April 10, 1997




Board members present: Terry Baker, Donald Ashley, Sandy Gann and Diana Evans.


Board members not present Patrick Wesolowski, Charles Merrimon, and Geraldine McIntyre.


Donald Ashley acted as President due to the absence of President Patrick Wesolowski.






Sharon Childers said we are with Childers subdivision.The thing we need to clear up is the road next to us is the Oak Street extension.I have brought the letter up here from my legal Council and surveyor.According to my attorney and surveyor the Plan Commission approved that plat and for them to donate the two streets that are there as public property.So they are the Townís responsibility, so we have the right to run up and down these roads just as much as anybody else can.So according to that plat and letter form our attorney and surveyor (see attached letter).As for the matter of the sub division we will just withdraw it.We would like to divide that piece in half, if we could do that without having problems regarding the rules and regulations concerning subdivisions.


Diana asked Don if he would like for her to catch him up on this matter.Don said yes.Diana stated that Rick, who is the Town Engineer, was to receive information from Mr. Childers to review it for the Plan Commission meeting.Rick never received this information so he could not give a recommendation to the Plan Commission.


Rick suggested that we table this until the next meeting.Donald Ashley said he didnít see why not since we donít have the information.


Mr. Childers stated we turned in our stuff and now we decided not to with the subdivision.


Diana stated that it was over the easement.She said that Mr. Childers was to work our an agreement with Earl Siniard for the easement and that agreement was to be turned over to Rick Coppock for review and Rick never received this information.


Mr. Childers stated that he doesnít recall that.He said that they were to discuss the easement between themselves.


Diana said that the Plan Commission called today and asked if Rick had received the information.


Mr. Childers said as far as the easement we were to discuss among ourselves.Sandy Gann asked if this had been done?Mr. Childers stated not very much at all.


Mr. Childers said again that I have brought this information here as well as to Mr. Siniard so you would know what is going on this the road.


Sandy Gann asked if that road was designated at some point of time?Mr. Childers said that it was filed and you folks approved those streets and were donated for public use.Terry Baker asked if this was in 1991?Mr. Childers said he didnít recall the dates.Terry Baker said it was in September 1993f.


Mr. Childers stated that according to the copy of the deeds on those lots they do not include those streets on Earl Siniardís land.


Diana said that Jim Davis, building inspector requested the information you gave him in regards to the building permits or something on the one thing you had lot number 173, you had legal description on it but no legal description for lot #174.Mr. Childers said I gave him that yesterday, but lot #174 is not our lot.It is the lot next to us; I tried to give him this information yesterday.


Diana said Mr. Davis talked to her today and he is not sure that this has been platted.Mr. Childers said it has been platted and it is out lot #5.He will try to give him this information and get with him tomorrow and work it out.


Diana said until he gets that information he can not give you a building permit.Mr. Childers stated that lot 174 in the particular plot is in the wrong position.He said as far as our subdivision we will with drawl it and you wonít have to worry about it.


Mr. Childers said that what he would like to do is to divide that lot in half.It would allow us to do that without going under subdivision rules and regulations.


Don Ashley stated that just to tell you, yes or no, right off the top of our heads would be a little foolish.We would have to find out the correct and proper answers and at this time I canít answer your question.The Plan Commission will look into it.


Mr. Childers stated what he would really like to do is divide this into separate deeds and have two single dwellings instead of going with the subdivision and have to put in street, trees, etc.


After a long discussion, Don stated that when we looked at this before you run into problems about the footage than.


Donald asked Mr. Childers if he planned to build these houses.He said he would like to save on lot and have someone else to build on the other.


Don suggested at this time since we have a lack of information here and you have something to put together is to table it.


There was a long discussion on why to table this.If he is going to divide the lot then he would half to start all over.


Diana said he would have to ask Rick and Jim (Davis) if he could really do this.


Finally Mr. Childers said he would just with drawl this.He would get with Rick Coppock to work this out.




Gary Shelby, is a resident of Bean Blossom Township.He said he is here tonight on behalf of the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce.In 1993 the chamber sponsored an infrastructure study and issued it first report at this time.In 1996 an up date report was issued.Since the second report the task force deceived that it had on going and merit to continue it follow up.At that time form a Chamber committee.


The task force is a standing committee reviewing planning for infrastructure, maintenance, repairs and improvements for the City of Bloomington and through out the County.The task force is made up from representative of City Government, County and Town of Ellettsville also area activities and Government agency.


Mr. Shelley stated that the task force report covers a number of areas.I would like to call on Mike Cornman, a member of our task force to go over a few of those areas to open up the dialogue and for people to get a chance to see what we are looking at the future growth and planning through out the County and how it will effect our daily life.


Mike Cornman said planning for infrastructure should be considered the number one priority for the committees.Integration of plans and ideas spanning up to 50 years is critical for the mutual benefit and success of the City of Ellettsville and the County.Also, annuities such at IU, state and federal departments need to be involved in discussions as they are related to Monroe County.Each of the annuities needs to have a sense of identity and a vision for the future.It is fairly clear what each community is today, but what about tomorrow.The City and Countyís planning documents give direction for the next 15 to 20 years, a relatively short time frame for community development.Leaders must continually evaluate plans in relationship to be identified, Vision and Future goals of each community.


Next we need to look at a comprehensive storm water management plan.As stated in the executive summary the consensus of the storm water team in the 1993 report, is that the next logic step in dealing with the diverse and substantial needs of our storm water systems is to develop a comprehensive storm water management plan.This plan should address issues including growth as projected for the area, easement and property acquisition, sinkholes, Karst topography intermittent streams, as well as all other issues.Also it should evaluate the potential for regional detention retention basins.


We should establish a storm water utility.Assuming the plan recommends a more aggressive posture by the community to make improvements to the storm system, a storm water utility or other user fee based system appears to be necessary.Other financing mechanisms including ad valorem tapes, debt-financing increments financing all other special tax districts must be considered; however it is anticipated that they could only be part of the solution.


Now we will talk about transportation.Transportation improvements are so lacking here locally that the communities need to aggressively address finding and or creating funding necessary to complete these projects in a timely manner.Funding will be a top priority as the group continues it efforts to address these issues.


The local governments will not be receiving as much federal funding for infrastructure projects as expected comes as a heavy plow and we need to protect ourselves from this happening again in the future.


Traffic problems become very personal.You really donít appreciate traffic flow problems until you have set in it on Highway 46 between here and Bloomington on a daily basis.A long discussion was held on how project #46 will cause other problems, such as traffic on other streets coming into Highway #46.Also, the Funding of these roads.The Chamber is ready to speak out in favor of raising the taxes coming into Monroe County such as MVH, LRS Funds and the wheel tax surtax.So I hope that you have read the report.The task force and Chamber is willing and looks forward to working with local elected officials as they strive to meet the demands of these growing communities.He told Gary that he appreciated the chance to be here tonight and talk to you.


Gary stated we have taken up enough of your time we do appreciate all the time you have given us and as Mike has said when you are being faced with issues that we can be of assistants and help to try and solve those problems.We hope to raise the level of quality of life in our community and what we want to do.We are here to help you out.


Don Ashley asked if there is anyone from the audience who has a question.


Mike Shea, Director of the Long Beach planning for the City of Bloomington stated he would like to speak.We have a city planner, Don Hastings, he was here then left, but he is back now.He is known for one of the toughest zoning laws in Florida.Our assistant director is Tony McClure, who has been here 20 years.Her main job is writing legislation.She is the person who figures out what we want, works with the attorneys and gets the job done.She also works in the personnel department.We have 2 zoning planners who takes care of things when people come in about sub-divisions, rezones or variances.Mary Ellen Murphy, Environmental director has a very difficult position, she is responsible to the environmental conditions and to the plan commission.She writes the reports on every petition that comes before the Plan Commission.Next we have the long-range planner, who is I; my job is 2 things:


1 As coordinator I spend a half hour to an hour setting down discussing the agenda†††††††† with the city departments looking at the permits and making sure each department knows what is going on.This is done on a daily basis. This is why we can get things done.


2.      If someone comes to us that we have no plans or anticipate, I am the one who goes and researches those policies and looks at other town and communities to see what they are doing right or wrong.I help establish a written formal policy.I go to the zoning ordinances, comprehensive planning, and transportation department and then I establish the policy.For a good example of that is the new Micro brew, they are everywhere they are 100% growth industry in the last four years.We currently have 1 in Bloomington and 3 more wanting to come in to the city.We do not have any place for them to manufacture and ship beer.They also want to sell beer on the side.We have to decide if this should be industrial or commercial.So now when those businesses come to town they know what to expect.They go to the engineer, surveyor to give them certainty.


We have a zoning compliance officer. This person goes around and inspects zoning complaints from businesses, individuals or whoever has a complaint.In some places these are police officers.We donít have one here.


The last 2 people on the staff are the senior transportation planner and thesecondary transportation planner; they are split duty people.They are responsible to the Planing Commission.They look to see if the streets needs widened, or a sidewalk needs to be put in, etc.They do their work on a daily basis.


I donít know if you know what the Metropolitan Planning Organization is but everyone on the Planning Department are the MPO staff.The MOP is an Organization that was actually formed by the census.It actually is called the Urbanize Area next to a town that has 100 people per square mile.Inside these areas are how the state disburses funds for roads, transportation to these areas.


There is another program called (TIP) Transportation Improvement Program this program allows the people of the MPO to state where the money will be spent on projects in this area.MPO goes through the projects in each community.There was a long discussion held about the funding and how Ellettsville could have a member on the board.Also, you can be a member of the study area.Another long discussion was held on the study of roads around Monroe County


We have been doing a study for bicycle lanes and pedestrian trails.We have a Safety Commission doing this. As you know we have lots of people who walk and ride bikes in the City and County.


Mike also stated that we have a thing called the Plat Committee, it is a sub-body of the Plan Commission.When request come to us that follows very close to our development regulations we hear them as soon as possible this works our great.


Under the BZA we have a sub-body called the Hearing Officer, this person is entitled to hear minor Variances, sometimes this can be done the same day.


Mike said that has told them about his job and asked if they had any questions.


Diana said she would like to have all of these people here.(Meaning working for our town)


Terry Baker stated that he has noticed the last year or so that there has been more corporation between the City of Bloomington, Monroe County and Ellettsville.He said it seems like everyone is trying to work together and trying to get some of these things that could be problems later worked out.


There was a long discussion held on Highway 46mainly covering the boundaries between the City of Bloomington, Ellettsville and the County, with the new highway.


Sandy Gann asked if the new Brewpubs had to have a regular beer and wine license.Mike state no because they have a separate one due to the fact that they are manufacturing the product on the site.


Geraldine stated that her, Mike and Rick have been working with the City of Bloomington on annexation and I can tell you tat you couldnít meet with a nicer group of people.They are lucky to have Don Hastings, Mike Shea and Scott Domke, Assistant Utilities Director.These people know what they are doing and they have helped us very much.


Mike said another thing to do is outline a community like Stinesville who is feeling pressure for growth.A long discussion was held on the subject of housing and the effects it with have on the communities.


Also, a brief discussion was held on housing being built near the airport since the land around it has been put into additions.The large plans the airport is getting.Terry asked what the county would do about it.


Randy Carter, President of Stinesville Town Board said he had a question at this time and he introduced Reggie Payton, a member of the Board.Randy asked Mike if the city or a consulting firm hired him?


Mike said that the City of Bloomington hired him.He has 2 bosses, one is the Mayor and 2 are the Plan commission.His job as a long-range planner is to look at all the things that will be in the future.A long discussion was held on this subject.


Mike again thanked the Planning Board for their time and stated that he was glad to be here.He also, stated that if he could be of any help please call him at his office, phone number 349-3530.




Diana Evans made the motion to adjourn.Terry Baker seconded the motion.The motion carried.