††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† February 12, 1998


Board members present: Patrick Wesolowski, President; Terry Baker, Donald Ashley, Sandy Gann, Diana Evans, Geraldine McIntyre, Secretary.


Board members not present: Charlie Merrimon


President Pat Wesolowski called the meeting to order.


















Susan Teague stated that she was here to request a variance to build a two car garage on the front of our property.She said this is in the Arrowhead subdivision on lot 28.


Diana said this is on lot 29 instead of 28.


Susan said one of the main reasons was their property had more on the south side. If we built on the other side we would be within 10 foot of our neighbor.I donít think they would be happy with that.


Pat asked what the closeness would be on the other side.She said we have 37 Ĺ foot from the middle of the road.The main reason is the present garage will become a family room and a bedroom will be above the new garage.Also the main part of our home will be on the left side.


Pat asked Diana if she has researched this.Diana said that Rick and Jim Davis had.


Rick said that it is just as Mrs. Teague said she needs 13 feet on the side of her property facing Miami.There were given a building permit but there were some problems with the set backs.


Pat stated that we can not give her a variance, why?


Terry Baker said we are here to turn her down.When we turn her down she goes before the BZA board.


Donald Ashley asked if we can turn her down why couldnít we pass it.Terry Baker stated that only the BZA could grant the variance.


Pat made the motion to turn Mrs. Teague down so she can go to the BZA with a favorable consideration.Terry Baker seconded.Motion passed 5-1.




Don Rhoades stated that he work with the medical rehabilitation center, which is a parent company of the Richland Bean Blossom facility.They have managed this facility group for the past 2 years.We have been giving consideration to build on to the present building.We have presently a therapy department within our building.We have people asking for us to accommodate us with out patient therapy.The purpose of some of our changes is to add physical therapy, speech, and occupational therapy.In order for us to do that we land locked within our building so the reason we need some additional office space.We are requesting to put a 8foot by 32 foot trailer to serve as a office building.This will not be seen from the highway.We also request this trailer be here for one year.Rhoda Garrett was also present with Mr. Rhodes.


Pat asked Rick if he had any comments?


Rick said that he has looked at this a couple of times.If they have their State release for conditional use is good for a year.


Pat asked if this trailer would have to have water and sewer?

Mr. Rhoades said there would be no only electric for heat and airconditioning.


Pat asked if they are required by law to have water and sewer in the building you are working in?


Mr. Rhoades stated that this would be only for medical records storage.Rick said if they have the State release it is okay.Mr. Rhoades stated that they have just recently put one in Rochester and Hanover Indiana.


Terry Baker made the motion to all this trailer be placed on the grounds of Richland Bean Blossom facility for one year.Donald Ashley seconded.Motion passed 6-0.






Terry Baker asked if we need to look into the Day Care on Ritter Street to see if they are in violation of the zoning Ordinance due to the grandfather clause.They put up a big sign and you canít see if you are coming down Ritter until you are out in the middle of the street.He has talked to Jim Davis about this.


Sandy Gann said according to the map up stairs it is listed as R-1 which is residential.One person owns the building but leases it out.They have changed owners two times in the last six months.Terry believes if they change owners the grandfather doesnít apply.


Pat suggested that we look into this and have our town attorney Mike Spencer send them a form letter stating they are in violation of the Town Ordinance.This form letter should be given to Diana so she could put it into her computer.


Patrick Wesoloski made the motion for our attorney to send this form letter.Diana seconded.Motion passed 6-0.




A discussion was held on the next months meeting concerning the new development of 90 homes on Thomas Road.Diana informed the Commission that all the department heads have been in her office looking at the plans.The department heads have written recommendations that they want to come before the Plan Commission.


Pat said he would like to have all department heads come to this meeting and bring their notes.Terry Baker said he would also like to have there here at this meeting.


Pat made this into a motion and Terry Baker seconded.Motion passed 6-0.

Pat asked that a letter be written to this effect.Geraldine McIntyre, secretary would prepare the letter.


Geraldine McIntyre stated that the Council has addressed this matter some time ago that all department heads be at the Planning and Zoning meetings when it is a large development.


Diana stated that she believes the Council also said they would be paid to come.


There was a discussion on the two-car drive way which was put in place some time ago.Mr. Sutherlen was at this meeting he asked if they would have to have a two car garage.The answer is no.




Diana Evans made the motion to adjourn.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion passed 6-0.