†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† April 9, 2001





The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 PM, Monday, April 9, 2001. Members present were Jerry Pittsford, President; David Sorokoty, Vice President; Geraldine McIntyre, David Drake, and Mike Cornman. Jerry Pittsford called the meeting to order. Dave Drake led the Pledge of Allegiance. Jerry Pittsford gave the prayer.


Appoint Park and Recreation Board Members:


Jerry Pittsford announced the Park Board appointments as follows:


L.D. Axsom, 1-year term

Art Moyhihan, 2-year term

Pat Stoffers, 3-year term

Darlene Sowder, 4-year term


Open bids on 76 Dodge Truck:


Mike Spencer opened the only bid from Robert Cassidy for the price of $2,250.50.


Geraldine made the motion to accept the bid from R Cassidy for the 1976 Dodge truck from the Street Department.Mike Cornman seconded.†† Motion carried.




Josh Rector accompanied by two other young men asked if there was any place they could skateboard since the skate park is not open.A couple of Police Officers had told them they were not allowed to skate anywhere.They came to ask permission from the Council for an area to skate.


Jerry Pittsford replied the Skate Park would be opening soon.We cannot grant permission to skate on any public property, but we are doing every thing we can to get the Skate Park open.


Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation New Edgewood Primary and Intermediate School-Sewer Connection Fee


Bill Riggert from Bledsoe, Tapp and Riggert represented the school.Andy Dodd, School Board President and Steve Kain, Superintendent were also in attendance.Mr. Riggert requested the Council reconsider the consumption user fee or the hook-on fee developed by the Utilities.They offered the following figures:


†† School Usage- 5,534 gpd/student x 1,200 students = 6,641 gpd

†† Convert to Equivalent Dwellings Units†† - 6,641 gpd Ė 410 gpd/unit = 21.42 units

†† Cost per Dwelling Unit = $1,000.00†† - 21.42 x $1000,00 = $21,420.00


These calculations are similar to the ones performed by Rick Coppock, Town Engineer.They are based upon the combined average water usage over a two-year period at the Elementary and Early Childhood Center with an anticipated enrollment of 1,000 students. The original fee was $43,500 using 15 gallons per day per student, which is a prescribed rate the state uses to size sewer systems in place of the actual consumption rate.


Andy Dodds, School Board President


Andy stated his comments are not reflective of the School Board; he is speaking only for himself.He expressed his appreciation of the Councilís consideration of the request.The school had originally requested a wavier of the fees associated with




the sewer plant for the two new elementary buildings.He was surprised at the request of $43,500 for the hook on fee. He assumed the Council would recognize the budgetary restraints of building two new buildings and do what they could to lessen the impact on our taxpayers of Richland Bean Blossom Township.In order to stay within the budget some items were placed on a wish list.Which means if there is money left over at the end of construction we could put in such things as a baseball field, tennis courts, soccer field and play yard.The budget on this project is very tight.The school Corporation is paying for all the hard cost up to and including the sewer hook on.Presently no additional work is required by the town to upgrade their lines or provide materials or labor in this connection hook up.They are not a new user and expect the flow in this new building will only replace the flow used in the old building.No additional burden will be put on the existing facilities.It was reported that the taxpayers of Ellettsville would be unduly burdened because the sewer is controlled and serves mostly the town proper and the school serves in the entire two townships.This essentially is saying you want to spread the cost of the utility department over the townships.††† He believes a percentage of the collections for utilities go to the fund for overhead and maintenance; it is built into the rate structure.Last year the school paid $58,807.00 to the Ellettsville Utilities.It is in the school budget and is paid by the taxpayers of Richland and Bean Blossom Townships.†† The statement that the town will be setting precedence by waiving the fee does not make sense.The school is a public entity just like the town.Most people expect these charges to be waived.If not it is just taking dollars from one pocket and putting them into another nothing is gained.The use of a residential fee for a high volume user such as the school should be given additional review.There is a special rate contract provision in the town code and this would be an ideal application for it.Nashville, Spencer, and Scottsburg have no user fees.Bloomington only charges $1,600.What kind of message are you sending by charging a school $43,500 for a user fee.In closing he asked the town to take a pragmatic approach to the request and arrive at a decision that transcends the boundaries of our individual duties.This is for the common good of our community.He asked for the townís full cooperation in this matter and would again like to request a full waiver of the fee.He thanked the Council.


There was a discussion on the base rate and how the 5.534 gallons per day were calculated considering the actual uses at the Elementary School.


Rick Coppock stated the in town rate would save the school about $4,800 per year over the out of town rate they did pay.The original connection fee was based on the usage amount the school submitted to the Board of Health of 18,000 gallons per day, which we based on three quarters of a year.They also used the usage from University, Grandview, and Highland Park schools, which are all new schools.There numbers were comparable to the numbers Mr. Riggert had presented.


Mr. Riggert added the new school with all-new plumbing would probably save in usage.


Mike Farmer explained that hook on fees were placed in a capacity replacement fund and used to upgrade or renovate the existing sewer system.It is also intended to accommodate future needs as the plant reaches itís capacity, to build out the plant to take on new customers.Rick added it is used for any type of work that would prolong the use of the plant and the capacity of the plant.He gave the example of repairing pipe that allowed inflow into the system to extend the capacity of the plant.


Mike also stated the on site system will be done by a contractor at the school.It will be built to the townís specifications.We will do inspections of the installation.†† The continued use of a lift station will be required.






In response to a question Mike stated if someone purchases the old elementary they would also transfer ownership of the existing hook on with no additional charge.†† In 1975 an 8-inch PVC main was run to the new site.Three years ago for future expansion we ran water mains from Louden Road and Reeves Road to Starnes Road.It was in the master plan to interconnect all the mains and connect to the Louden water tank so we can service the complete west side.It will loop and come back around on 46.We have run 12 inch main out to Red Hill Road so we are getting close to connecting all the mains.††


David Drake asked if we decided to make one exception to a public school how critical is the $43,000 or $21,000 to the system?Mike answered when we planned the expenditures for this year no connection fees were considered.We are not receiving many connection fees right now because we are not one sewer corporation.There is Eastern Richland, Northern Richland, and Ellettsville Sewer Corporations.Most of the building is on the outskirts of town; we are not getting a lot of hook on fees so we do not count them as money in the bank.Mike said he completely understands Andyís comments of having a wish list and running on a very tight budget.As a manager those hook on fees are important to utilize the money to keep our infrastructure the way it is supposed to be.In the past we have been reactive to situations that come up.We have been dormant about taking care of our system.Only recently have we been aggressive on the building of an infrastructure that the town can utilize in the future.It is very important that we get all the monies that are coming to us hook on fees, proper billing, and making sure all our consumptions are recorded so that we can go about our business being aggressive and spending the money where it needs to be spent all the while staying within our present rates.†† Is it critical that we get this money, no, important yes.We will accommodate the Councilís decision.††††


David Drake said he didnít want to set a precedent that anyone who comes along might come in and get us to change our mind, but he also really hates for this to be the one we make our stand on when we could make an exception just for a public school corporation and probably never have another one in his life time.


Jerry Pittsford stated Bynum and Fanyo Utilities are paid to accomplish a certain number of tasks that the town charges them to do.We tell them we want them to update the infrastructure and maintain the sewer plant to make sure it stays in compliance.Recently we gave them the task of coordinating with PSI Cinergy, Smithville Telephone, and Insight Communications to undergo a $4,000,000 project to bury all overhead power and cable lines along the one-way pairs.The cost of maintaining their daily labor cost in this project and their daily tasks are significant.As Mike mentioned they donít collect a lot of hook on fees in the town proper.The hook on fees that come through Eastern or Northern Sewer Districts stay within that district.They use that money as they see the need to.It is not always clear to us that they use the money to update their lines.It is a concern that someday the town will

have to update the lines that have not been maintained in these other districts.When Bynum and Fanyo Utilities took over the management of Ellettsville Utilities there

was a significant number of problems that had not been addressed for a number of years.They have worked within the guidelines of their budget to accomplish those things.In order to continue to update the lines and maintain the infrastructure seeing that all future developments such as the elementary school are possible that it would not be in our best interest to waive the fee.The reduction in the fee is fair and if we were in a better financial situation we could easily waive the fee but we are not.


Mike Cornman moved to approve the amended previous capacity replacement fee for the new Ellettsville Elementary school buildings to $21,420. Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion carried.






Ordinance 01-5 an ordinance to amend the Ellettsville Town Code by amending Chapter 355-Unsafe Building Law:


Jerry stated he would like to entertain a motion to table this until the next meeting.Geraldine McIntyre so moved.Mike Cornman seconded.†† Jerry said there is a motion and a second to table Ordinance 01-5 an ordinance to amend the Ellettsville Town Code by amending Chapter 355-Unsafe Building Law.Motion carried


Utilities lease of excavator (track hoe)


Mike Spencer explained when this was previously presented to the Council it was presented as a lease.†† The excavator is being financed.The finance company presented it to us as an installment purchase with monthly payments of about $2,000 with a final payment of $90,000, which pays for the equipment on the 25th payment.This allows it to be a tax-free transaction.We in turn entered into a contract with Holt Equipment Company, who has agreed to buy the equipment from us if after the first year at the full option price that is listed on the schedule of prices and if for any reason the town chooses to not go through with the transaction they will pick up and buy the equipment.This is a change from the original agreement.We will still have the option to purchase it for the balloon price of $90,000 on the 25th payment or after the first year at the price listed on the schedule.†† It is called a master lease purchase agreement.Mike Farmer reiterated this is a savings over renting the equipment.Excessive damage to the equipment could affect the selling price, but normal wear and tear will be covered.


Mike also said this excavator will accommodate a hammer for rock removal if needed.The hammer will be interchangeable with the bucket and we will rent it if needed for $4,000 per month.†† The money for the track hoe will come out of operation and maintenance funds.


Jerry Pittsford read from the document as follows, in order to finance this lease the town would be entering into an agreement with Public Finance.com Inc. entitled Master Equipment lease/purchase agreement.Jerry said he would entertain a motion.Geraldine McIntyre replied so moved.David Drake seconded.Jerry stated there is a motion and a second to approve the Master Equipment lease/purchase agreement with Public Finance.com Inc.Motion carried.


David Drake made a motion to approve the agreement between the Town of Ellettsville and Holt Equipment Company for the purchase of the excavator.Mike Cornman seconded.Jerry stated there is a motion and a second to approve an agreement with Hold Equipment Company LLC for the purchase of a John Deer 200 excavator.Motion carried.






David Sorokoty moved to table it for now, due to insufficient information at this time.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion carried.


Senior Citizens concerns on road access


John Litton


John said he was a senior citizen and the town has two senior citizen complexes that the new road will go right by.He offered a solution for Maple Shades by continuing





Vine Street and making a Y with the right going into Maple Shades.This would allow the seniors to come out of the complex without going out onto the new highway.This could be one way, allowing them to come out and go down town, but not go back that way.From the Allen complex there is a small road between where Freddie Freeman used to live and where Frosty Brown used to live that connects to Allen Street.If that is not satisfactory there is another one down the fence line on John Davisí property.This would be more expensive but it could connect to McNeely Road with a 4-way stop.That would be the most desirable and would keep the seniors away from the new highway.


His last suggestion would not affect the seniors but would concern the whole neighborhood.Louden Road turns into Sycamore, this is where the new school will be, it should go all the way to Highway 46.This will help with the bus traffic after the highway construction is complete.


The Council discussed the needs and possibilities of these road improvements and federal money that might be available.


Mike Cornman requested preliminary cost for road possibilities at the first Council meeting in May.


Ordinance 01-7 an Ordinance to amend section 725-20 of the Ellettsville Town Code concerning special rules for determining the quantity of water used


Mike Farmer


Mike gave a summary of improvements made to help track water usage.Presently there are no guidelines in the Town Code on the use of special meters.Recently Becky found a document outlining the exact procedure we need to regulate the use of the special meters.I in turn presented it to Mike Spencer to be incorporated into Town Code.One of the problems with the meters is the year round use of the meter.The meters intended use is during the summer months for outdoor use or water that would not go into the sewer system.†† Mike and the Council discussed the rules outlined in the ordinance.A notice of the changes will go out to customers who have the special meters.


Mike Cornman moved that Ordinance number 01-7 be submitted for the first reading.David Drake seconded.Motion carried.


Mike Cornman moved that Ordinance number 01-7 be adopted on the same day at which it is introduced.David Drake seconded.Motion carried.


Mike Cornman moved that Ordinance number 01-7 be adopted.David Drake seconded.Motion carried.


Minutes and Account Payable Vouchers


David Sorokoty made a motion to accept the minutes and accounts payable vouchers.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion carried.




Mike Farmer


Mike introduced Amber Ragle as the new billing clerk.He said she was from the local community, has a college education, and has experience with Monroe County Government.





Mike requested permission to hire a temporary full time to use for six to nine months.†† He will start them at $11.50 per hour.He also stated he has not replaced a

full-time employee who left last year and they may have to fill that position. He questioned posting the position.After verifying it in Town Code Mike Spencer told Mike Farmer he would have to post the position.


Mike informed the Council the 46 project is getting ready to start and after reviewing material quotes from three venders it has been decided to use U. S. Filter.They are local with a branch in Bloomington.†††


Jim Davis


Jim asked permission to send Kevin Patton to training on emergency vehicle maintenance for fire trucks.It is in Indianapolis for one week.He will commute each day.The Council voted to give Kevin permission to attend the training.


Congress passed a grant program for fire departments across the nation.It is from FEMA and entitled The Fire Act.There are various uses including personnel, personal protection, health and fitness awareness programs, fire trucks, equipment and buildings.†† The maximum we could get is $750,000, which would require a 10% match.It is due by May 1st and will be rewarded in September.†† The Council directed Jim to proceed with the application and submit for their review at the next meeting.


Ron McGlocklin


Ron McGlocklin verified that the Council had received the Police Reserves hours.

He also told the Council the Police Department had been approved for a grant in the amount of $957 to purchase education pamphlets.


Rick Coppock


Rick gave a brief history of the sewer plant.††† When the town had the old sewer plant it was hydraulically overloaded and overflowed into the creek.We worked on a facilities plan to obtain State Revolving Funds.As part of that plan we determined what would be the average flow to the new plant.We looked at sharing the cost of the new plant with Eastern and Northern.We looked at the number of customers and the customer base roughly if you put Eastern and Northern together was 51.9% and the other 48.1% was the town contribution to the plant as far as customers go.The plant capacity has a certain rating on it so that capacity was

divided by 310, which gave you the number of hook ons in the plant. These were shared by the three parties based on their percentage of customers that contributed flow to the plan.That is why we are protective of how much we charge for capacity

replacement.The capacity replacement fee directly affects the plant and the life of the plant.For example there is a large industry that dumps a lot of sewage into

the plant you are eating up quite a bit of the capacity for that plant.That capacity will have to be realized by the customers if you ever have to increase the capacity of the plant.The number that we used to determine the original connections fee for the school was the number that was given to us by their engineering firm and it was the number that was in the guide lines to be used to design schools at 15 gallons per day per student.We talked with them and agreed the fair and just way to do it was to let them figure what their actual usage would be per student and it came out to the 5.534 number times the maximum capacity of the school which is 1,200.We compared it to other school to insure it was fair and equitable.The plant is designed to last for 20 years, if you keep inflow down it could last a lot longer.






Sandra Hash


Sandra told the Council she had called the senate to lobby for HB1925, which would allow local governments to participate in the State health insurance plan.Senator Vi Simpson have responded with a letter stating it had passed the Senate 49-0.


David Drake


David attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new elementary schools.He is††††††† looking forward to having the new schools in the community it will be a great addition to the town.†† He thought it was very nice the way the school had a representative from each school and each grade turn a shovel of dirt.It is something they will always remember.He realizes the decisions the council made on the new schools were difficult and he wishes they could have made it easier, but they have to take care of the town to and unfortunately that is just how it goes sometimes.


Geraldine McIntyre


As the towns representative on the Monroe County Solid Waste Board she wanted to let everyone know there were going to be changes on what you can take to the dump after April 21, 2001.There will be a charge for disposing of certain items.There will be a $10 charge for computers so they can be forwarded to a prison to be rebuilt.


†† Jerry Pittsford


Jerry Pittsford applied for the Indiana Rural Development Council for a site visit.We were not chosen as a site so they will not be visiting Ellettsville.Jerry also visited Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Cowdenís fourth grade class to talk with them about local governments.


Geraldine McIntyre made a motion to adjourn. Mike Cornman seconded the motion. Motion passed.Meeting adjourned at 9:17 PM.†††††††††






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Mike Cornman††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† David Drake






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