The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at the Fire Department Training and Conference Center. Geraldine McIntyre called the meeting to order at 5:29 pm and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Members present were Geraldine McIntyre, Jimmie Durnil, Amber Ragle and Richard Pease. Michael Griffey was absent.


Election of Officers

Jimmie Durnil nominated Geraldine McIntyre for President. Geraldine McIntyre declined and nominated Jimmie Durnil. Amber Ragle seconded. Motion carried. 


Amber Ragle nominated Geraldine McIntyre for Vice President. Jimmie Durnil seconded. Motion carried. 


Geraldine McIntyre nominated Amber Ragle for Secretary. Richard Pease seconded. Motion carried.


Approve Minutes of January 9, 2008

Jimmie Durnil moved to approve the minutes of the January 9, 2008 meeting. Richard Pease seconded. Motion carried.


Review Accounts Payable Expenditures

Amber Ragle passed out the current Chart of Accounts. Materials for the islands on both ends of town were paid for in January. The money was encumbered from 2007. The parks electric bills were also paid. 


Old Business

Jimmie Durnil asked about the part-time parks employee. Amber stated applications are still on the file and the Street Supervisor has put it on hold until after winter.


New Business

Geraldine asked if anyone has heard from the school regarding the presentation they made about the Wishing Well Park. Jimmie Durnil will check into it. Geraldine left a message with the former President to see where the grant stands and has not received a call back. She will continue to try and get a hold of him.


Geraldine McIntyre turned the meeting over to the new President, Jimmie Durnil. Jimmie Durnil welcomed the new member, Mr. Richard Pease to the board and looks forward to working with him this year. Jimmie thanked The Journal for attending the meeting. The Journal asked about the grant. Amber explained the Master Plan needs to be filed with the State in order to apply for grants and she clarified there are no grants in waiting.



Jimmie Durnil adjourned the meeting at 5:38 p.m. and announced the next meeting will be March 3, 2008.