Ellettsville Plan Commission Minutes


August 12, 1999



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Diana Evans, Sandy Gann, Kevin Farris and Geraldine McIntyre.


BOARD MEMBERS NOT PRESENT: President Don Ashley, Terry Baker.


Also in attendance: Rick Coppock, Town Engineer.


Rick called the meeting to order.








Rick announced that we are changing the agenda tonight.


1.      Site Plan Review – Highway 46 – Dr. DeWar

     Rick said the plan commission has before them the site plans.  It has correct zoning.  I have reviewed the site.  This is west of the new doctor’s office.  What Dr. DeWar is proposing to do is build a new office there.  It has ample parking and detentions on the site.  Also is will have street trees that will be planted along Hwy. 46.  Their driveway will line up with the professional center drive.  Diana said if they have enough parking and no drainage problems, she is fine with that.  Rick said there are none.  Sandy asked if they would share the same entrance.  Rick said yes.  Diana made the motion to approve the site plan review Hwy. 46 – Dr. DeWar.  Kevin seconded it.  Motion carried 4-0.


2.      Request Extension Preliminary Plat – Deer Field – Melvin Sutherlen

     Mr. Sutherlen is here to ask for an extension tonight because if construction is not starting within 6 months he will have to request it.  Geraldine made the motion for the extension preliminary plat – Deer Field.  Kevin seconded it.  Motion carried 4-0.


3.      Ponton Property – Union Valley – Voluntary Annexation

     Rick said he is here representing Mr. Ponton who is selling the property and is voluntary annexation into the Town of Ellettsville.  He had a map showing the property.  Rick said Mr. Ponton would not be the developer.  We are not planning to purchase the 6 acres north of this property.  As this gets further along we will ask the county highway for a driveway.  As you can see we are wanting to put a connection to Lakeview Drive which is part of the county thoroughfare plan which will give them another way out.  Also there was a brief discussion about Forrest View property and the Love property.  A brief discussion was held.  Sandy asked if all of this traffic was going to come out on Union Valley.  Rick said yes.

     Robert Trimelon, 5389 Westfall Court, asked if the only entrance was to be on Union Valley for 90 homes.  Rick said yes.  Robert stated he highly disagreed to this.  I live directly across the street from the drive you are talking about.

     Brenda Raymond, 4463 Meadow Vale Drive, stated that when she talked to Mr. Williams, County Highway Engineer, about the traffic he said you are talking about 500 to 100 cars plus school buses, delivery trucks, etc.. He stated that a lot of traffic would be possible.  She asked if they would be considering widening the road.  He said no, not until  the year 2012.  Brenda said, I am really concerned about this.

     Kristin Poage, 5440 Union Valley Road, said what I would like to know is the amount of time the construction will take and what about the cconstruction trucks access in and out.   Rick didn’t know of any other connecting access roads.  Time frame for construction could be 3 to 5 years.

     Glenn Cook, 5349 Westfall Court, asked about he types of homes and the prices.  Also if they would run into rock problems.

     Larry Raymond, 4463 Meadow Vale Drive, what is the Plan Commission and what do you do.  Rick stated we see the zoning is correct, assign codes and we are here tonight to vote on voluntary annexation and zoning this to R-1 which is single family zoning.  Since this is in the county there is no zoning.  A long discussion was held. 

     Kristin asked if other properties would have to be purchased to be able to have another access into this.  Brief discussion held.

     Mr. Trimelon asked Rick if his job was to design a plan for this neighborhood.  This is probably a handsome design on paper he said.  I know with that large of an area and that many pieces of the puzzle so to speak if anyone has considered all of the problems it is going to create.  Someone should question the fact that you are representing both the owner and builder, do you think that is a good idea.  Rick said he is being paid only by the developer. 

     Larry was talking about most of the places we are talking about doesn’t belong to the Town of Ellettsville seems you passed on them to begin with.  Rick said no we didn’t.

     Mary George, 4828 N. Love Lane, I have a different concern bout he Ponton property.  When Mrs. Love was living she rented pasture to Mr. Ponton and  he removed a fence.  I would like to know if what he is selling to the developer is actually his or mine.   Rick said the deed has just 30 acres.  On selling he would have to get a boundary survey.  This would have to be determined before they could do the subdivision.  The land survey would certify the boundary lines and put markers at all of the corners.  Discussion held.

     Sandy and Rick stated again tonight’s meeting was for voluntary annexation and zoning of R-1.  Rick explained this procedure.  Geraldine also explained that if we turn him down that he can go to the county and get it down since this is in the county and we would have nothing to say about it.  Discussion held. 

     Jeanne Kapczynski, P. O. Box 55, Ellettsville.  I would like to see two things.  One to have Ellettsville control this because we need all of the taxes.  Also , if it is R-1 is that because of the density.  I like developers to have bigger lots, maybe that would help with the traffic,  Rick said if you went that way it would have to be a PUD because Ellettsville’s next zoning would be an A-2 meaning agriculture.  Jeanne asked if we had something in between.  Rick said no.  Discussion held.

     Someone asked about a PUD.  Geraldine explained that with a PUD we can reequest the developer to do what we want.  We can request sidewalks, green space, tree space, two entrances and we can also request the lot size bigger.  Discussion held.

     Valerie DeWar, 2424 Hartstraight Road, said that in a subdivision you need two ways out.  Look at Westbrook Downs, there’s only one way out.  Discussion held.

     Larry asked if this is to be Ellettsville is it forever Ellettsville,  He stated that the county would do what they do and you would do what you feel is beneficial to the Town of Ellettsville.  Rick said the issue here is whether to annex to the Town or let it go to the county.  Sandy said the county would probably do it and with less restrictions that we do.  So it would be good to become a part of Ellettsville.   Discussion held.

     Sandy said if we vote tonight it would go before the Town Council on the 23rd to be voted on.  If it passes the developer would have to come back to the Plan Commission.  Also, we are doing this in two phases and you are looking at a long time including a survey that would have to be done so that’s several months.

     Mr. Cook asked about the zoning.  Rick said it is agriculture now but, if it is zoned for R-1 it wouldn’t be.  Mr. Cook asked if we would have to worry about a trailer court going in there and Rick said no. 

     Sandy asked if wanted to annex this into the Town.  Mr. Cook asked if any member of the Board thinks this should not be annexed.  None did. 

     Kevin made the motion to annex this as R-1.  Diana seconded the motion.  Motion carried 4-0.

     Mr. Young, 5388 Westfall Court, asked how far north we are planning to go.  Rick said this is the only property that will touch Union Valley Road.  He asked about the commercial property along Hwy. 46 such as the shopping center.  He wondered if it was in Ellettsville.  Rick said no, it’s in the county.  Mr. Young asked what was Ellettsville’s plans to annex east of Union Valley Road.  Rick stated that Ellettsville has an agreement to annex within three miles of Town.  They have to have a traffic count, also committed to hire a planner for 16 hours a week.  Geraldine said we are to go to Union Valley Road taking in everything on both sides.  Then to go to Smith Pike on the second phase, including the shopping center there.  Geraldine said we spent 36 hours with the City of Bloomington.  Discussion held.




Diana made the motion to adjourn.  Sandy seconded it.  Motion carried 4-0.