August 4, 2014


The Ellettsville Parks Board met in a regular meeting on Monday, August 4, 2014, at the Ellettsville Fire Department Training and Conference Room, 5080 West State Road 46, Bloomington, Indiana.  Jimmie Durnil called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance

Jimmie Durnil led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Members in Attendance

Jimmie Durnil, President, Richard Pease, Claudetta Kelly, Geraldine McIntyre and Amy Slabaugh were present.    Geraldine McIntyre was absent.


Approval of Minutes

Richard Pease made a motion to approve the minutes of July 7, 2014.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded.  Motion carried. 


Review of Accounts Payable Expenditures

Claudetta Kelly advised there were no updates other than the printout provided by the Clerk-Treasurer.  Mr. Durnil noted they have a balance of $23,843 at their disposal.  Ms. Kelly stated the Clerk-Treasurer told her the money to available to spend.  Mr. Durnil stated they have $36,153 in the account.  The budget for 2015 is $23,843.


Old Business

Park Benches

Amy Slabaugh advised the benches have been ordered and should arrive within the week.  Mr. Durnil advised Amber Ragle, Deputy Clerk, has the invoice to pay for the slide ordered for the Fall Festival. 


New Business

Cabin on Vine Street

Claudetta Kelly stated everyone seems to be in favor of the cabin.  Sandra Hash suggested the Park Board find someone to look at the cabin to find out what kind of condition it is in and how much it will cost to fix it.  Ms. Hash also told her if the Park Board wants to spend money on the cabin it is the budget.  The Town Council looked at the budget and wants to take money for the Heritage Trail (“trail”) that the Parks Board hasn’t spent.  Ms. Kelly is in support of the trail but doesn’t know if she wants the Town to take all of the Parks Board money.  Ms. Hash suggested they have Jim Davis, Town Manager, come and talk to them about the budget.  She called Mr. Davis and he has agreed to come to the meeting next month.  She wants to know if the Town Council can take the Parks Board money should they decide to do so.  Ms. Slabaugh asked what the Town would do with the money.  Are they going to build the trail?  Ms. Kelly said a newspaper article discussed using the money in the next phase of the trail.  The Town is working on purchasing easements for right-of-ways which has to be done before construction.  Ms. McIntyre remarked the Town cannot take the Park Board money for the trail.  Mr. Durnil added they will have to put their foot down and the Town should ask if they want their money.  Ms. Kelly said this is why she invited Mr. Davis to speak at the meeting so they can find out what their rights are.  Mr. Pease noted if they proceed with the log cabin it will take some of their money.  Ms. McIntyre said the trail is sponsored by people in Bloomington. 


Claudetta Kelly advised a lot of the original funding for the trail is no longer in existence.  Ms. Slabaugh asked if the trail falls under the Park Board.  Ms. Kelly replied she has heard once the trail is finished, should it happen, it will be maintained by the Park Board.  Ms. Slabaugh suggested the Park Board volunteer to buy benches or trash cans once it’s built.  They can say they’re willing to buy these things as opposed to giving the Town money for the trail.  Mr. Durnil agrees.  He doesn’t want them to be bullied out of their money but wants to help.  Ms. McIntyre asked what they will do if they involve money for which they have grants.  Will it involve the grants that Main Street is trying to do to get money for the trail?  Mr. Durnil replied they don’t know.  Ms. Kelly suggested everyone come up with questions for Mr. Davis to address at the next meeting.  Ms. Slabaugh mentioned perhaps the Town’s money is tied-up in building the trail.  Will they come back and ask the Park Board to buy benches and other things on top of everything else they have given.  Ms. Kelly has been in Main Street for two years and has not heard any discussion on once the trail is made what happens at that point.  The next meeting of Main Street is August 21, 2014, at 5:30 p.m., at the Fire Department.  Ms. McIntyre has been on Main Street since it started and they worked very hard on grants to get the trail going.  She feels they should let Jim Davis talk to Main Street before he talks to the Park Board about money.  When the trail is completed Main Street wants to have hot dog stands along the trail. 



Jimmie Durnil entertained a motion to adjourn.  Geraldine McIntyre made a motion to adjourn.  Richard Pease seconded.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 p.m.