April 8, 2002


The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 PM, Monday, April 8, 2002 at the Town Hall.  David Sorokoty called the meeting to order.  Jerry Pittsford led in prayer. Boy Scout Troop 119 attended the meeting.  The Troop is working on the Citizenship and Community merit badge.  Two of the Boy Scouts, Trever Ryan and Jeremiah Brassard led the Pled of Allegiance.


Roll Call

David Sorokoty asked for roll call of the Council Members.  Members present were David Sorokoty, David Drake, Mike Cornman, Jerry Pittsford and Geraldine McIntyre.  Also present was Sandra Hash, Clerk-Treasurer and Mike Spencer, Town Attorney. 


Supervisors present were Jim Davis, Jim Ragle, Ron McGlocklin, and Mike Farmer.  Rick Coppock, Deborah Hudson, and Amber Ragle, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer were also present.


Approval of Minutes of the regular meeting on March 25, 2002 and the Executive Session on April 4, 2002


Jerry Pittsford moved to approve the minutes of March 25th and April 4th 2002.  Mike Cornman seconded.  Motion carried.


Bids for asphalt and aggregate


Mike Spencer opened the bids and verified they were in proper form.  Rogers Group Incorporated was the only bidder for both asphalt and aggregate.  Each bid contained a 10% bid bond.  Jim Ragle stated the bids where comparable to the asphalt and aggregate bids in the past couple years and recommended the Council accept the bids.  Geraldine McIntyre moved to accept the asphalt bid.  Mike Cornman seconded.  Motion carried.  Geraldine moved to accept the bid for bituminous Materials.  Mike Cornman seconded.  Motion carried.


There were no Resolutions or Ordinances


New Business


Cassady Electric presentation on information for customers concerning the electrical service relocation in conjunction with the INDOT State Road 46 project


Matt Lawrence spoke for Cassady Electric.  He explained how the meter boxes would be placed on homes and commercial properties with the new underground electrical connections.   Cinergy will have to install either a 200-amp disconnect or meter base on each house for the underground connection.  The installation will depend on the type of panel currently in the home.  If the panel is a 100-amp and it is back to back to the meter there will be a junction box beside the meter.  If the panel and meter are not back-to-back a disconnect must be installed beside the meter.  The other scenario would be if the existing panel were 200-amp and back-to-back with the meter there would be no change.  If the meter and panel are not back-to-back then a 200-amp disconnect will be required beside the meter.    The residence will be without power for about 2 hours during the change over.  Each commercial connection will have to be reviewed to confirm the amount of time for installation, but it should not require more than one day.  There are 65 homes and 3 businesses to be converted.    Questions should be directed to 876-1389.  If a homeowner wants to upgrade from a 100-amp to a 200-amp service the homeowner would be responsible for the expense and should notify Cassady for further information.   Mae Cassady requested a list of names and phone numbers of the homeowners who will need the change over.


Ellettsville Sewer Rate Study Agreement with H.J. Umbaugh


Rick Coppock addressed the Council concerning the need for a new rate study to analyze the current sewer rates of The Ellettsville, Eastern Richland and Northern




Richland Sewer Corporations.  The agreement with Eastern Richland and Northern Richland stipulates the rate be investigated to see if they are still in reason after the

plant has been in operation a couple of years.   H. J. Umbaugh did the original rate study during construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in 1995 or 1996.  Now that we have a few years of historical data from the plant a review is needed to ensure all parties contributing to the use of the plant are paying equally.  Jerry Pittsford moved to approve the agreement with H.J. Umbaugh for accounting services for a rate study of the current rates for Ellettsville Utilities.  David Drake seconded, motion carried.


Privilege of the Floor


Otto Carder, who resides at 1108 West Main Street, shared his concern with snow removal on the proposed sidewalk across the front of his property after completion of the Main Street road improvement.  The walk will be about 150 feet long and he is unable to remove the snow.  A member of the audience advised Area 10 has a snow buddies program for senior citizens.  Mr. Carder was instructed to call Jewel Echelbarger for more information.  Darlyne Sowder stated INDOT has said the sidewalk will be the responsibility of the property owner.


Peter Marshall, an attending Boy Scout, asked how the Governor’s decision to use Build Indiana money to fund state debt going to affect the Town’s plans?  David Sorokoty thanked him for his question and said it would be discussed later in the meeting.


Ellettsville Park and Recreation Request for Survey


Darlyne Sowder, Park Board President, requested a survey of the Well Site property.  L D Axsom, Park Board Member and former realtor, stepped off the property and cannot identify 4.9 acres of the 20 acres site.   Ms. Sowder presented two proposals for the survey to the Council.  Bynum, Fanyo and Associates submitted a proposal for $1,800.00 and Trico Surveying’s proposal was for $720.00 plus or minus 25%.  She asked the Town to pay for the survey from the General Fund.  The Council discussed and reviewed the proposals.  There were questions on the different language in the proposals.  The Attorney, Mike Spencer, advised the Council to make a standarized request for a survey with specifications for a stake survey to allow a clearer comparison.  Darlyne will present the request again at the April 22 Council meeting to select the surveyor.  The Council however did proceed to give permission to have the survey paid by the Town.  Mike Cornman moved to pay for a survey of the Well Site Property.  Jerry Pittsford seconded, motion carried.


Action to pay Accounts Payable Vouchers


Jerry Pittsford moved for approval of paying of the vouchers.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded, motion carried.


Supervisor’s comments


Ron McGlocklin and the other Ellettsville Officers assisted, by request, The Bloomington Police Department on Monday night March 27th after the NCAA final

game from 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.  There were four Reserve Officers covering in Ellettsville during this time.


Mike Farmer announced Ellettsville Utilities are finished on Main Street and Crider moved into the area to start their road construction.  Mike Farmer also advised the Park Board to call and have the utilities located on the Well Site before they do any digging.  David Sorokoty asked the Utilities Department for assistance in capping off or filling in an old well on the property.  There will be children working on the property starting April 22nd.  Mike answered David Sorokoty’s question concerning water valves on the property. 





Sandra Hash said Gregg Zody of Monroe County Planning would not be using Town Hall on April 23, and 24th as requested.  They have rescheduled for May 28th through 30th at the Monroe County Library.


David Drake requested permission to attend a meeting on annexation presented by The Indiana Association of Cities and Towns in Valparaiso, Indiana.  Jerry Pittsford moved to approve David Drake attending the Indiana Association of Cities and Town workshop in Valparaiso.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded, motion carried.


David Sorokoty suggested Ellettsville request an amendment to the Downtown and Government Center Build Indiana Grants to allow the purchase of streetlights for the one-way pair, the widening of Matthews drive and the purchase of street trees.  David has discussed the amendment with Vi Simpson, who also informed David the appropriation would remain for the $265,000.00 awarded to Ellettsville from Build Indiana if the funding would become available in the future.  David would prefer to complete one project rather than have two incomplete ones.  The two projects pending are the purchase of land for a Government Center and the streetlights for the one-way pair. 


Mike Cornman feels we should proceed with the property purchase.  Jerry Pittsford has approached the property owners of the proposed site for the Government Center and they both refused the offer.  The Town by law can only offer an average of the two appraisals on the properties, which was $47,000.00.   Jerry asked Mike Spencer how to proceed.  He advised contacting the Appraisal Companies to ask if they took into consideration the effect the new road would have on the properties. Jerry wanted to table the decision until specifications were drawn up on all the requirements for the street lighting and bids for the project were secured.  Matt Lawrence advised there would be additional costs involved for the lighting in regards to the electrical feeds and conduit size each light would require.  David Sorokoty added the bases for the lights would be needed as the sidewalks are constructed.  There was more discussion on the time fame by when the lights and bases would be needed.  Jerry encouraged everyone to contact their legislator and let them know they have gone back on their word about not using lottery monies for the general fund.  David Sorokoty said the indecision among the state legislative body to find a solution to the states current budget crisis punishes local municipalities, who are not able to accomplish capital projects within their budget restrictions.




Jerry Pittsford moved to adjourn.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.




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David Sorokoty, President                                     David Drake, Vice President





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Mike Cornman                                             Jerry Pittsford





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Geraldine McIntyre                                             Sandra C. Hash