The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on December 3, 2007 at the Fire Department Training and Conference Center.  Geraldine McIntyre called the meeting to order leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  Members present were Geraldine McIntyre, Vice-President; Jimmie Durnil and Amber Ragle.  Michael Griffey was absent.


Approve Minutes of November 5, 2007

Jimmie Durnil moved to approve the minutes of November 5, 2007 as typed.   Amber Ragle seconded.  Motion carried. 


Review Accounts Payable Expenditures

Amber Ragle passed out the current Chart of Accounts with the appropriation activity report listing everything paid in 2007.  The electric bill was the only expenditure in November. 


Old Business

Geraldine McIntyre asked if the shelter houses were still going to be named.  Jimmie said yes but did not know what problems it would bring up.  Jimmie would like to wait and discuss this when there are five Board Members present after the new year. 


Amber Ragle gave the 2008 Parks Board meeting dates to Donya.  The only changes were May and November will be moved to Wednesday due to the set up for election day on Monday evening.  The February meeting will be moved the 12th.  The time will stay at 5:30 p.m.


Geraldine McIntyre asked how the money, budgeted for gravel, can be kept in the fund.  Amber explained the money will stay in the fund and a decision needs to be made if any work will be done at the Wishing Well Park before spending the money on gravel. 


New Business

Frank Nierzwicki, Director of Planning Services presented updates on town projects.  The Planning Department completed a grant application for an endowment with the Bloomington, Monroe County Community Foundation.  This will be a campaign to raise $50,000 in Ellettsville for the Main Street Organization.  Main Street is looking to fund three different projects; helping the Street Department and Parks Board to maintain the Gateway signs, help maintain the future downtown trail and have funds available for improvements for downtown merchants.  The Redevelopment Commission is rezoning the downtown area and holding a meeting Thursday, December 6th.  They would like a C-2 designation in the downtown area between the one way pairs.  Frank is applying for an I-69 Community Planning Grant this week.  He would like the work to be done in house for $50,000 over the next year and a half.  They are looking into a Capital Improvement Program for the town; taking inventory of all Town facilities and noting areas needing repaired.  The Planning Department is looking at protecting and preserving “green space”.  If the Parks Board would like for new developments to have parks; the Town Code needs to be changed and Frank could work with the Parks Board on this.   Frank explained Bloomington and Monroe County have Parks Departments and 501C organizations that are affiliated with them to collect funds and have an endowment.  The Planning Department is willing to assist the Town and other organizations in grant writing. 


Judy Morran, Richland Bean Blossom teacher has been working with her students and other organizations as a corporation with an outdoor lab.  They have developed nature trails, a shelter house and some other projects on the school properties.  They are promoting environmental education.  This past year, Mr. Ritter, Education Director for Sycamore Land Trust, has been working with Judy Morran on the outdoor education.  There used to be a trail by the well site area; Mr. Ritter was overwhelmed when he saw this area.  Mr. Ritter suggested a person from the State Department look at this area to declare it a State Nature Preserve.  If the State makes this declaration, they would help provide a committee to oversee how it should be preserved.  Monroe County Parks and Recreation has looked at creating a trail from Flatwoods Park to the well site trail.  Judy Morran would like to know the Town’s plans for the well site.  What can be done to keep the land “green space”?  The Town has a “green jewel” in their backyard that needs to be protected.  Frank Nierzwicki stated preserving this area as a “green space” is the best use for the land.  There was discussion between Frank and Ms. Morran.  Ms. Morran asked if they could have the well site be declared a State Nature Preserve.  Jimmie Durnil stated it is okay with the Park Board but where are we legally.  There was discussion about the long term plans for this site.  Frank recommended Ms. Morran approach the Town Council about this. 

Jimmie Durnil moved to allow Judy to pursue her thoughts about getting Tom Swinford in to look at the well site.  Amber Ragle seconded.  Motion carried.



Amber Ragle made a motion to adjourn.   Jimmie Durnil seconded.  Motion carried.