August 28, 2006




The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in Regular Session on Monday, August 28, 2006, at the Fire Department Training and Conference Room.  Patrick Stoffers called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  Sandra Hash led in prayer and William Evans led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call:  Members present were Patrick Stoffers, President; William Evans, Vice President; Phillip Rogers and Dennis Williamson. Sandra Hash, Clerk Treasurer and Mike Spencer, Attorney were also present.  Lisa Creech had a family emergency.


Supervisors Present:   Jim Davis, Jim Ragle, Ron McGlocklin, Frank Nierzwicki, Jeff Farmer and Mike Farmer were present.


Approval of the minutes


William Evans made a motion to approve the minutes for the Special Meetings of July 18 and July 31, 2006.  Phillip Rogers seconded.  Motion carried. 


Action to Pay Accounts Payable Vouchers


William Evans made a motion to approve the action to pay the Accounts Payable Vouchers.  Phillip Rogers seconded.  Motion carried.


Pre-adoption hearing on the 2007 Budget


Sandra read the summary of the 2007 budget. 


v     General Fund’s budget is $1,862,455 this includes the Administration, Planning, Fire and Police Departments.  Richland Township will contribute $460,914 toward the fire protection and Bloomington Hospital will contribute $40,672 toward staffing the ambulance at the fire station on Curry Pike.

v     County Option Income Tax is estimated at $360,000.

v     Motor Vehicle Highway’s budget is $459,159.  The Motor Vehicle Highway payments from the state will be 98% of the 2006 receipts which were down 3% from 2005. We have not received any additional revenue from the changes the county made in surtax and wheel tax.  Our surtax and wheel tax actually is down by 25% from 2005 revenues.  The Town will, however receive two distributions from Major Moves, the privatization of Indiana Toll Roads, totaling$69,678

v     Park and Recreation budget is $20,575.

v     Local Roads and Streets, Law Enforcement Continuing Education and the Cumulative Funds equal $205,745.

v     The debt service fund for the Police and Fire equal $326,000

v     The total budget for 2006 is $2,874,235

v     The Maximum Levy Growth Quotient for 2007 is 4.4% up from 3.9% in 2006.


Total increase of $219,343


Patrick Stoffers stated the slow receipts of the money are related to current problems with the BMV.  He asked what the COIT (County Option Income Tax) number is based on.  Sandra said the numbers are based on this year’s figures. The reason Patrick asked was because the solid waste district opted not to accept any COIT money for 2007 so Ellettsville should benefit about $30,000 and he didn’t know if this figure was reflected in Sandra’s numbers or not.  Sandra said she has to use the guidelines the Department of Local Government Finance provides and unfortunately they do not know about the $30,000 until the budgets are filed. 




Resolution 14-06 to dispose of surplus property


Ron McGlocklin, Town Marshal announced the Police Department has a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria that is no longer in use.  They would like to sell it by sealed bids.  Everything has been removed from the vehicle; totally stripped of all decals.  This vehicle is being replaced with a Ford Explorer V-6 arriving this week. 


William Evans made a motion that we adopt Resolution 14-06 to dispose of surplus property.  Phillip Rogers seconded.  Motion carried.


Resolution 15-06 Transfer of Funds


Sandra Hash explained to pay for the new police vehicle some money needed to be moved around.  The Vehicle line (CCD-444) was short $2,923.25.  Equal amounts were taken from Computer Software/Paper (CCD-245) and Computer Maintenance (CCD-246).  While forecasting electric costs for the Police Department it showed a shortage in the Electric line (P-353) so $4,000 will be transferred from Vehicle Maintenance (P-231).  Also the Planning Department will be short in the Telephone line (B-321) $500 and the money will be transferred from Vehicle Maintenance (B-231).


William Evans made a motion to adopt Resolution 15-06 Transfer of Funds.  Phillip Rogers seconded.  Motion carried. 


Ordinances on First Reading


Ordinance 06-14 to amend Section 36.198 of the Ellettsville Town Code concerning overtime for Firefighters.


Jim Davis, Ellettsville Fire Department sent a request to the Council to change the code concerning personnel.  The first change was for part-time overtime hours according to FLSA.  He drafted the change and sent it to Mike Spencer to review and revise.  The present form was sent to the other supervisors to see if they had any questions.  Instead of the part-time fireman getting overtime for over 53 hours in a week it would be 106 hours in two weeks.  This will give the fire department more flexibility in working them when really needed.  It will benefit everyone. 


Ordinance 06-15 to amend Sub-Section 36.100 (C) of the Ellettsville Town Code concerning recruitment selection and hiring.


Jim Davis explained this is a change to the Personnel Policy.  The changes were sent to Mike Spencer for review and put into its present form.  Copies were sent to the other supervisors.  He went on to explain all applicants (Volunteer, part-time and full-time) are put through the same process with the department liaison, screening, aptitude and agility testing.  If a volunteer fireman is moved to a paid status, it is redundant to go through the same process.  He feels the Volunteer Fireman and the Police Reserves were part of the organization and should only have to go through a “review”.   All candidates wishing to become a Volunteer Fireman or Police reserve will be required to comply with sections 36.100 – 36.109 of the Town Code.  Ordinance 06-15 adds “members of the Ellettsville Volunteer Fire Department and of the Ellettsville Police Reserves may be considered for transfer from volunteer to paid status within their respective departments, although they are not employees of the Town until after a transfer is granted.  The Town encourages internal promotions and transfers whenever possible.”


Ordinance 06-16 to amend sections 33.75 – 33.78, 70.04, 70.05, 72.05 and to add sections 33.70 – 33.81 to the Ellettsville Town Code concerning fees, charges and deposit of fines.


Sandra stated while reviewing the code they realized the direction for the deposits were incorrect and should be made to the Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund.  There was an increase for accidents reports from $5.00 to $8.00 requested by the Police Department.  There is no statute for hand gun license application so this would be a new portion of the Code plus it outlines the “Lifetime License”.  There were no provisions for “videotapes or photographs” so both of those have been added.  This ordinance will clean up the code; clarify where the money is deposited and increase some fees. 


Ordinance 06-17 Voluntary Annexation of Jiffy Treat, 4727 West State Road 46


Patrick Stoffers added there is an associated resolution.


Resolution 16-06 to adopt a written fiscal plan and to establish a policy for the provision of Town services to an annexed area


Frank Nierzwicki, Director of Planning Services presented Jiffy Treat at 4727 West State Road 46 to be annexed.  The fiscal plan was recommended and approved by the Plan Commission in August.  Dennis Williamson questioned the petitioner’s last name.  The correction will be made to state “Walter Reszka”. 

William Evans made a motion the Council adopt Resolution 16-06 the written fiscal plan and policy for the provision of Town services to the annexed area of Jiffy Treat annexation.  Phillip Rogers seconded.  Motion carried.


Patrick asked Frank to talk about the annexation.  Frank said the Jiffy Treat annexation was recommended for approval by the Plan Commission in August.  The property is 3 acres, located in SR 46 and is adjacent to Town borders on the north.  The owner represented himself at the last meeting and made the strong comment that he wanted to be in the Town of Ellettsville.  There will be no extra cost for the Town because the sewer and water are already provided.  He clarified this annexation is on the first reading tonight.  


Ordinance 06-18 Voluntary Annexation of Depot Road, the Roy Wever property


Resolution 17-06 to adopt a written fiscal plan and to establish a policy for the provision of Town services to an annexed area


Frank Nierzwicki reviewed the Annexation Fiscal Plan for Depot road commonly referred to as the Roy Wever property.  This property is 12 acres, located adjacent to Town borders just north of SR 46 and south of the Paddington park area. 


William Evans made a motion the Council adopt the Resolution 17-06 the written fiscal plan for the annexation on Depot Road.  Phillip Rogers seconded.  Motion carried.


Patrick asked Frank to talk about Ordinance 06-18.  Frank explained the Depot Road annexation was recommended for approval at the August Plan Commission meeting.  This area is open in nature with a few buildings.  Stuart York commented there was some confusion about whether this property will come in as C-3 or PUD.  Frank clarified at the August Plan Commission meeting it was recommended as a C-3 zoning.


New Business


Request for Final Plat for Autumn Ridge Phase 4


Jason Walls spoke on behalf of Bearcos Construction for Autumn Ridge.  He thanked the Town of Ellettsville for their cooperation on this project.  He is asking for the platting of four more units in the development. 


Frank Nierzwicki read a message from Rick Coppock, Town Engineer, concerning this final plat.  Rick inspected the site.  There was a preliminary asphalt layer on the street.  Some areas have been patched from previous asphalt put down.  They are working with the contractor/developer on the drainage in the area because there were some concerns in the past.  There are scheduled retention pond areas that will be developed in the future.


Sandra also spoke with Rick Coppock and he wanted to let the Council know the bonding amount was adequate after his review. 


William Evans made a motion to approve the final plat for Autumn Ridge Phase 4.  Phillip Rogers seconded.  Motion carried.


Request to close streets for the Monroe County Fall Festival September 21-23, 2006


Cullen McCarty, President of the Monroe County Fall Festival Association requested street closings for the Fall Festival.  After five years the Fall Festival is making a return.  Since that time there have been some changes to the configuration of the downtown and the Fall Festival will be held in two spots; Eagles Landing and the RBB Youth Sports Complex.   He is requesting the Town close Park Street for the duration of the festival extending from Campbell’s Park Drive all the way out to the twin intersections at Ritter St.

and Dewey Drive.  He would also like limited local traffic to Ritter Street (east of First) and Assocation (east of First).  Patrick added Jim Ragle and the Police Department have been involved in determining these closures. 


William Evans made a motion that we approve the request to close mentioned streets for the Monroe County Fall Festival from September 21-23, 2006.  Phillip Rogers seconded.  Motion carried. 


Parking lot addition for the Fire Department Conference Room Activities


Jim Davis has talked with the Council extensively and worked with Rick Coppock for several months on this.  The best place to put the additional parking will be behind the Fire Station on a four foot elevation.  This would add 24 additional parking spaces.  The Fire Department is happy to see the conference room being used for School Board meetings and Elections.  A Preliminary Cost Estimate was put together for this project $38,792.95 for the additional 24 parking spaces.  The funds could come from the Build Indiana Fund that has $145,000 available.  He is asking the Council to add additional parking.  Patrick asked Sandra if an additional appropriation needs to be done for the Build Indiana funds.  Sandra said it was a non reverting fund. 


William Evans made a motion we approve the parking lot addition for the Fire Station.  Phillip Rogers second.  Motion carried.


Supervisor Comments


Ron McGlocklin, Ellettsville Police introduced Officer Eric Chaudion.  They have been researching the purchase of a K-9 for the department.  He prepared a packet for the Council members that were put into their mailboxes.  They have contacted 10 different companies and found one that best suits their needs.  The company is in Arkansas.  Ron is presenting the agreement on what this company will provide.  The dog is fully trained in narcotics and tracking.  They have contacted the references who all spoke highly of K-9 Academy.  Ron informed the Council the Police Department has the funds.  He is asking the Council to look over the contract.  Ron and Officer Chaudion would like to travel down to this company, see the facility and see the dog.  He is asking for consent to travel to Little Rock.  The K-9 Academy Company will pay for the hotel accommodations. 


William Evans made a motion to approve the consent for travel for Ron and Eric to go to Little Rock, Arkansas to look at the Little Rock K-9 Academy with the provisions of purchasing a new dog.  Phillip Rogers seconded.  Motion carried.


Ron and Eric will be going September 7 and 8. 


Jeff Farmer, Ellettsville Utilities has an over night consent request.  On September 19 and 20 Rapidview, the manufacturer of the sewer camera, is providing two free days of training.  Brian Miller and Kevin Fluke would like to attend those two days.  The training will cover main line systems, maintenance and repair plus some computer software and operations training.  The only expense will be the over night stay and meals.


William Evans made a motion the Council allow Kevin Fluke and Brian Miller to travel to Rochester, Indiana for the two day training.  Phillip Rogers second.  Motion carried.


Jeff Farmer announced IDEM conducted a full inspection of the waste water plant.  He is proud to report they received an excellent rating.  The plant has been on-line since November 1997.  In nine years they have never received a permit violation.  They are planning to do some painting at the plant.  One quote for all the outside and some of the indoor painting will be under $10,000.  They will get some other quotes for the next meeting.


Frank Nierzwicki, Director of Planning Services has been notified by mail O’Reilly Auto Parts will be looking at constructing a facility in Ellettsville.  They asked to have a preliminary site review at the October Plan Commission.  The store would have 12 employees.  The site would be on SR 46 next to Dollar General Area. 


He then spoke about the Gateway Signs being erected.  The new stone has been donated by Bybee.  The old Welcome to Ellettsville signs will be used in the design with the new signs.  There will be trees, stones, American flag, lighting, water and flowers.  This will be completed before the Fall Festival. 


They are looking at having new street lights on Sale Street.  Some work will be done by the Utility Department.  Some of the funding for the street lights themselves will come from Main Street donations.  The lights should be up by October.  These lights will be the same design as the black street lights in the downtown area.  They are also looking at having a new sidewalk constructed on the north side of Sale Street from the north side of Vine Street from Sale to the Turning Point Church.  He will meet with the neighbors on the sidewalk replacement in October. He has been in contact with the Meadowland neighborhood.  It has been decided speed humps will be put on Clover, Wildflower and Meadowlands Drive.  He met with the City of Bloomington Engineering Department to see the design standards on the heights and other issues of the humps and decided that is what they will follow.  They are also looking into installing rumble strips on the north entrance way coming into the Meadowlands and also on Lakeview Drive as you come into the Meadowlands.  The Street Department will be very busy with the upcoming Fall Festival so they will be looking at starting all this in late September into October depending on weather. 


Dennis Williamson presented pictures of Ellettsville newest resident born a few weeks ago; Abigail Jordan Williamson.  He was contacted by RBB Community Wellness Walk Program and they are inviting the public for a mile walk September 8, 2006 at 5:45 p.m. (before the football game) around the high school track.  There will be booths along the way with health related information.  He was also contacted by Dr. Edington about the traffic flow at SR46 and Edgewood Drive.  He passed the information along to William Evans to coordinate something with Police Department and Reserves and get back to Dr. Edington. 


Public Comments


Karen Sherfick, resident of 806 Meadowlands Drive asked if there will be any speed humps on Daisy and Meadowlands Drive.  Frank Nierzwicki answered they were originally going to use the removable speed humps but after talking with others it was decided the asphalt humps would be installed.  Following National Standards, there may be two humps put on each of the three street running east and west.  They are looking at rumble strips coming down the hill from Lakeview Drive and also from Kelli Heights.  Ms. Sherfick asked about stop signs.  Frank said they would have to look at the warrants on the traffic numbers.  Overbrook Subdivision is being developed on the east and a three way stop will probably go in there.  There are numbers that need to be looked at with the traffic volumes.  Ms. Sherfick went on to say she had family members in town who witnessed the speeding through the Meadowlands and how appalled they were.  The family members e-mailed a letter to be presented to the Council with their concerns. 


Tammy Milah, Meadowlands resident thanked the Police Department for their efforts during the first week of school slowing down the traffic.  Since the speed sign awareness and tracking are no longer being done, the speeding is back and worse than before. 


Russ Ryle, Reeves Road resident commented on the Area 10 drainage pond being cleaned of brush and debris.  He complimented the Mustang Drive development on looking nice and being cleaned up.  He requested the Street Department and the Town Engineer review Mustang Drive and submit a report on what it will take to get the street into compliance with Town Code requirements before accepting into the Town. 




William Evans made a motion to adjourn this meeting.  Phillip Rogers seconded. Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:22 p.m.