April 13, 2015




The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met for a regular meeting on Monday, April 13, 2015, at the Fire Department Training and Conference Room.  Scott Oldham called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  Dianna Bastin led the Pledge of Allegiance followed with a prayer by Scott Thomas.


Roll Call:  Members present were Scott Oldham, President; Scott Thomas, Vice President; Dianna Bastin, David Drake and Kevin Farris.  Sandra Hash, Clerk - Treasurer.  Jim Davis, Town Manager, and Darla Brown, Town Attorney, were also present. 


Supervisors present were:  Mike Cornman, Kevin Tolloty, and Jeff Farmer.   Craig Davis represented the Police Department and Kip Headdy represented the Street Department.


Approval of Minutes


Scott Oldham entertained a motion for approval of the minutes for the regular meeting on March 23, 2015.  Dianna Bastin so moved.  Scott Thomas seconded.  Motion carried.


Accounts Payable Vouchers


Scott Oldham entertained a motion for action to pay Accounts Payable Vouchers.  Dianna Bastin so moved.  Kevin Farris seconded.  Motion carried.




Resolution 05-2015 to Dispose of Surplus Property


Jim Davis, Town Manager, asked the supervisors if they have anything they want to dispose of.  A list of items was provided to Town Council which has to be declared surplus.  The City of Bloomington has agreed to add the Town’s surplus property to their auction. 


Foreman Kip Headdy, Street Department, presented the following list of surplus property:


·         1988 Ford F-700, VIN 1FDPK74A4JVA02693

·         1977 Warner & Swasey, Gradall, Serial No. 106844

·         Galion Roller, Serial No. TH3-5G57048

·         1985 Elgin, Pelican Street Sweeper, Serial No. S5910D


Scott Oldham asked if they have another street sweeper.  Mr. Headdy replied they have a 2008 Elgin Whirlwind which gave them more points toward their stormwater utility because it is a suction type sweeper.  It is still in good shape.  Mr. Oldham asked if the dump truck was worth using as a spare.  Mr. Headdy answered not really because the frame is starting to rust and it is a manual transmission.  The plow and spreader will go with the truck to help it sell a little better.  Mr. Farris asked how many miles it has on it.  Mr. Davis said it has approximately 30,000.  Mr. Headdy advised they’re starting to put miles on three of their newest trucks because of hauling sand to Danville.  Mr. Oldham asked if they could use Utilities’ tri-axle.  Mr. Headdy said they could now but before the Pelican wasn’t tall enough for the tri-axle.  The sand from the Whirlwind has to be dumped on the ground and loaded onto a truck. 


Fire Chief Mike Cornman requested a 1994 Chevrolet Caprice L52, VIN 1G1BL52P7RR192848 be declared surplus.  It was a first line vehicle for several years and used as a backup in different capacities.  It has approximately 73,000 miles but the inside needs a lot of work. 


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to approve Resolution 05-2015 to Dispose of Surplus Property.  Dianna Bastin made a motion to approve Resolution 05-2015 to Dispose of Surplus Property.  David Drake seconded.  Roll call vote:  Scott Oldham – yes; Scott Thomas – yes; Dianna Bastin – yes; David Drake – yes; Kevin Farris – yes.  Motion carried 5-0.


Ordinances on First Reading


Ordinance 2015-04 to Correct Ordinance 2014-23 Regarding the St. John Church Annexation


Darla Brown, Town Attorney, explained this ordinance is to correct the legal description for the St. John annexation.  It removes the exception of .49 acres from the legal description.  There were two deeds for the church property.  The deed dated September 1996, deeded the property excluding the .49 acres.  In December 1996, the church received another deed for the .49 acres. 


Old Business


Heritage Trail Update


Jim Davis, Town Manager, advised there is not an update because of the weather.


Flood Abatement


Jim Davis, Town Manager, advised there is not an update on the flood abatement.


New Business


Pioneer Day at Memorial Park, May 15, 2015 – Dianna Johnson


Dianna Johnson, Retired Second Grade Teacher from Richland Bean-Blossom Community Schools, requested a street closure on May 15, 2015, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for Pioneer Days.  After a discussion, it was decided to close Vine Street between Sale Street to Matthew Street and the alleys between from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., or earlier if the Town Marshal deems it necessary.  The rain date will be Monday, May 18, 2015. 


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to close Vine Street between Sales and Matthews from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. or such time as the Marshal deems necessary for this on whatever date it occurs.  Dianna Bastin made a motion to close Vine Street between Sales and Matthews from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. or such time as the Marshal deems necessary for this on whatever date it occurs.  David Drake seconded.  Roll call vote:  Scott Oldham – yes; Scott Thomas – yes; Dianna Bastin – yes; David Drake – yes; Kevin Farris – yes.  Motion carried 5-0.


Dianna Johnson encouraged everyone to attend Pioneer Day.  There will be activities in the churches, library and the Masonic Lodge.


Energy Audit Report for Town Owned Buildings, Jeff Farmer, Ellettsville Utilities


Jeff Farmer, Ellettsville Utilities, announced the Fire Station received a $10,000 grant.  At a prior meeting it was stated the Fire Department electric bill was $17,000 but it was actually $12,500 which changes the pay back to one year earlier.  The Waste Water Treatment Plant (“WWTP”) has money available in the Equipment Replacement Fund to easily cover what they want to do.  They will not replace lighting at the blue building because it is not a huge savings.


Sandra Hash, Clerk-Treasurer, understands the cost to replace the equipment is not to exceed current electric costs and there is a five to seven year payment for the hardware.  The cost of the hardware and reduction in the electric is to be close to the same amount currently being paid for electric bills.  Mr. Farmer stated it can be paid upfront so the savings are immediate or there is a plan to lease the equipment over five or seven years.  The Town would not pay more than its current electric bill. 


Kevin Farris asked if the grant is for the hardware or utility bill.  Mr. Farmer replied it is for the hardware.  He suggests setting up a lease agreement and combine the Fire and Police Departments to find out what the payback is which he thinks is five to seven years.  The budget wouldn’t change until the lease is up.  The future is LED lighting.  WWTP is ready to switch over and doesn’t need a lease agreement because there are sufficient funds in its Equipment Replacement Fund.  Mr. Farris thinks it would make sense to look at the leases. 


Scott Oldham would like for Mr. Farmer to obtain a proposal for all buildings who need to replace their lighting. 


Scott Thomas went to Area 10 to look at their new LED lighting.  It is very impressive and it is a nice white light in their gymnasium.  Area 10 is happy with it as well as the savings they are seeing.  Mr. Farmer looked at the IU Health Building on State Road 46 and he was impressed with it.


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to table the energy audit report and decision until the next Town Council meeting.  Dianna Bastin made a motion to table the energy audit report and decision until the next Town Council meeting.  Kevin Farris seconded.  Roll call vote:  Scott Oldham – yes; Scott Thomas – yes; Dianna Bastin – yes; David Drake – yes; Kevin Farris – yes.  Motion carried 5-0.


Amendment to the Section 125 Plan Document – Carry Over Amendment


Sandra Hash, Clerk-Treasurer, explained the employees’ Flexible Spending Account is for out-of-pocket medical expenses and is sheltered with Section 125.  The law changed and instead of the “use it or lose it” rule employees can now carry over a maximum of $500 into the next plan year.  The amendment updates the Town’s plan document to allow the carry over. 


Scott Thomas asked if the Town’s insurance plan does not allow an HSA which has a constant carry forward opportunity without a cap.  Ms. Hash replied a few years ago the Town did include an HSA high deductible plan option for employees.  At that time, employees decided not to go with an HSA and stayed with traditional insurance.  Mr. Thomas asked if the current health insurance is not considered a high deductible and not eligible for the HSA.  Ms. Hash said that was correct. 


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to amend Section 125 plan document carry over amendment.  Scott Thomas made a motion to amend Section 125 plan document carry over amendment.  Dianna Bastin seconded.  Roll call vote:  Scott Oldham – yes; Scott Thomas – yes; Dianna Bastin – yes; David Drake – yes; Kevin Farris – yes.  Motion carried 5-0.


Agreements Between the Town of Ellettsville and Darla Brown, Attorney, for Legal Services for the Town and Plan Commission


Darla Brown, Town Attorney, presented a contract between her and the Town for an annual retainer of $8,500 and $130 an hour for cases that may end up in litigation.  The Plan Commission contract is for a $5,000 annual retainer and $130 an hour for complex matters that require litigation or an expenditure of an inordinate amount.  These are the same rates she has charged since she started working for the Town. 


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to approve the agreements between the Town of Ellettsville and Darla Brown for legal services for both the Town and the Plan Commission.    David Drake made a motion to approve the agreements between the Town of Ellettsville and Darla Brown for legal services for both the Town and the Plan Commission.  Kevin Farris seconded.  Roll call vote:  Scott Oldham – yes; Scott Thomas – yes; Dianna Bastin – yes; David Drake – yes; Kevin Farris – yes.  Motion carried 5-0.


Proposed Lease Agreement Between the Town of Ellettsville and the Ellettsville Chamber of Commerce (“Chamber”) to Rent Town Hall


Darla Brown, Town Attorney, explained this is the first draft of the agreement.  She and Jim Davis met with Ed Pence of the Chamber in February to discuss what they would like to see in an agreement.  Based on that conversation she drafted an agreement containing the following:  The Chamber wants a long lease with the rent being $1 annually.  The Chamber wants to use Town Hall for Chamber activities but they are also interested in allowing other community organizations to use the building for various purposes such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, school events, art fairs or business expositions.  Language in the agreement says the premises cannot be used for political lobbying or campaigning.  If the Chamber leases or rents out the premises to another entity they can’t use it as a money making enterprise.  They can allow other organizations to borrow the premises and they can charge a janitorial fee for set up and clean up.  The idea is that the Chamber should not make any money such as allowing retail sales and so forth to take place in the building.  No alcoholic beverages are to be served in the building.  The Town will repair the building and try to put it back in the same condition as before the flood.  No other changes can be made to the building without the Town’s consent and the lessee will pay for the repairs or the changes.  It can’t be assigned to anybody.  The Chamber has to buy insurance and name the Town as an additional insured.  Chamber patrons can use the parking lot across from Town Hall.  She is requesting feedback from the Town Council.


Kevin Farris asked about the status of repairs to the building.  Mr. Davis said it needs 18” of drywall replaced and new flooring on the lower level.  Mr. Farmer noted it is mold free.  Mr. Farris asked if the Town is still going to do the repairs.  Mr. Davis said that was the original agreement he made with the Chamber.  Mr. Farris asked how long it would take for the repairs.  Mr. Davis replied it is three to four days.  Ms. Bastin asked if the signage on the outside of the building will be changed.  Mr. Davis answered the Town will remove the signage. 


Scott Oldham asked for thoughts on the lease term.  Ms. Brown said the Chamber wants a long term lease but is uncertain about the number of years.  The Chamber wants an option to purchase written into the lease.  Mr. Oldham suggested a one year lease with an evergreen and 60 day notice on severability at the end of the lease.  After the Town moves into a new facility they can decide if they want to do something else with it.  Mr. Farris asked if the Chamber will be responsible for utilities and maintenance.  Ms. Brown replied yes.  The Chamber will have renters insurance on their property inside the building.  Mr. Farris asked if the Chamber would be responsible for snow removal.  Mr. Davis said it was discussed and Mike Farmer had said Utilities would shovel the sidewalk.  Ms. Bastin remarked since the parking lot can be used by other people the Town should make sure snow is removed so people can move safely.   Mr. Farris asked if anything were to go wrong with the plumbing, heating or air conditioning would the Chamber be responsible.  Mr. Davis said it would be the responsibility of the Town.   Mr. Farris suggested trying it for a year. Mr. Oldham suggested a time limit on how long the Chamber can let someone else use the building.  Mr. Davis suggested talking to Mr. Pence.  Mr. Oldham asked Sandra Hash what is left in the vault.  Ms. Hash replied there are some long term documents in the vault.  Upstairs there are two book cases and copies of paperwork.  She asked the Chamber if she could keep long term documents in the vault until the Town gets its new building.  Mr. Thomas suggested adding the Town reserves the right to store its documents in the vault until it gets a new building with secure storage. 


Darla Brown asked what they are thinking in the terms of insurance limits.  Ms. Brown will call Joyce Riggs of the May Agency for her suggestion.  Mr. Thomas asked if a deposit or janitorial fee will be charged.  Ms. Hash noted the Town rents shelter houses and requires a $100 deposit.  She has never had to keep a deposit.  Mr. Thomas doubts the Chamber is going to set up for someone else to come in and then clean up after them.  That way there is no money changing hands unless they don’t fulfill the requirements of their deposit.  He would like to see language in the agreement for a refundable deposit for use of the premises. 


Darla Brown will revise the agreement, have it ready for the next Town Council meeting and provide a copy to the Chamber for their comments. 


Council Comments


Dianna Bastin commented the Town of Ellettsville got April Amnesty.  The Street Department is picking up all the brush and leaves without regard to Town ordinance and policy.  She commends them for this and the Town looks great.  The Street Department thought it would be a good thing to do to make the Town look good and start fresh.  In May, it goes back to being in accordance with the ordinance.  If it’s not in accordance with the ordinance the Street Department will not pick it up and will leave a note.  The Street Department has done this one time to be a good neighbor.  She talked to Kip Headdy about the storm sewers.  People seem to think this is the place to put their leaves, brush and clippings and the Street Department is as frustrated as she is about it.  This has clogged up a couple of places in her neighborhood.  She has asked Mr. Headdy to think about what they can do to make people think differently and understand that’s where the water flows.  Thank you to the Street Department and the Town looks really good. 


Jim Davis, Town Manager, conveyed a message from Rick Coppock that the ALTA survey should be completed by the first of next week.  The topographical survey will be completed sometime after that.  It appears they’re close to the part that needs to be completed prior to closing.  Kevin Tolloty has scheduled the annexation for the land on May 7, 2015, at Plan Commission.  It will come before the Town Council on May 26, 2015.  Today, he contacted the sellers and they’re going to start the annexation process if the closing is not prior to May 7, 2015.  Sometime within the next two to three weeks, the Town may own the land.  Mr. Oldham stated they will then start looking for designers and bids.  Mr. Davis said they’ve already started a rough floor plan.  He would like to have a work session with Town Council about a potential floor plan.  Then they can proceed with the architect.  He, Mike Farmer and Jeff Farmer looked at four other Towns in northern Indiana. 


Todd Wiesman had cattle on the Stewart property which the Town purchased for flood abatement.  Mr. Wiesman wants to know if he can put his cattle on the property this year.  In 2014, his cattle were on the property from June through October and the Town made approximately $420.  He runs about eight to ten head and a few calves.  The Town could have an agreement if it may need Mr. Wiesman to move with short notice.  Ms. Bastin thinks it is a great idea.  Ms. Brown will prepare an agreement.


Scott Oldham asked Mr. Davis if he could get with Rick Coppock about the status for doing the flood modeling of the Stewart property.  They need the estimate before they start seeking Department of Natural Resources permits, grants or anything else. 


Sandra Hash mentioned the Town owns a parcel behind the Village Inn.  The Town has never established an agreement with the Village Inn for the parking area.  The Village Inn was paying Mr. Stewart prior to the Town purchasing the property.  Mr. Oldham recalls the Village Inn was wanting more property for parking.  Ms. Hash stated as of now, the Town is not collecting any rent on the property.  Mr. Thomas stated there has to be some type of agreement for their insurance to cover them parking on Town property.  Mr. Oldham said they’re not telling people to park there, they’re just parking illegally.  Mr. Davis commented the last time he talked to the owner he didn’t really know what he wanted, how much he wanted, what he could have or couldn’t have.  Mr. Davis told him to call when he gets it figured out.  Mr. Oldham suggested it may be valuable to use some of the parking for the trail. 


Privilege of the Floor


Amy Slabaugh, President of Richland Bean Blossom Youth Sports (“RBBYS”), completed a Mass Gathering application and have questions as to how it applies to them.  Opening day is April 24 - 25, 2015.  They will have over 500 people and they want to know about parking.  People will be parking up and down Park Street, in the parking lot and in the neighborhood.  Will people be ticketed for parking?  Mr. Oldham answered technically they could be.  Mr. Drake remarked this has been going on for year.  What normally happens?  Mr. Oldham said there was an issue that occurred.  Ms. Slabaugh recalls some parents did get ticketed.  Ms. Bastin asked if this is complaint driven.  There is usually a reason they are there.  Mr. Oldham asked Ms. Brown if they would be better off to close the streets to allow for parking.  Ms. Brown said the ordinance states “The Town Council may grant a permit unless it is believed the issuance of the permit will be detrimental to the public health, safety or welfare.  The Town Council will consider and use the review standards listed in Division C below as guidance when reviewing an application for a minor mass gathering and may waive any specific standards.  The Town Council may impose conditions of approval to safeguard the public interest.”  The Town Council can impose any reasonable condition depending on the activity, the number of people expected and the location. 


Mary Ann Rains wanted to make a point that obviously this is everybody from the Town of Ellettsville.  It is not like they’re bringing people from the outside.  The people who live in Turtleback and the surrounding area know the event happens once a year in the spring.  Ms. Brown continued.  The review standards include looking at the premises and the facility at which the mass gathering will occur.  Is it sufficient size and appropriate layout?  The Town Council may require inspections or certifications.  Usable square feet per person can be considered for gatherings, lighting, electrical systems, vehicular ingress and ingress to the facility and onsite parking. 


Scott Oldham asked if they could temporarily suspend the no parking zones.  Ms. Brown thinks they can.  Ms. Slabaugh asked what will happen during the week.  Mr. Oldham stated they can’t suspend it every day of the week.  Ms. Brown noted the ordinance states the Town Council shall consider whether the premises provide adequate onsite parking of at least one parking space for every four persons.  If onsite parking is proposed the applicant must provide a statement from the landowner acknowledging and approving the use which doesn’t apply in this case.  Ms. Bastin would hate for the Town to suspend no parking for the whole season.  The times she has seen officers there was a problem because people think they won’t be ticketed and can park wherever they want.  Those who live in the area pay the price.  They have police and fire who need quick access to places and sometimes it makes a difference how far out the cars are parked.  She doesn’t want no parking suspended and doesn’t want to ask the officers not to write a ticket if they think a situation warrants the same.  Mr. Oldham is confused.  They’ve applied for an event permit for April 24, 2015.  Ms. Slabaugh said that is correct.  Mr. Oldham said now, they’re wanting to apply for a continuing mass gathering permit.   Ms. Slabaugh said they’re trying to figure how it applies to them because each night they could have 250 people.  Mr. Oldham replied technically it would apply to them each night.  Ms. Slabaugh understands they don’t want to suspend parking but what does she do with them.  They’re getting ready to start in two weeks. 


Mary Ann Rains stated for the most part people do respect the parking.  There are those few whom park in yards but most try to park in the gravel parking lot around the ball field, along Park Street and in the parking lot next to the big shelter house.  She has seen people parking out in the road but that is their responsibility.  They’re looking at a one day event and have eight teams playing a night.  There won’t be 250 people at once but they will be there between 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  They’re trying to determine where they fall within the Mass Gathering Permit and what measures they have to take.  Ms. Hash commented they were not aware of the Mass Gathering ordinance until Ms. Slabaugh came in to her office one week prior.  Mr. Oldham remarked they may not have been aware of the ordinance but the previous board was aware of it.  Ms. Slabaugh asked if they have the possibility of 250 people each night does the $50 fee have to be paid each night.  Mr. Oldham replied if they apply for a continuing Mass Gathering Permit it is $250 or $500 for the year.  Ms. Hash added the ordinance states the fee shall be waived for non-profit and they are a non-profit. 


Scott Oldham noted their application states they anticipate 1,000 people in attendance on the first day.  There is a security requirement in the ordinance.  Do they have security in place for the first day?  Ms. Slabaugh answered they just learned it is a requirement.  Mr. Oldham reminded them it is Little 500 weekend.  Ms. Rains said some of the parents in attendance may have some type of law enforcement.  Ms. Bastin stated they have to know security is in place.  Mr. Oldham advised they could approve the permit contingent on the Town Marshal obtaining suitable security arrangements from RBBYS.  Ms. Brown noted the ordinance states “The operator shall make satisfactory provisions to assure the avoidance of any breach of the peace or disorderly conduct.  The applicant shall provide a plan for addressing crowd control and an evacuation plan.  The Town Council may require a demonstration of advance arrangements for special police duty and/or private security firms.  The board should consider requiring at least two Indiana certified police officers present for each 500 people and one security officer present for each 500 people at the expense of the applicant.”  The ordinance gives the Town Marshal or the Fire Chief, separately, or in conjunction, the authority to shut down the event if they think there is a public safety issue.  Mr. Oldham noted this means they would have to have four police officers and two security officers.  Ms. Slabaugh asked what happens if they don’t have the security.  Mr. Oldham answered they won’t get their permit. 


David Drake stated it has been awhile since they passed the ordinance.  When they initially discussed this, they talked about it not applying to regularly scheduled sporting events.  Mr. Oldham said at that time they had several members of the public come to them about this exact event as part of the reason they were in support of the ordinance.  He thinks they could waive the number of officers required but as far as suspending parking he doesn’t know if they can do this because there will be someone else come along who will want the same thing and the Town won’t do that.  Ms. Raines asked if they’re talking about the one day event and not Monday through Thursday.  Mr. Oldham answered the Monday through Thursday games will have to be discussed at some point.  Ms. Slabaugh reminded him the participants won’t be there all at one time.   They don’t need three people to complain about it and shut down something that is going good for the kids or making a nightmare for other parents bringing them down and then the Town no longer has the ball games.  Mr. Drake stated this has been an important part of Ellettsville for a long time.  Mr. Thomas applauds them for starting as new board members and finding out how to do this.  The Town Council is still working through this.  They want to work with them and it is great for the Town.  It is important to have organization involved to make sure there is not a public safety issue.  Ms. Slabaugh asked if they have an outside organization come in for RBBYS, do they complete the application or does RBBYS.  Mr. Oldham advised them to direct these questions to Ms. Brown after the meeting. 


Diana Bastin said when they discussed the Mass Gathering ordinance the one thing she focused on and listened to was security and the safety of any mass gathering.  She wants the Fire and Police Chiefs to know so they can come up with a plan.  They’re talking about children.  She grew up in Ellettsville and went to the ball fields but it is not the same world any more.  I don’t think the Town Council should waive the amount of security required.  Ms. Raines stated a majority of the children are under the age of 14 and there may be some who walk around by themselves.  For the most part, parents are not letting their children run loose when they’re all together.  Mr. Oldham noted if they were adults they would have the same requirements.  He suggested giving the Town Marshal discretion to affix how many officers he requires at this gathering and the Fire Chief can work with them on an evacuation plan.  This should be brought back to them in two weeks and they can talk about the day-to-day games.  They will allow the April 24 - 25, 2015, opening to continue with the codicils already there and with the Marshal affixing the security he needs.   Ms. Slabaugh said they will be open April 24, 2015, from 6:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. and all day on April 25, 2015.


Jim Davis suggested painting a stripe down either side of the road from the shelter house to the intersection at Ritter Road.  Then, if people park outside of the stripe they will get a ticket.  Ms. Raines agrees they will announce it on opening day. 


Sgt. Craig Davis, Ellettsville Police Department, asked if they have considered working with Eagles Landing or the church at the top of the hill for additional parking.  They are close and have large parking lots.  Kenton and Darlene Robinson own Eagles Landing. 


Fire Chief Mike Cornman said the spirit of the Mass Gathering ordinance is having notification of what is going on and the assurance of plans on site for security, emergency medical and mass evacuation.  For the neighbors his foremost concern is getting a fire truck through the area.  The mentality of the people who have parked there the last 10 years has gone out the window because there is nowhere to park and they don’t know how to.  The stripe idea is a good.  Two years ago they couldn’t get a fire truck through the area.  If they know up front, it is all positive and he thinks they can make it happen.  Ms. Bastin thinks maybe RBBYS could benefit with a conversation with the Fire Chief to help them understand the ordinance. 


Foreman Kip Headdy, Street Department, mentioned in years prior Park Street at Turtleback and Ritter has always been closed.  Is this going to happen this year and do they need to set out barricades?  Ms. Slabaugh replied yes, they have requested it.  Mr. Headdy said there shouldn’t be parking on the section of Park Street from Dewey to Ritter because it is very narrow.  Will barricades be needed for Friday night and all day Saturday?  Ms. Slabaugh doesn’t know if they need to worry about it on Saturday because the games are set up the same as those on Monday through Thursday.  Saturday is strictly a game day.  After a discussion, it was decided to close the aforementioned streets on April 24 – 25, 2015.  


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to approve the Mass Gathering Permit for Richland Bean Blossom Youth Sports for April 24 – 25, 2015, subject to the appropriate security and parking to be determined by the Police Chief and Fire Chief and evacuation and medical plans  David Drake made a motion to approve the Mass Gathering Permit for Richland Bean Blossom Youth Sports for April 24 – 25, 2015, subject to the appropriate security and parking to be determined by the Police Chief and Fire Chief and evacuation and medical plans.  Scott Thomas seconded.  Roll call vote:  Scott Oldham – yes; Scott Thomas – yes; Dianna Bastin – yes; David Drake – yes; Kevin Farris – yes.  Motion carried 5-0.


Scott Oldham asked Ms. Slabaugh and Ms. Raines to return to the next Town Council meeting on April 27, 2015, to discuss the weekly games after they have talked to Darla Brown and their questions have been answered. 


Scott Oldham amended the previous motion to include “the provisions remain in effect until the Town Council hears it again and at the discretion of the Chiefs.”  Scott Thomas seconded.   

Roll call vote:  Scott Oldham – yes; Scott Thomas – yes; Dianna Bastin – yes; David Drake – yes; Kevin Farris – yes.  Motion carried 5-0.




Scott Oldham entertained a motion to adjourn.  Dianna Bastin made a motion to adjourn.  Kevin Farris seconded.  Scott Oldham adjourned the meeting at 7:51 p.m.