The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on February 5, 2007 at the Fire Department Training and Conference Center. Members present were Brett Williamson, President; Geraldine McIntyre, Vice-President; Michael Griffey and Amber Ragle. Brett Williamson called the meeting to order.


Approve Minutes of January 3, 2007

Geraldine McIntyre moved to approve the minutes of the January 3, 2007 meeting. Michael Griffey seconded. Motion carried.


Public Comment

No Public Comment


Review Accounts Payable Expenditures

The expenditures for the month of January were discussed.


Old Business

Brett shared with the board that the Master Plan has hit a stopping point. The assessment needs to be completed and he is trying to find someone to assist with that. Brett is hoping to have the Master Plan finished and submitted no later than May of this year.


New Business

Geraldine attended the Main Street meeting last month and they are looking for a Garden Club or Womenís Club to plant flowers this spring and fall at each end of the one-way pair. If anyone knows of a club that might be interested please let Geraldine know.


Michael Griffey has heard there has been some discussion with the Fall Festival about removing the posts at the Shelter House. Brett said he has been in contact with the president of the Fall Festival, Ron Wayt, about this issue. Ron said they are investigating the removal of the posts or possibly moving the stage, but assured Brett they are fully aware it needs to be brought to the Parks Board when they have the information before making any decisions. Michael stated that a lot of the work the Street Department does is at the Parks and Shelters and wants to clarify if something needs done, the Street Department is going to do it. They donít have time to wait until the next parks board meeting to get approval. This is for minor items, such as repairs and maintenance. Brett is fine with that and trusts Jim Ragleís judgment on making those decisions.


Amber asked Brett if he has been in contact with Don Lewis, Township Trustee concerning the Shelter House Rental Fees. Brett said that he has spoken with Don and everyone is okay with the charges. The Clerk-Treasurerís office received a complaint that the entire $200 has to be paid up-front to reserve the big Shelter House. This individual thought that only $100 should be required to reserve the Shelter House for the day desired and then sometime before the event is held, the other $100 should be due. They said $200 is a considerable amount of money for a person to come up with at one time. There was discussion about rental fees, deposits, damages, non-payment issues and no-shows. It was decided that the requirements would remain the same for now and see if anymore complaints are received. The way it currently is set up is the $200 is collected up front and $100 is refundable provided there are no damages. Only $100 will be refunded if the reservation is cancelled.


The meeting was moved to adjourn by Geraldine McIntyre and seconded by Michael Griffey. Motion carried.