ELLETTSVILLE PLAN COMMISSION                                            


                                              February 11, 1999


Board members present: Donald Ashley, President; Terry Baker; Diana Evans; Sam Smith, Geraldine McIntyre, Secretary.


Board members not present: Sandy Gann, Vice President and Keith Argabright.


Also in attendance: Rick Coppock, Town Engineer


President Don Ashley called the meeting to order.








Kinser Subdivision – State Road 46 and Ridge Springs Lane preliminary and final plat


President Don Ashley announced that the Kinser Subdivision was originally on the agenda for tonight.  However, they have requested it be on next month’s meeting which would be March 11, 1999.


President Ashley said the next thing on the agenda is Deerfield Subdivision – Extension of preliminary plat.


Diana said that there is a gentleman here to speak on the Kinser Subdivision.  Don said we would back up then.


President Ashley asked the gentleman to state his name.  My name is Jeff Schunn, 131 Roundtree Court.  I own lots 23 & 24.  I am here tonight because I may not make next month’s meeting.  I am concerned after seeing the proposal plat map.  Also I would like to know why they rescheduled the meeting.


Rick Coppock, Town Engineer, said he talked to Mr. Tapp today and sent him my comments after reviewing theirs.  One of the main things I requested was to change where the road comes in at.  And they all had to come off of that one.  He said the owner was out of town and he would have to talk to him before anything else was done.


Jeff asked which way would they move the entrance, would it be near the highway.  Rick said yes.  Jeff said that looking at what you have there my concern living where I do, this site plan is showing these duplex units within 40 or 50 feet of the property line.  We now have a natural buffer of trees there and at Danny Edwards’ house this is about 40 feet deep the tree area.  If you go up further it is about 100 feet deep.  Also there is a big hill and if they are planning on building next to the property line, they would have to take out a lot of trees and I wouldn’t like that.  Also there is a storm screen running along.


Rick said that they would have to provide a screen and leave some of the trees.  A brief discussion was held.


Geraldine asked about how many acres are we talking about?  Don said four.  He said two acres would be used for duplex units and two for commercial.


Jeff asked about the zoning.  Don said it was zoned C-1 which is commercial.  This is like a R-3 where they can build multiple housing.


Jeff said when he talked to Mrs. Kinser, she said they had four children and they were going to build four duplex units one for each child.  They could either live there or rent them out.  President Don stated that was what he believes they intend to do.


Jeff also addressed the drainage problem.  A long discussion was held on this.


Mark Holdstrom, 261 Beechwood Drive, said that he has two concerns.  One is the traffic and the other is about the entrance to Ridge Springs and when they start work on the highway, it will be disastrous.  I don’t know if you people will have to consider this or not. 


President Don said that we could make a decision to where the road goes and if it is the right size.  As for stopping the work on the highway, I don’t believe we can do anything about this.


Deerfield Subdivision – Extension of preliminary plat:


President Don asked who is here to speak on this.


I am Melvin Sutherlin, 4650 Cowden Road, what I need is a 6 months extension on the preliminary plat to stay legal.


Sam Smith asked what has caused the delay of the project up to this point.


Mr. Sutherlin said everything has come before us sooner than we thought.  We had a plan but didn’t need it.


President Don asked for a motion to give him a 6 months extension.  Terry made the motion.  Diana seconded the motion.  Motion carried 5-0.


President Don stated that we will add to the agenda at this time.  It was to be on it.


Marvin Richardson – Amended plat


President Don asked if Mr. Richardson was here.  Mr. Richardson said that Rick would talk about this.


Rick stated that he still has the drawing on this project.  They have originally platted this off.  This is known as Richcraft, they platted this with three lots and has built one house on it.  They want to build another.  Rick said the lot size is well above what is required.  The lot we are talking about is lot # 1.  A brief discussion was held.


President Don asked for a motion.


Rick said before we do that, this is for the preliminary and final plat approval.


Sam made the motion that we approve the preliminary and final plat for the Richardson Subdivision.  Terry seconded the motion.  Motion carried 5-0.






February 11, 1999 Ellettsville Plan Commission minutes continued




Terry made the motion to adjourn.  Diana seconded it.  Motion carried 5-0.