Ellettsville Town Council

 Town Hall Meeting Room

1150 West Guy McCown Drive, Ellettsville, Indiana

Monday April 24, 2017



6:30 P.M. Call to Order



Roll Call


Approval of the Minutes for the Regular Meeting April 10, 2017


Action to pay Accounts Payable Vouchers     


Receive Bids for the Chemical Phosphorus Removal Building                         




Resolution 09-2017 Declaration of Official Intent to Finance $125,544.20 for Street Department  Dump Truck


            Resolution 10-2017 Surplus for the Police Department – 90 Foot Communication Tower


Ordinance on First Reading


Ordinances on Second Reading


            Ordinance 2017-05 to amend Chapter 97.02 concerning Street Trees lying within a Public Right-of-Way


Ordinance 2017- 06 to amend Various Sections of Chapter 152 of the Ellettsville Town Code Concerning Sign Regulations


Old Business


            Flood Report


New Business


Council Comments


Town Manager’s Comments


Supervisors Comments


Privilege of the Floor


At this time I know of no other business to come before the Council.

Sandra C. Hash, IAMC, MMC, Clerk-Treasurer