August 14, 2000

The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Monday, August 14, 2000. Members present were Geraldine McIntyre, President; Gina Hawkins, Vice President; Mike Cornman, Jerry Pittsford, and David Sorokoty. Mrs. McIntyre called the meeting to order. Jerry Pittsford gave the prayer. Gina Hawkins led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Gina Hawkins resigned from her position at Town Council Member as of 12:00 noon, August 15, 2000


Geraldine McIntyre announced Mike Cornman had been appointed to replace John Dailey. Geraldine appointed Mike to serve on the Ellettsville Economic Development Corporation and to work with Bill Land on the East Ellettsville Area Plan and State Highway 46 Corridor Management Plan. He will also be the liaison to the Utility Department.

Geraldine will serve as the liaison to the Fire Department until a new member is appointed to replace Gina Hawkins.


Mike Farmer

Mike Farmer presented jackets to Dave Hough and George Webb for their years of Service. Dave has worked for the utilities for a total of 33 years. George has worked for the utilities for 35 years. The jackets have a star for each 5 years of service. Mike expressed his appreciation for the ability of these two men. Their institutional memory has been a great help to Mike in his duties as a manager. He referenced them as professors from the college of hard knocks. George and Dave thanked the Council.

William Benningfield, Commander of the Police Reserves

Bill presented to candidates for the Police Reserves. Gene Crum and Anthony Whitlow were introduced to the Council. Gene Crum was a Captain for the Monroe County Sheriff Department from 1987 until his retirement in 1999. He is also a certified firearms instructor with the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Mr. Whitlow has been with the Probation Department for six years. He recently attended the Indiana State Police Academy; during that time he sustained a knee injury and was unable to complete the training. The resumes have been turned into the Clerkís office.

Mike Cornman moved Gene Crum and Anthony Whitlow become probationary members of the Ellettsville Police Reserves. Gina Hawkins seconded.

oll Call Vote:

David Sorokoty YES

Gina Hawkins YES

Geraldine McIntyre NO

Mike Cornman YES

Jerry Pittsford NO

Motion carried. Mr. Benningfield thanked the Council.


Ordinance 00-14: an ordinance to amend Chapter 854 Subdivision Regulations required improvements of the Ellettsville Town Code

Gina Hawkins read Ordinance 00-14 as follows:

Be it ordained and adopted by the Town Council of Ellettsville, Indiana:

Chapter 854 of the Ellettsville Town Code is amended by adding the following Section 854-40, which reads as follows:

Section 1. 854-50 Burying of Utilities. This section applies to all subdivisions whose preliminary plats are submitted to the Plan Commission after the effective date of this ordinance. All utility lines, including but not limited to gas, sewer, electric power, telephone and CATV, shall be located underground throughout the subdivision. Wherever existing lines are located above ground, except on public roads and rights-of-way, they shall be removed and placed underground. The cost of placement shall be the responsibility of the developer. All utility lines and other facilities existing and proposed throughout the subdivision shall be shown on the preliminary plat. Underground service connections to the street property line of each platted lot shall be installed at the sub dividerís expense. At the discretion of the Plan Commission, the requirement for service connections to each lot may be waived in the case of adjoining lots that arte to be retained in single ownership and that are to be developed for the same primary use.

Section 2. This ordinance takes effect upon passage.

Section 3. This ordinance was passed and adopted by the Town Council of Ellettsville, Indiana, at the Ellettsville Town Hall on the 14th day of August 2000. David Sorokoty move to accept Ordinance 00-14 an Ordinance to amend chapter 543 subdivision regulations required improvements of the Ellettsville Town Code. Gina Hawkins seconded. Motion carried. Ordinance 00-10: an ordinance concerning the annexation of adjacent and contiguous territory of the Ellettsville Town Code:

Gina Hawkins read the ordinance by the above title.

David Sorokoty moved to accept Ordinance 00-10 an ordinance concerning the annexation of adjacent and contiguous territory of the Ellettsville Town Code. Mike Cornman seconded. Motion carried.


Appointment of fulltime and part-time Police Officer:

Ron McGlocklin

Ron request to fill the full time police officer position allowed in the 2000 budget starting in July. The position has been advertised according to policy. He would like to move Jeff Thomas, who has filled in fulltime in Steve Bartlettís absence, from the part-time to the fulltime position. Tony Bowen would then fill the vacated part-time position.

David Sorokoty moved to accept Jeff Thomas as a fulltime officer. Jerry Pittsford seconded. Geraldine stated we have not heard from the background check yet. David stated we accept him on the condition that he has a clean background check. Ron commented he was a current employee. David replied it was just procedure.

Motion carried.

David moved to accept Tony Bowlen at a part-time officer with the same condition that his background check from the Indiana State Police comes back good, in his favor, I make the motion we accept him. Jerry Pittsford seconded.

Jerry Pittsford comments Tony has very good qualification.

Motion carried.

Mike Cornman commented he has worked with Jeff Thomas, he is a good employee and he is glad to see him get the fulltime position.

East Ellettsville Area Plan and State Highway 46 Corridor Management Plan:

Jerry Pittsford moved that the Town Council reaffirm the East Ellettsville Area Plan and State Highway 46 Corridor Management Plan as submitted by Town Planner, Bill Land. David Sorokoty seconded. Motion carried.


David Sorokoty move to accept the minutes and claims. Jerry Pittsford seconded. Motion carried.


Ron McGlocklin

Ron addressed the Council with information on a grant the Police had applied for through The Monroe County Probation Department entitled Sho-Cap grant. They were accepted and will receive about $8,000. There are no matching funds required. We will purchase the following equipment:

10 portable breathalyzers (to establish probable cause for alcohol)

8 master pack drug kits (to establish probable cause for controlled substance)

7 hand held metal detectors (detect any type of hidden metal instrument)

The Ellettsville Police Department will keep three metal detectors, and the High School and Junior High will receive 2 metal detectors and 2 portable breathalyzers each.

Stinesville was too small to qualify for the grant; therefore Ellettsville Police included Stinesville in the grant. They will receive 1 breathalyzer and one drug kit.

David Sorokoty thanked Ron on a job well done.

Mike Cornman asked for a demonstration of the metal detectors, and expressed appreciation for including Stinesville in the grant. Jerry Pittsford said as a member of the Safe and Responsive Schools Program a cooperative measure with Indiana University, our school system and other systems in the area being directed by Doctor Russ Skiba, this fits in with some of the things they had talked about. A resent survey show there are a fair percentage of students who have seen a knife or gun in school. This does happen in smaller schools. It would be interesting to see on any given day the results of running a metal detector over the students as they entered the building. Ron replied it is a good deterrent. Mike Cornman commented he attended a presentation by Carl Saltzman concerning the Sho-Cap grant. It was an effort to prevent habitual offenders among juveniles. The example given was a tourist who was shot in Florida, the juvenile connected with this had been in the system 72 times. The grant was established to try to stop problems like this before they got this far.

Jeff Farmer

Welcomed Mike Cornman back to the Council and thanked Gina Hawkins for her service to the Community.

Rick Coppock, Bynum Fanyo Associates

We are trying to finalize the numbers for the one-way pair proposals to the State for the water and sewer line relocations. The letter and information should be ready to go out by the end of the week.

Mike Farmer

Jack Whitman, Whitman Planning Associated donated 25 meter reading binders to replace our very worn ones. We would like to publicly thank him for his generously.

In a couple weeks the Ellettsville Utilities Department will replace pipe on McNeely between the bridge and Matthews Drive. We will install some 24-inch and 30-inch sewer pipe. It will be heavy construction for about a week. There will be a notice in the paper on the construction time. It is in conjunction with the McNeely Street Bridge project and will be reimbursed through the State.

Bynum, Fanyo Utilities proposal to move WWTP employees to BFU employees

Mike presented a proposal to the Council that was not on the agenda. The proposal is to take over the responsibility and employment of the Waste Water Treatment employees. The council has a copy of the proposal and he has been spoken to each member individually concerning the proposal. He would like a vote on it tonight and take over the employees September 1st.

Mike Cornman suggested this be a preliminary then have an amendment to the contract at the next meeting.

Mike Spencer has a copy of the proposal, but the contract does need to be changed to reflect the changes. Plus it is not on the agenda so it should not be voted on tonight.

Mike will make the required changes and it can be presented at the next meeting.

Mike Cornman asked how it would affect the PERF for these employees. Mike said one employee has been there 22 years and is vested in the retirement program and he will start another retirement plan. The other one has only one year so he will get a refund and put it toward the retirement plan Bynum and Fanyo Utilities 401K plan. Mike said they understand they will terminate as Ellettsville employees? Mike replied yes, we have talked to the employees and they understand. They will also have Bynum and Fanyo take home vehicles to use all the time. This will make the present truck an extra at the plant.

Mike Farmer expresses disappointment in IURC article in the Journal

Mike feels the Journalís article had a negative spin to it. He commented the author of the article has not attended any meetings or called him to ask questions. He feels it would only be to our advantage to withdraw from the IURC.

Bynum and Fanyo suggest we remove the Town of Ellettsville from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission for the following reasons:

They are having problems communicating with them.
  1. The IURC are interested in hitting a middle ground for rates on new services.
  2. We have problems with how they are trying to rule our local issues.
  3. 324 other communities have gotten out of the IURC.
  4. Some of the people we depend on for comment on these situations have advised us to get out of the IURC.
  5. Discourages customers using their own resources to save on installation cost.
  6. Give control to local leaders and local meetings instead of trying to attend meetings in Indianapolis by a group with no local knowledge.

Mike went on to say, as managers it doesnít change their lives at all. In fact if we went with the IURC suggestion of fees it would make our jobs easier, because it would cost more money to hook on creating more money in the coffers. It would make the utilities a little stronger and so as managers we would just look better. But they manage the system and they are supposed to give good service at a good price and protect not only the water system but also the customers.

Mike further discussed parts of the Journal article expressing his disapproval. He also said The Journal should like, the Herald-Times, call him two, three, or four times to get the facts right.

Mike Spencer request permission to proceed with litigation concerning Police Dog

Mike said, "As you know we have had difficulties with the dog. We donít have a dog. They have our money. I want the Board to authorize me to initiate the litigation I think is necessary to remedy this problem. Keeping in mind that in all likelihood I will have to hire council in Michigan to pursue this case."

Jerry Pittsford requested some information on the rates charges in Michigan to see if they were comparable to Mike Spencerís fees. Mike agreed to get this information.

Sandy Hash asked could it cost more to pursue than the cost of the dog? Jerry Pittsford said could we ask for court cost to be included. Mike Spencer replied no. Mike Cornman said it is of his opinion that we have an obligation to the School to provide the services of a police dog; therefore we must pursue this issue.

Mike Spencer will send a letter to the man we purchased the dog from and request a refund. If they do not respond then we will file suit.

They Council gave their permission for Mike Spencer to proceed toward a resolution.

Sandra Hash, financing 2 dump trucks

Sandy informed the Council she is seeking financing for the 2 new dump trucks the Street Department has ordered. They should be at the dealership within the next week.

The rates are as follows: Peoples 7.50%

Bank One 6.12%

Indiana Bond Bank 6.16%

Sandy suggested using Bank One. It has the lowest interest rate and we have the fire truck financed through them, which will reduce the application procedure. The term will be for three years. The Council gave their permission to go with Bank One.

David Sorokoty

David thanked the department heads, Geraldine, and Sandy for their help during the budget meetings. He already understand budgets and the process due to being in the private enterprise market, but with their help he learned about all the means and ways of funding a town government has. He thinks it is a very good and workable budget. It is an ideal time to hire a full time policeman and a street department worker due to the fact that we do have $210,000 surplus. Included in the budget is $4,000 for BCAT to cover all meetings starting in July of 2001. The renegotiation of the franchise fee from 3% to 5% could fund TV coverage for the entire year of 2002. He is strongly in favor of bringing the government into peopleís living room as another source of information besides the newspaper and radio. He would like to have a balanced budget; we missed it by less than 2%. But with the conservative numbers used in the budget, there is a very good chance that it may balance its self out any way.

David would hope that with Mike Conmanís appointment to be liaison to Bill Land they take a look at the far west side of Ellettsville. He believes that is where our future lies. The 2000-acre business overlay zoned commercial and light industrial is not in the town limits at this time. As economic development occurs in that area many of its workers will live in Ellettsville and spend their paychecks in Ellettsville. He would like to see this be within the town limits.

Main Street Committee

David announced on August 15, 7:00 pm, at the Ellettsville Library there will be a Main Street meeting. He encouraged everyone to come and have a direct role on how the grant will be spent to beautify Sale Street.

The Heights Neighborhood Association

David report the last neighborhood association meeting was on July 25th. They elected officers. Bill Sturbaum from the Prospect Neighborhood Association spoke along with the President of CONA, Council of Neighborhood Associations. They discussed grants that CONA helps you find, forming committees and keeping committees, and basically how to build into a bigger and better association. There are now up to 35 members. For the people of Kelli Heights, the Meadowlands and Paddington Park the next meeting will be Tuesday, August 29th, 7:00 pm at the library. There will be coffee and cookies served.

Raising building inspection fees

David presented, for discussion, raising the building inspection fees from 7 cents to 12 cents. It has been a few years since this has been raised. Bloomingtonís fees is 16 cents and Monroe County is 10 cents per square foot. The extra revenue would go along way.

Mike Cornman would like to see more discussion on this. He feels building permits were not intended to be a moneymaker. It should be self-supporting only.

Jim Davis clarified the fees were for the building permits and not the inspections.

Jerry Pittsford said this would not be a tremendous revenue generator. He does agree with David that it is a respectable way to earn revenue. When people improve their lots they are also improving the town. The rates need to be raised in consideration that the cost of maintaining that arm of the government is certainly going to increase. The rate we now charge is pretty low compared to the amount of time spent.

Mike Spencer agreed to prepare an ordinance to increase the building permit fee from 7 to 12 cents per square foot.

Gina Hawkins

Gina thanked the department heads for being informative over the past 5 years. She also thanked everyone in town for giving her the opportunity to serve on the Council. Stephanie from the Herald-Times asked Gina why she resigned. Gina replied it was for personal reasons.

Jerry Pittsford

Jerry seconded Davidís appreciation for everyoneís cooperation in the budget process. As a new member on the board and someone who has never dealt with that kind of budget process he found that the presentation of all the department heads, and Sandyís work putting every thing together in a very easily read format made it much easier for us. With the information provided we were able to sit down with the department heads and do a true and openhanded approach to everyone. The supervisors worked with us. They were not lobbying against anything the council was trying to achieve. If we are going to move forward as a town we must make the best use of the tax revenues we have. That is the only way we can do it is by sitting down and having everyoneís best interest at heart. I felt like, without exception, we were all in the same place on that.

Jerry also expressed appreciation to Bill Land, the steering committee and Plan Commission for putting together the East Ellettsville Area Plan and Highway 46 Corridor Management Plan. He made a wonderful presentation; the drawings and packet he prepared was eye opening to see what can actually be done as far as beautification and ease of travel. Jerry also expressed his disappointment in the citizens of the Ellettsville area that did not take the time to come and listen to Billís presentation. No one from the East area came to here the presentation even though they have a vested interest in the development of this area. It was a tremendous opportunity and the people are sleeping through it. He thinks there needs to be a wake up call out there. Not just a call on what the council is doing and when they are doing it. We need a call that says we need to look at the east end of Ellettsville and how it is going to look better as an entry way into Ellettsville.

Mike Cornman stated he was glad to be back. Most of the people have extended their hand out as a welcome back. He wanted to thank Gina. He knows she has been hammered pretty hard in the past couple of years because of her attendance due to her work situation. With the things that go on in peopleís lives it is sometimes difficult, as he well knows to be on the Town Council. When I worked with Gina on issues she was a very intelligent person. She was always one of the first persons I ask on things because she has a keen outlook on the matters of the Town Council, and he really does appreciate that.

Mike also addressed the comments Mike Farmer made earlier about the IURC. The point was well taken, but he did not feel Mike should address his concerns with the paper here. The Councilís concerns are addressed here publicly at a Town Council meeting. What he said was good but it didnít have to be addressed to the paper. We do the business here as best we can. We can only hope the Journal, the Herald- Times, and any other media would express the outlook that was here not necessarily the positive or the negative. Mike Cornman said he did not read the article so he canít comment on it. Mike also said he agrees with Mike Farmer and he will support getting out of the IURC.

Mike also agrees with David Sorokoty about the industrial overlay. We need to keep our noses in this business. When it first came about with Monroe County to do this Ellettsville was heavily evolved especially with the planning of the utilities. He does have a positive outlook on this. He will be sure to work on this as the next step after the East Ellettsville and Corridor plan. He also wanted to thank David for the neighborhood association. We ran two articles on this about 4 or 5 years ago and no one even came out. Not so much the speed bumps but the idea. He is glad to be back on a board that seems motivated to get things done.

Revised Budget publication schedule

Sandy told the Council she had changed the previously published budget schedule due to the meeting with Bob Purlee from the State Board of Tax Commissioners. She met with Mr. Purlee on August 11th. He verified the information to be published and the budget will be published on August 16th and 23rd. This will still meet the publication deadlines as prescribed by the state. The pre-adoption and adoption meetings will remain as published August 28th and September 11th.

House numbers in Greenbriar and Deer Run

While riding with Brian Mobley, Jerry Pittsford saw and appreciated the new green signs containing house number along the road in Greenbriar and Deer Run addition. They are easy to read and he encourages everyone to use this system.

Fox Network to televise information concerning disappearance of Jill Behrman in Monroe County.

Ron McGlocklin informed the Council a show called Million Dollar Mysteries would be shown on the Fox Network on August 18, 2000. The story would be about the disappearance of Jill Behrman and the attempted abduction of a teen-age woman behind Big Foot in Ellettsville.

Geraldine McIntyre

Geraldine McIntyre said it has been nice working with Gina. Anything she has asked Gina to do she has done it gladly. She wishes her luck in the future. Geraldine also welcomed Mike back to the Council, with all his experience.

Darlyne Sowder thanked Gina and welcomed Mike Cornman back. She stated she would have attended the hearing on the East Ellettsville Area Plan had she known about it. She thought it might not have been published well enough.

It was pointed out that there was a legal notice given on the hearing, announced at a Council meeting, and mentioned in a Herald-Time article.

Bob Sowder wanted to thank Ron McGlocklin as a taxpayer for getting a grant to purchase equipment. He and the audience gave Ron a round of applause.

Karla Kennard-Frownfelter expressed what has happened here has happened in a lot of neighborhoods. We put ourselves on a fast highway in and out. It is no wonder people donít show up for meetings. You really have to look at zoning and bring back neighborhoods and zone for neighborhoods to put little buildings back into neighborhoods. The book Suburban Sprawl is an excellent source of information concerning sprawl.


Gina Hawkins moved to adjourn. Jerry Pittsford seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.