Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board meeting Minutes

February 7, 2005


The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on February 7th 2005 at the Fire Department Training and Conference Room. Members present were Jeff Frownfelter, President; Edwin Macatangay, Vice President; L.D. Axsom and Geraldine McIntyre. Denise Knell was absent. Gerald McIntyre is attending her first meeting as a Parks and Recreation Board member.


Minutes from Previous Meetings

Edwin Macatangay motioned to approve the minutes of the January meeting.L.D. Axsom seconded the motion, motion approved 4-0. Minutes from the Dec. 16th meeting are still forthcoming.


Floor Open for Public Comment

Frank Nierzwicki introduced himself to the Parks Board and mentioned his roll with the town and planning. Emphasizing his role of Director of Planning Services he hopes to work with the Parks Board in obtaining their goals and possibly obtaining grants. He mentioned the Heritage trail proposal and the submission for a grant toward some footbridges in connection with Main Street. He has received a copy of the 5-year master stating that the town is very fortunate to have several ideas and plans from which to plan and mentioned the importance of working together with Main Street and the Town Council to move toward achieving some of the goals.


Old Business

5-Year Master Plan

New, final copies of the 5 year parks master plan were received along with a digital version of the plan. New copies of the plan will be given to the town council and be provided to the Ellettsville branch of the Monroe County Library. The master plan will be submitted to the proper department at the state level.

Edwin was happy to see the Master Plan finished and was looking forward to using the plan as a guide for the board to plan, obtain funds and act toward the input from the community.


Skate Park

No report concerning skate park equipment. One question is finding out what kids who skate may actually want in the park. It was suggested that the board seek input from the public, hopefully skate park users, concerning what equipment they would like to see. A few choices of affordable equipment could also be made available for input.


Wishing Well Nature Park

The Board will submit a formal request to the Town Council that they move toward obtaining full use of all acres within the park. A continued concern to develop this property came up again. Several members of the board recognize the potential of the property and would like to see more effort put towards maintaining and marking the trail as well as other improvements making the park property more accessible to the public.


Memorial Park

No News


Campbellís Park

The plaque mentioning the donors to the park has been finished. The plaque will be placed in Ellettsville Town hall.



Parks Board did not receive the specific parks budget for review.


New Business

L.D. Axsom brought up the recognized flood plain areas in Ellettsville and stressed his thoughts on using these areas as park property. Frank Nierzwicki mentioned he will be at the DNR and hopes he will have a chance to talk about the Ellettsville area and possible discuss having someone re-examine our area since the completion of the highway project.


The meeting was moved to adjourn by Geraldine McIntyre and seconded by L.D. Axsom. Motion carried 4-0, meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.