December 28, 1999




The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, December 28, 1999.  Members present were Geraldine McIntyre, President, Donald Ashley, and Patrick Stoffers.  Geraldine McIntyre called the meeting to order.  Donald Ashley gave the prayer, which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.








Donald Ashley moved that the minutes and claims be approved.  Patrick Stoffers seconded.  Motion passed 3-0.




McNEELY STREET RIGHT OF WAY:  McNeely Street Bridge Project


Rick Coppock of Bynum Fanyo Associates reported that he had worked with Bill Williams, County Engineer, and the designers of the project to work out a reimbursement agreement to move the sanitary sewer out of the right-of-way and to upsize to accommodate our future modifications that we will be dealing with when the one-way pair/SR 46 project goes through town.  Coppock recommended that the council sign the right-of-way documents.  One is for the plant site and the other is a quick claim deed for the old railroad right-of-way.    Donald Ashley moved that we allow the McNeely Street right-of-way for the county for improvement of the bridge.    The total purchase price is $2450 including damages.  Patrick Stoffers seconded and the motion passed 3-0.


REDUCTION IN BUDGET: Remove mayor budget and additional PERF


Geraldine McIntyre said this reduction is to remove the mayor's budget and the PERF for the firemen and policemen from the budget.  The necessary papers have been filled out, Geraldine McIntyre has signed them and Sandy Hash will mail them to the proper individual.  Donald Ashley moved that we have a reduction in budget, removing the mayor's budget and the additional PERF.  Patrick Stoffers seconded and the motion passed 3-0.




Sandy Hash explained that when we originally talked about Indiana Paging, the Town Council was omitted from the list.  If the council members want to continue having pagers, we will have to pay $90 each for five pagers.   Sandy wanted to make sure everyone wanted one before she ordered the pagers.    Donald Ashley said he would abstain from voting on this because he wouldn't be here.    It was agreed to move on with the agenda.




Ordinance 99-28 fixes the salaries for the budget year 2000. It sets the salaries of the elected officials of the Town of Ellettsville for the general water and sewer, otherwise known as Utilities Department funds, for the budget year 2000, December 31, 1999, through December 30, 2000: From general funds, 4 council members at $76.43 biweekly; board president,   $85.49 biweekly; and clerk-treasurer,  $383.69 biweekly.

From Water and Sewer, board of trustees, 4 members at $76.43 biweekly, water, $76.43 biweekly, sewer; board president, $85.49 biweekly, water, $85.49 biweekly, sewer; and clerk-treasurer, $383.69 biweekly, water, and $383.69 biweekly, sewer. 


Patrick Stoffers moved that Ordinance 99-28 be submitted for first reading.  Donald Ashley seconded.  It was asked if this included the 4% and 9% salary increases.   Geraldine McIntyre said this is the 9%, which she was in favor of.  It includes a raise for the council members and the clerk-treasurer.  The motion passed 3-0. 


Patrick Stoffers moved that Ordinance 99-28 be adopted on the same day on which it is introduced.  Donald Ashley seconded.  The motion passed 3-0.


Patrick Stoffers moved that Ordinance 99-28 be adopted.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded.  The motion passed 3-0.






Michael Spencer opened quotes for the sanitary sewer project.  The first was from Crider & Crider Inc.  It included a bid bond for 5% and the lump sum price was $104,400.  The bid from Chitwood Construction & Excavating included a 5% bid bond and the lump sum price was $108,144.  The bid from Snedegar Construction Inc. included a 5% bid bond and the lump sum price was $198,000.  The bid from Robinson Construction included a 5% bid bond and the lump sum price was $89,956.  The bid from Larry Stanger Excavating Inc. included a 5% bid bond and the lump sum price was $89,950.  Michael Farmer said he would like to take the bids under advisement.




Geraldine McIntyre said that Jim Davis has 6 days that he would like to transfer, Kevin Patton has 6 days, and Jim Ragle has 2 days that he would like to transfer from vacation to sick days.  Donald Ashley moved that these days be transferred from vacation to sick days.  Patrick Stoffers seconded.   The motion passed 3-0.




Sandy Hash said she wanted to file a conflict of interest disclosure statement in case her daughters, April or Amy, come in to work as temporary part-time office help.  It will be filed with the State Board of Accounts. 




Patrick Stoffers read a letter dated April 10, 1997, directed to the President of the Ellettsville Town Council.  "While checking our lease file, we discovered that the enclosed lease had not been signed.  The lease requires the signature of the president and secretary.  Please sign and have your signatures notarized and return in the enclosed envelope.  You may want to make a copy for your files."  Geraldine McIntyre said it is her understanding that this was accepted and voted on, Michael Cornman never signed it, and never had it notarized.  When the superintendent was going through the files again, he found this and wanted the board to sign it and return it back to them.  Michael Spencer said it is a ten-year lease from that day until 2007.  Jim Davis was concerned that when we try to get the piece of property by the Fire Station turned over to the town--will the lease prevent us from doing such.  Michael Spencer said he didn't think so since we are the tenants.  The lease is legally in good form and if the lease was passed in the past, he doesn't know why the council wouldn't pass it now and sign it.  It sounds like it just wasn't signed when it was passed.  Donald Ashley made the motion to sign the lease agreement between the Richland-Bean Blossom School Corporation and the Town of Ellettsville.  Patrick Stoffers seconded.  The motion passed 3-0.  Michael Spencer suggested the original be signed and a copy made for the file. 




Resolution 16-99 transfers funds where more money is needed than is currently available in certain funds and appropriations.  This authorizes fund transfers or temporary loans for the Police Department, Fire Department, Street Department, Parks Department, and the General Fund.   Donald Ashley moved that Resolution 16-99 be approved.  Patrick Stoffers seconded.  Sandy Hash said that at the last meeting an additional appropriation was approved for the Park Department.  She called the State Board of Accounts and she was told that you cannot accomplish that feat in the month of December and have it for the correct budget year.  By transferring funds, she was able to cover the playground equipment with existing appropriations so therefore it will nullify the additional appropriation that we had at the last meeting.   Donald Ashley again made the motion to approve Resolution 16-99, Transfer of Funds.  Patrick Stoffers seconded.  The motion passed 3-0.




Sandy Hash said at the last meeting, Ron McGlocklin stated that the amount for the reserve car was $1125.  A call was received from Darlyne Sowder saying that she didn't think that was the correct amount for the car.  Sandy looked at the bids and also looked at the receipt and the amount was actually $1251.  She showed this information to Geraldine McIntyre.   Since this was an additional appropriation and it couldn't be done in December, Larry Tippin of the State Board of Accounts said we should make a correction to the receipt and move it from the General Fund into the Police Reserve Fund.  In order to spend it, the Police Reserve would present invoices to the Clerk-Treasurer for payment.  Patrick Stoffers moved that we correct the sale price of the police reserve car to $1251.  Donald Ashley seconded.  The motion passed 3-0.




Jim Davis requested approval of the contract between the town and the township for fire protection.  He took it to Don Lewis first.  The amount is what was in the budget.  The contract is the same as previous years except that the budget amount went up 5%.   Donald Ashley moved that we approve the supplemental fire service agreement with the Richland Township Trustee.  Patrick Stoffers seconded.  The motion passed 3-0.


Jim Davis said the Fire Department has been upgrading its radio system a little bit at a time for the past several years.  Some funds are left in the accumulative fund and other funds totaling $7,000.  This $7000 would go toward the proposal price.  This proposal is for $12,600 to purchase more mobile radios, pagers, and gets rid of some 15 to 18-year-old radios.  The new radios will be more compatible with central dispatch.   The new radio system with new technology will go into effect in 2000 or 2001.  Kathy Saunders applied for and received a $50,000 grant from Build Indiana Funds for equipment for central dispatch to make this system work.   The agreement wasn't made with the other chiefs until after budget time.  Jim didn't know until September or October.  The funds are available.  There is $30,000 to $40,000 in the accumulative fund.   Donald Ashley moved that the Fire Department be allowed to purchase the new radios that they need to update their program.  Patrick Stoffers seconded.  The motion passed 3-0.


Jim Ragle requested 11 hours overtime pay for snow removal in the last week.  Sandy Hash said if it is approved now, it will get in the 1999 budget year.   Donald Ashley moved that the 11 hours overtime pay be approved for Jim Ragle.  Patrick Stoffers seconded.  The motion passed 3-0.


Chief Deputy Jay Humphrey of the Police Department presented the Police Department's Annual Report to each board member.  The report covers the period January 1, 1999, to December 28, 1999.    There were 5,120 calls taken by officers.  They worked 183 accidents, issued 266 traffic arrest citations, 181 written traffic warnings, 20 parking violations, 36 drunken driving arrests, and 70 theft reports. 


Sandy Hash said it is customary and required that at the final meeting of the year, we do purchase order encumbrances to carry over into the year 2000 purchases that are expected to be paid for out of this year's money.  She presented a list and said it includes the radios for the Fire Department, playground equipment and ground cover for the Parks Department, and radar equipment for the Police Department.  Two are carried over from other years.  One is the money for moving the limestone sign on the East Side of town.  The money is being carried over until we can replant that sign.  Patrick Stoffers moved that we approve the purchase order carryovers for $69,456.03.  Donald Ashley seconded.  The motion passed 3-0.


Patrick Stoffers said it has been a fun four years serving on the council.  He thanked the public, expressed thanks to Donald Ashley,  Geraldine McIntyre, Mike Cornman, and Gina Hawkins and said he had enjoyed serving with them.


Geraldine McIntyre introduced Donald Ashley's replacement, Dave Sorokoty.  Geraldine McIntyre and Michael Cornman appointed him at a 5:30 meeting. 


David Sorokoty expressed thanks for being entrusted with the honor to serve.  He said it was something he always wanted to do. He pledged to give 110%.    He wants to work together to make this a nice place to live.   He wants to spend a day in the various departments to see how they work.  He would like to petition the state to widen SR46 all the way out to the county line.  He said we need the vision to look into the future.  He expressed thanks for the trust put in him and said he would do a good job. 


Geraldine McIntyre said the reception for the newly elected officers will be from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on January 1.  Judge David Welch will swear in the newly elected officers at 2 p.m.   This will give a chance for family and friends to see the ceremony.  She wished all a Happy New Year's. 


Patrick Stoffers made a motion to adjourn.  Donald Ashley seconded.  The motion passed 3-0 and the meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.