August 10, 1998



The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Monday, August 10 1998. Members present were Michael Cornman, President, Geraldine McIntyre, Vice President, Donald Ashley, Gina Hawkins, and Patrick Stoffers. Mr. Cornman called the meeting to order.  Donald Ashley gave the prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance.








Mike Cornman requested a motion to approve claims.  Geraldine so moved.  Don Ashley seconded.  Motion passed with 4 ayes and 1 abstention by Pat Stoffers.




Mike read request number 67 to R. W. Armstrong in the amount of $4,218.  After this payment the balance will be $78,327 with a few outstanding bills still coming in.  Mike requested a motion to approve the SRF claim?  Gina Hawkins replied so moved.  Don Ashley seconded.  Motion passed 5-0.






The quotes were as follows:


            Virtual Designer Services

                        Web Design                                        $1,800.00

                        Monthly Fees                                     $     75.00

                        Additional Site development              $     30.00hr


            htInteractive Media   

                        Option 1                                              $550.00

                        Option 2                                              $795.00

                        Monthly maintenance                         $  20.05


Patrick Stoffers made the motion we accept option 2 from htInteractive for the web site development.  Gina Hawkins seconded.  Motion passed 5-0.


Mike Cornman then opened a Web site proposal from Ralph Pogue from Paoli, Indiana.  Mike Cornman read the following letter.


            I would like to design your web site.  I will provide links between the pages and to the home page for easy navigation.  I can provide a page with a form for local business with web sites to submit their site addresses for inclusion on a page with links to their sites.  Perhaps on the Chamber of Commerce page.  The files I create will become your property.

            Because of my very low overhead, I can offer this service for $799.  If you would like to include photos of people and places in Ellettsville on your site, the cost would be $899.  This includes taking the pictures with a digital camera, downloading, cropping, and placement within the site.

            I assume you have an idea of the 1-3 graphics you mentioned.  If not we can create them.  I also assume that you have an outline including the names, telephone numbers and basic test that you wish to place on each page.  This being the case, we could place a basic text-only site on the Internet within a day or two of being provided your domain name, host site, ftp server address, user ID name and password by Smithville Telephone.  We could add the backgrounds and graphics over the following couple of weeks.  This is one option.

            The more input and feedback you give me, the happier you’ll be with the site.

            I can provide you with the maintenance and 1-2 updates a month for $60 monthly.  However, since it is the nature of these web sites to grow and improve with afterthought, for $75 monthly, I will continue to tweak and make design changes to your site as you suggest for the first year.

            If you have a logo, seal or town colors, we should include them on your home page.  I can scan what you have to create a digital rendering.

            I am looking forward to working with you on this endeavor.

                        Thank you, Ralph E. Pogue Jr.

P.S. Please visit a couple of web sites that I have designed.  They are listed below.




The final quote on the web site proposal was from Smithville Telephone.  Mike Cornman read the proposal as follows:


Web Site hosting Proposal Smithville Telephone Internet Services Ellettsville’s only Internet Service Provider August, 1998


This package for the Town of Ellettsville and the Ellettsville Chamber of Commerce includes access to the World Wide Web by all relevant department.




$1.95/month for each mail box between 11 and 25


The package contains 2MB of mail storage that could be split between the Town and the Chamber of Commerce.  For example,                    


            Additional mailboxes can be offered to the Town Board, department and any personnel deemed appropriate by the Chamber.


            5 Town Board

            1 Clerk-Treasurer

            1 Town Attorney

            1 Utilities

            1 Street Dept.

            1 Fire

            1 Police


            This is an estimate, The number of mailboxes should be determined by the Town and the Chamber and not the provider.



            $40 Set up Fee

            $150 Domain name Registration Fee

            Total Non-Recurring                   



Recurring (excluding additional mailboxes)

$45/month x 12 month = $540/year


Initial Domain name registration is good for two (2) years.  After initial two (2) years, the cost is yet to be determined as Domain names will no longer be under the exclusive control of Network Solutions and competition could drive the yearly cost down.


            Currently the cost is $35 per year through Network Solutions.


            Any maintenance to be done on the web server will be performed by Smithville.

Currently, Smithville runs Berkeley Software Design version 3.0 on it server with Apache as the web server.  Apache is the most popular web server in the world.  Updates are made as situation warrant.

            Currently, Smithville is the only Internet Service Provider in Monroe County offering 100% v.90 connectivity with dial-up speeds up to 56K using 3Com/USRobotics.  In the near future, Smithville will be offering ISDN to the Ellettsville Area.  We are committed to bringing our customers the best service possible with the latest technology.

            Berkeley Software Design Guarantees compliance with the Year 2000.  The UNIX platform is good through the year 2038 and by that time, updates will prolong the life of UNIX beyond 2038.


Darlyne Sowder asked if Smithville Telephone was the only host proposal?  Mike Cornman replied yes.  The proposal from Mr. Pogue was labeled web site proposal and not web page design like the others.  Therefore it was opened after the decision was made on design. 


Geraldine McIntyre made the motion to accept the Smithville Telephone proposal.  Gina Hawkins seconded.  The motion passed 5-0.




Rick Coppock requested this be tabled.




Mike Spencer presented the Council with a letter concerning police officers payment for training.  Mike Cornman asked Mr. Spencer to summarize the letter.  Mr. Spencer stated, basically the nitty gritty issue is what we should pay the officers who had attended the academy.  At this point in time it is my opinion that we should pay them $7.00 per hour, because that is what the agreement was when they hired on.  The Fair Labor Standards Act in his opinion does not require the Town to pay that.  The Fair Labor Standards Acts requires the Town to pay at least minimum wage.  That is all is requires.  But because of the way it is set up, and the agreement that was made, he believes that they should be paid $7.00. 


Mike Cornman said the letter also states that we did not amend our salary ordinance for a training wage.  Mike Spencer said, right, in the future make it very clear from the out set on the salary ordinance that people who go to the academy would be paid at the minimum wage


The question was asked how this would affect the reserve officers if they attend the academy?  Steve Bartlett replied you must be a paid officer to attend the academy.  Therefore a volunteer reserve officer would not be allowed to go to the academy.  The volunteers take a 40-hour pre basic.


Geraldine McIntyre informed the Council, when she was first a Council member the problem came up about paying new police officers to attend the academy.  There were several officers who left the town after they attended the academy.  At that time the Council decided not to hire anyone who had not already attended the police academy.  Since that time we have had some police officers that paid their own way, such as Eric Chaudion.  Steve corrected that statement by informing the council that Eric did not pay his own way.  The state picks up the cost of the academy with proceeds from traffic tickets and motor violations.  Eric went to the academy and we sponsored him, just like we did the three gentlemen in question now.  We sponsored him as a paid part-time officer.  When he went to the academy he paid he own expenses, the town did not pay him.  Geraldine asked about Wampler.  Steve said we paid Wampler his salary, he was a full-time officer, and so was Humphrey.  Geraldine feels this is something the council should look as at another time.  Mike Cornman stated the rules were not clearly established for the town marshal about who he should hire.  Mike said the council was the ones who hired these people and if they didn’t have the academy was it our fault for not checking or was it his fault for not telling us.  Did Steve even know the rules to begin with?  Did he know about the meeting back in 1987 with Jim Chrena that said we were not going to hire anyone who did not have the academy?  It is one of those things with transition and several council members later that would make it hard to use that as a stopping point. 


Mike Cornman said if there are no more questions, from the council then these three employees, Alva Bohall, Brian Mobley, and Craig Davis will get paid for attending the academy.  They should get paid the next payday. 


Don Ashley asked if there was anyone else we should have paid for the academy.  Gina Hawkins replied Eric was the only other part-time officer who attended the academy and was not paid.  Steve Bartlett said they had checked and the statue of limitations has run out on Eric. 


Mike Cornman added the only two officers we have hired with the academy are Steve Bartlett and John Stone.






Gina Hawkins read Ordinance 98-21. 


Be it ordained and adopted by the Town Council of Ellettsville, Indiana:


            Section 1.  Section 200-50 is added to the Ellettsville Town Code as a new Section to read ad follows:


            200-50 Payment of Expenses for Promotion of City and Town Business.


            The Clerk is hereby authorized to pay the expenses of or to reimburse Town Officials as the case may be, for expenses incurred in promoting the best interest of the Town.  Such expenses may include, but not necessarily be limited to, rental of meeting place; meals; decorations; memorabilia; awards; expenses incurred in interviewing job applicants; expenses incurred in promoting industrial; commercial and residential development; expenses incurred in developing relations with other units of government; expenses incurred in maintaining and improving employee moral through employee recognition, and any expenses of civil or governmental nature deemed by the Town Council to be in the interest of the Town.


Mike Cornman asked Sandy Hash, is there was an appropriation for Promotion of Business.  She affirmed there was.  He then stated we could not spend this money since there was no authorization to do so and with the passage of this Ordinance we will be able to spend this appropriation.  Sandy agreed.


Mike then asked for a motion to accept Ordinance 98-21 for the first reading.  Gina Hawkins said so moved.  Pat Stoffers seconded.  Motion passed 3-2 with Don Ashley and Geraldine McIntyre voting nay.




Mike Farmer said the Monroe County Solid Waste District called and asked what was going on at the site of the old Sewer Plant on Matthews and McNeely.  He said he didn’t know how they knew, someone from the Town must have called them.  He said anytime there is a question about things they can give him a call and he will give them a direct answer.  He would prefer to do it that way in stead of beating around the bush. .  He informed them we were reclaiming the lagoon.  There was sludge in the lagoon and they have been waiting for dry weather to pull the sludge out and dry it.  Then it will be tested and sent to the landfill.  The land will then be graded and seeded.  They are also going to take down the fence.  Mike Cornman asked if the Monroe County Solid Waste District have any control over what we do with the old plant site.  Mike replied usually you get your sludge prepared and tested, then you call them.  We take our sludge from the sewer plant to the landfill anyway, but we would have told them it came from the lagoon.  It would be tested separately.  Mike stated we do have an Ellettsville representative on Solid Waste and that is Geraldine so she might direct any questions they have to you.  Mike Farmer reaffirmed that any time any one has a question about this kind of thing he would appreciate it if they would give him a call because we are proud of what we are doing here.  He invited they Town Council to call him and he would take them out and show them things they are doing.  It is important for them as new members to communicate all the things they are doing.  They are pretty proud of what they are doing and would like to share this with the Council members.




Geraldine McIntyre presented a letter from the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District.  They are planning an environmental workshop.  They would like the input of the Ellettsville Town Council, local elected officials and legislators to discuss solid waste management and other environmental issues.  She requested the other Council members to read the letter and give a time when it would be convenient for them to attend this, and get back with either Geraldine or Mike Frye from the Solid Waste District.    


Mike Cornman told the Council that for the past couple of years he has been asked what we were going to do with the Downtown area, if we were going to revitalize or let is stay as it is.  Mike prepare a Vision Statement as follows:




Vision Statement


·         The Town of Ellettsville desires to have an attractive downtown.

·         The Town of Ellettsville desires to ensure the community the economic vitality of he downtown area for many years to come.


Goal and Objective


·         To appoint a committee to develop both short term and long term plans for downtown Ellettsville.

·         The Committee shall consist of one town council member, one plan commission member, two people appointed by the Ellettsville Fall Festival Association, Two people from the downtown businesses, and three residents of the town.  Other than the appointee’s by the Fall Festival Association, the town council president shall appoint the remaining committee members.

·         The downtown area shall include, but not limited to, Sale St. from Association St. to Main St. Main St.* from E. Temperance St. to W. Temperance St., Vine St. from E. Temperance St.* to Walnut St., Temperance St. from W. Main St. to E. Main St.* and any unimproved street or alley within this jurisdiction.  *This area will include the future State Road 46 which will align E. Main St. (Depot Rd.) with E. Temperance St. in the area just east of Park St.

·         The Committee will look at the current uses and the possibility of future uses of this area.

·         The committee will put together both long term and short term goals for the following items:

·         Street Lights

·         Sidewalks

·         Trash Receptacles

·         Infrastructure improvements

- Streets

- Sewer lines

- Water lines

- Fire hydrants

- Telecommunications

- Electrical service

·         The committee may identify any other uses for the downtown area as for the good of the community.

·         The committee shall identify financial resources for the completion of these goals.

·         The committee shall suggest a priority list of projects that should be attempted.


Mike asked the Council members if they had any questions on the downtown planning committee?  There were no questions.


Mike then asked for a motion to approve the downtown planning committee.  Geraldine so moved.  Gina Hawkins seconded.  Motion passed 5-0.


Mike Cornman wanted to clarify when it is appropriate for him, as Town Council President, to sign documents on the town’s behalf.  He read the Indiana Code to define when he should and should not sign documents.  There are only a few things outlined by state law that he is authorized to sign without going before the Council.  None of those things at this time are a part of the Town.  He is the appointed signatory for the SRF fund and the Community Development Grant for the Endwright Center.  With those being the only exceptions he can not sign anything that does not go before the Council at a public meeting.  He thinks it has been a custom in the past to let the Town Council President do these things, but unless he is given permission ahead of time he can not do that.  One example he gave was the OWI grant, which he signed for Brian Mobley.  If he signs it away from the meeting then the other Council members do not even know it is going on.  This affects money coming in and going out.  For the security and intergerity of the Council he would like to inform the department heads that he can not sign his name on behalf of the Town unless it is approved at a public meeting.




Geraldine made the motion to adjourn.


Mike Spencer suggested a motion be made to approve the OWI grant that Mike Cornman had signed at this time.  Mike replied that would be a good idea.  He asked Steve to tell about the OWI grant.  Steve said it had been in effect since 1991.  It is a grant for the entire county; all the police agencies have a portion of the grant.  He thinks the amount is around $26,000 for Monroe County this year.  It is split up between IU Police Department, Bloomington Police, Department, the Monroe County Sheriff Department and Ellettsville Police Department.  Ellettsville has about $3,600 to use this year; he needs to check Brian’s figures.  It cost the Town a very minor amount, only the FICA matching.  Steve thinks this is around $1.50 per hour.  Mike would like the fact and figures to be on the agenda and presented at the next meeting.  We have not utilized this grant yet this year. The Governor controls the grant, the State tells us when we can use it.  Mike would like this to be post approved by the Council. 


Donald Ashley asked if we should give approval for the Town Council President to sign these claims so we won’t have this come up again.  Mike stated the need to research the minutes since this came into effect in 1991 it might already be approved.  He instructed the Deputy to do the research.


 Mike Cornman said there has been a motion to adjourn is there a second.  Gina seconded.  Motion passed 5.0.