April 8, 1999


Board members present: Donald Ashley, Terry Baker, Sandy Gann & Geraldine McIntyre.


Board members not present Diana Evans and new member Keith Argabright.


President Don Ashley called the meeting to order.








Preliminary and final plat Ė Kinser Subdivision:


President Don Ashley asked if there was anyone here to speak on this.He then asked if we should table this or move forward or what.He stated that they are requesting we do a continuance of the Kinser Subdivision.He stated since no one is here to speak on this that we will give them time and move on.














Then President Don stated we would give more time.


Geraldine stated she does not know about giving a continuance if no one is here to ask for it.She then asked Terry Baker who is the longest member of the Board if this has ever been done.Terry said that there has always been someone here to request it.


President Don said that he does not know the ruling for it.


Sandy Gann asked if we donít give them the continuance do they have to start a new again.Terry said that it looks like it.


President Don asked the people in the audience if they were here about the Kinser Subdivision.Several residents from the Ridge Springs addition said yes.


President Don said at the last meeting they requested two roads for the subdivision and were turned down.Other than they would like to have a continuance that is where we are now.




Don stated that it is now 7:17 p. m. and since no one is here to speak for the continuance I think it is time to adjourn.


Terry made the motion, Sandy seconded it.Then Don stated the only thing he would like to add is I donít see how we can give the Kinser Subdivision at this point and time the continuance they asked for.He is perfectly welcome to get back on the agenda for the next meeting.So with that do I have a vote?Members voted 4 Ė 0.