Park and Recreation Board


The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 at the Ellettsville Town Hall.


Members present were Darlyne Sowder, President, Edwin Macatangay, Vice President, L. D. Axsom, Jeff Frownfelter, and Art Moynihan, Secretary


Darlyne Sowder called the meeting to order at 7:06p.m.



Art Moynihan motioned to accept the November 6, 2002 minutes. Edwin Macatangay seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.


Public Comment



Old Business

5-Year Master Plan

Darlyne reported that the Heritage Trail group had no interest in combining efforts to develop the 5-year master plan with the Parks Board. This given, the Board believes it should move ahead with plans to secure an agreement to develop the master plan. Art had contacted Cheryl Elmore of Bloomington Parks and Recreation. Mick was on vacation, but Cheryl said that upon his return she was sure that he would be willing to share the invitation to bid and list of possible providers with us. Art agreed to contact Mick to get this information. Edwin asked that Sandy Hash provide an analysis of the budget so that we can determine what funds are available for the 5-year master plan as well as the tax rate applicable to Parks. Darlyne agreed to contact Sandy. Given that no effort has been put forth by the Skate Park Advisory Committee, and that the Board told them the funds would be put to their best use, the Board contemplates using them to fund the plan. Darlyne will discuss with Peggy Welch. Given that we need to keep things moving, the Board, by consensus, agreed that Darlyne could develop an invitation to bid and solicit providers prior to the next Board meeting. Darlyne stated that she was encouraged by the Congdon presentation at the last Board meeting.


Skate Park

No one from the Skate Park Advisory Committee was present at tonight’s meeting.

Given that several requests have been unanswered, the Board will determine the use of the Build Indiana funds. Darlyne will speak to Peggy Welch about any ramifications in the use of these funds.


Wishing Well Nature Park


Edwin and Jeff met at the park on November 16th to cut a temporary path through roughly the middle of the trail so that it will be easier to haul wood chips. There are still a couple of trees that need to be cut, but they accomplished most of the work needed to position us to take up in the spring with this effort.


New Business

Darlyne discussed the calendar of meetings for 2003. After discussion, it was decided that Monday’s are workable for Board members calendars. January’s meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 7th; September’s meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 2nd, with the balance moved to the first Monday of each month.


Art Moynihan’s term expires with this meeting. Jeff will ask Carla to run an ad in the Ellettsville Journal as no one has been found to fill his chair as of this date.



Art Moynihan motioned to adjourn at 8:30pm. Edwin Macatangay seconded. Motion carried 5-0.




__________________________                    ______________________________

Darlyne Sowder, President                               Edwin Macatangay, Vice President


__________________________                    ______________________________

L. D. Axsom                                                    Jeff Frownfelter



Art Moynihan, Secretary