February 12, 2007




The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session on Monday, February 12, 2007, at the Fire Department Training and Conference Room.  Dennis Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with prayer and Sandra Hash led the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Roll Call:  Members present were Dennis Williamson, President; Dan Swafford, Vice- President; Dianna Bastin, Ted Robertson and Phillip Rogers. Sandra Hash, Clerk Treasurer and Mike Spencer, Attorney were also present. 


Supervisors Present:   Jim Davis, Jim Ragle, Ron McGlocklin, Mike Farmer and Jeff Farmer were present.  


Approval of the minutes


Dianna Bastin made a motion to approve the minutes for the Regular Meeting January 22, 2007 and the Executive Session of February 6, 2007.  Phillip Rogers seconded.  Motion carried.


Action to Pay Accounts Payable Vouchers


Dan Swafford made a motion to approve the Accounts Payable Vouchers.  Dianna Bastin seconded.  Motion carried.


Supervisors Comments


Ron McGlocklin, Town Marshal distributed and went over the Police Department’s 2006 Annual Report. 

  • 5,776 Calls received 
  • 376  Case Reports filed  
  • 4,459.4  Reserve hours
  • 149  Traffic Accidents
  • 575  Items Processed


The Council will review the report and speak with the liaison if there are any questions. 


Sandra Hash attended the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns Legislative Conference.  Several bills have been introduced that negatively affect annexation for municipalities.  “Hometown Matters” was discussed.  To reduce reliance on property taxes a bill has been introduced to raise county option income tax by one percent.  She has some handouts if anyone is interested. 


Dennis Williamson passed out, to the supervisors, a copy of the basic Emergency Management Plan for the County.  This Friday there will be a drill involving some of our units and he hopes we get a good grade.  This will be conducted district wide with the State of Indiana doing the judging.  Dennis also appointed a Flag Task Force (Dianna, Sandra, Mike Farmer and Jim Ragle).  He would like a flag put up at all Town properties including Town Hall.   The task force will need to work together researching ideas and prices.  Dennis is planning a dedication on June 14, 2007 which is Flag Day. 


Public Comments


Art Hayes asked if there were any comments on the remarks he and his wife Sherry made at the last meeting.  Dennis informed him Frank Nierzwicki was tasked with this and he has not received any response.  Art gave out information at the Plan Commission meeting explaining a PUD (Plan Unit Development) and how it is written for the Town of Fishers.  He handed out the same information to the Town Council.  He discussed what was said at the Plan Commission meeting.  He questioned the street width and rights of ways in Litten Estates.  Dan Swafford interrupted Art to explain he has already requested Frank and Rick look at this and report back.  Art compared the Meadowlands speeding problems to  Litten Estates.  He feels people will be speeding through Ridge Springs.  Dan reiterated there will be some research done and brought to the Plan Commission.  Art went on to say a PUD ordinance needs to be in place.  Why does the Town need to keep correcting mistakes through the years from developers and builders?  Dennis reiterated Art needed to discuss this with the Plan Commission.  Art said the Plan Commission can not change anything and they will continue to build as the Town Ordinance’s allow.  The developers do not show any changes to the Plan Commission once they are approved according to Frank. 




Dianna Bastin made a motion we adjourn.  Dan Swafford seconded.  Motion carried. Dennis Williamson adjourned the meeting at 7:51 p.m.