Ellettsville Plan Commission Minutes


December 2, 1999


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Don Ashley, Pat Mitchell, Diana Evans, Kevin Farris, David Sorokoty and Geraldine McIntyre. Also in Attendance: Rick Coppock, Town Engineer.




President Don called the meeting to order.








1.      Meadowland , section 5 Final plat

Rick Coppock addressed the Board representing Charles Wright, the petitioner. This is like another section of the Meadows like the infield piece. He has plated the lower portion here as lot 25. He has Meadowland section 3 and 4. Don asked if they have the streets in. Rick said the streets, water and sewers are in. Geraldine asked if Ragle and the others have seen this plat and agreed too. Rick said yes. Discussion held.

President Don asked for a motion. Kevin made the motion, Pat seconded it. Motion carried 6-0.


2.      Belcher property voluntary annexation and zoning being recommended for C-3


Rick stated that we talked about this before. Kevin said just for the record I will abstain- from voting on this. Rick said this is on State Road 46 and this is Lakeview Drive. These are the current buildings along here. Rick said tonight this is just a recommendation for C-3 and voluntary annexation.

Diana made the motion for the Belcher property voluntary annexation with the recommendation of C-3. Geraldine seconded it, motioned carried 5-1 (abstain from voting).


3.      Ponton property phase two Union Valley Road voluntary annexation and


Rick stated this is just another phase of property we brought before you. We are asking for the same thing. That it be R-1 zoning and voluntary annex. This is the phase two because of the contiguous section. This is the piece that touches Union Valley Road. Discussion held.

Chester Martin, 5323 N. Union Valley Road, stated that this has been turned down before by the county engineer because of the traffic coming out on Union Valley Road. He said the plan only had 47 houses and now they are planning 90 houses. Mr. Martin also said that nothing has been said about dentention or sink holes. Access to Union Valley Road and above topic discussed.

Rick again stated that we are here tonight just for the voluntary annexation and zone of R-1, once this is annexed. There will be surveys, plans for the development, drainage, etc.

Geraldine asked that if Mr. Ponton who is selling this property on the assumption that it to be annexed into the Town. Rick said yes. Discussion held.

Betty Popp, 5474 N. Union Valley Road, stated I live directly north of the property and there is trash and old tires. Geraldine said she knew about this because Diana Davis of the Solid Waste District has been working on this. Mr. Ponton has 30 days to clean this up. Mrs. Popp stated she heard that he was to have this done before the annexation. Geraldine said if this is not done in 30 days Diana will turn this over to the courts. Again Kevin said we have no control over this, we are here tonight concerning the annexation. Discussion held.

President Don asked for a motion. Pat Mitchell made the motion to accept the Ponton property phase two Union Valley Road voluntary annexation and recommend zoning as R-1. Diana seconded it. Motioned carried 6-0.


Rick informed everyone that they would be getting notices on the future of this property.




Diana made the motion to adjourn. Kevin seconded it. Motion carried 6-0.