. A motion was made to set the meeting date as the first Monday of the month at 7:00 PM.  The motion passed.


There was general discussion regarding park properties, funding sources, skateboard park insurance, a proposed park at Main and Temperance, the twenty acres the town owns adjacent to the new school property, and flooding along Jack's Defeat Creek.


Don Lewis will be invited to talk to the board at the next meeting on May 7, 2001 and the board would begin the process of developing a new five-year plan.


Patrick Stoffers made a motion to adjourn. Art Moynihan seconded the motion. The motion passed.







_____________________________                       ____________________________

Darlyne Sowder, President                                      Art Moynihan, Vice President







_____________________________                       ____________________________   

L.D. Axsom                                                             Edwin Macatangay








      Patrick Stoffers, Secretary