January 22, 2001


The Ellettsville Town Council met in regular session on January 22 2001, at 7:30 PM.  Members present were Jerry Pittsford, President; David Sorokoty, Vice President; Mike Cornman, David Drake, and Geraldine McIntyre.  Sandra Hash, Clerk-Treasurer and Mike Spencer, Town Attorney was also present.  Jerry Pittsford gave the prayer and David Sorokoty led the pledge of allegiance.




Federal Excise Tax Refund on Fuel


Sandra Hash reported to the Council the Town was not eligible to apply for the Federal Excise Tax refund.  Sandra had filed for a refund about 5 years ago when the Town purchased fuel from Johnson Oil.  Since that time she has audited the Mullis fuel bills for Federal tax and Indiana sales tax.  When it appeared on the invoice she contacted the company and requested a refund.  She told this to Municipal Tax Consulting and Management when they called.  They insisted a refund was due.  At the direction of the Council and with the help of Mr. Phil Jones, IRS Excise Agent; Sandra examined the receipts provided by Ron McGlocklin, Town Marshall; from Shell and Sunoco for fuel purchased at the pump.  At the end of each statement there was a credit for Federal Excise Tax and Indiana Sales Tax along with a disclaimer stating we agreed not to file for a refund due to the credit or lack of the fuel tax applied to our bill.


Ordinance 01-01 an Ordinance to amend Chapter 315 Public Health Nuisances of the Ellettsville Town Code:


David Drake read Ordinance 01-01 by the above-mentioned title, therefore introducing the Ordinance.


Meeting Dates for 2001:


The following meeting dates are changed due to holidays:


May 28, 2001 meeting changed to May 29,2001

October 8, 2001 meeting changed to October 9, 2001

December 24, 2001 meeting changed to December 27, 2001


The regular meetings will be the second and forth Monday of each month at 7:30 PM.

The Plan Commission will meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM.

The Board of Zoning Appeals will meet on demand.


Proclamation for The Red Cross:


Jerry Pittsford read the Proclamation as follows:


WHEREAS, The Monroe County Chapter of the American Red Cross has served

            the Citizens of Ellettsville with compassion and integrity since

            inception in 1917, and


WHEREAS, The American Red Cross encourages and inspires individuals to               

                       dedicate their time and resources toward humanitarian service on a

                       local, national, and international level: and


WHEREAS, Everyday, our local chapter of the American Red Cross continues to

                       teach our citizens emergency prevention and preparedness, aid them

                       in times of crisis, provide them with transportation to vital medical

                       appointments, and maintain a safe blood supply; and





NOW, THEREFORE, The Ellettsville Town Council, Ellettsville, Indiana does

                      hereby proclaim the month of March 2001 as


                      AMERICAN RED CROSS MONTH


            and to urge all our citizens to continue their generous support of

                      our local Monroe County Chapter.



Mike Cornman made the motion to approve the proclamation for the American Red Cross.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded.  Motion carried.


West State Road 46 Corridor Study:


Mr. Cullen McCarty, President of The Ellettsville Area Economic Development Corporation requested the support of the Council to do a State Road 46 corridor study west of Ellettsville.  The committee recognizes the potential for tax revenue in this area.  Mr. McCarty met with the Monroe County Commissioners and received positive feed back in regards to the study.  He has also met with the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation and their Product Development Committee regarding the corridor study on North 37 last year.  A letter of intent has been sent to the Department of Commerce for a committee planning fund grant up to a maximun amount of $10,000.00.  The goal of this plan is to identify employment centers for the area west of Ellettsville.  The proposal is from the Strategic Development Group in Bloomington. The SDG worked with EAEDC in the past on the NW Monroe County Planning Grant.  There are a number of funding resources available from the county and the state.  The projected cost is $17,775 for the entire study; it is a three-month process.  Copies of the proposal are available, which outlines everything in detail, it would allow for the creation of a steering committee made up of members from Ellettsville and the county to put together a plan of how we want to shape this area.  It is not in direct jurisdiction of the town however; it is in the direct interest of the town. We are here to ask if the Town of Ellettsville would like to participate in this corridor study.  The proposal has been given to Bill Land, he feels it is very complimentary to what the comprehensive plan task force is doing in the Town of Ellettsville, and Kevin Farris is also familiar with the plan and feels the same way.  We are all on the same page.  With the impending opening of the Ellettsville Elementary Schools opening in the fall of next year, when new schools are built, houses follow.  That area is close to the industrial over lay, we would like to see a mixture of residential and a lot of industrial employment centers in this area, to bring and keep quality jobs here.    As mentioned in the proposal we are working with the Owen County Commissioners, we would like to follow through with a four-lane highway to the county line.  The Strategic Development Group is a company based in Bloomington that works with Municipalities and Economic Development Corporations through out the region, they sponsor projects like this through out southern and central Indiana and rural areas where funding resources are not available to do planning.  The plan also encompasses things such as infrastructure and effects of future highways like I-69. Mr. Mc Carty requested an official commitment from the Town of Ellettsville.


Mike Cornman stated this is important for the Town.  We should consider it is not  always the town limits, it is the utility jurisdiction that we must be concerned about.  It is also an area that will be annexed in the years to come and we need to have some direction as to what it will be. It is important that the council members support this, we are in control and we need to maintain control as well as provide direction for the growth of the area, especially west of Ellettsville. We should be the principal partners.  Mike strongly recommends the Council be in favor of this. 


David Sorokoty agrees with Mike.  This area will affect Ellettsville proper.   Our citizens could work in the area if it is developed.  We need as many studies as possible of I-69 going through the area.  It would also be a benefit to us in our future planning. 



Geraldine McIntyre said this is the area of the county designated for industrial growth and if we do not do this now we will be sorry later.


David Drake agrees we should be involved with the industrial possibilities between Ellettsville and Spencer for the next 20 years.  If we don’t start planning for it now we are going to be behind. 


Jerry Pittsford appointed Mike Cornman as the liaison to Ellettsville Economic Development on the Corridor Study.  Mike has history with this part of the county and what is going on there.


Minutes and Claims:


Geraldine McIntyre moved to accept the minutes and claims.  David Sorokoty seconded.  Motion carried.




Jeff Farmer


Jeff Farmer thanked the Police reserves for their presence at the High School basketball games.  They do an excellent job of keeping things under control.


Mike Farmer


Mike Farmer informed the Council they are gearing up for the next phase of Highway 46.  All of the utilities attended a meeting at Smithville Telephone.   If all goes well the utility crews could start working in 6 to 8 weeks.  We need to get our equipment in order to complete the project.  We will be putting in water, sewer, and underground cables for Cinergy, Insight, and possibly even Smithville Telephone.  We need to purchase a tamper to insure the excavation goes back into the trench properly per INDOT specs.  The cost will be approximately $2,350.  We will also need to purchase an air compressor for boring, pipefitting and various other things.  We have one now but we need two to equip both crews.  A new one cost $10,000 to $15,000.  A local vender is willing to sell one in their rental fleet for $5,200.  We have used it in the past and it is in good condition.  The crews will also need a track hoe.  We have a couple of backhoes in our fleet that we used in the construction of the last phase and day-to-day operations.  For the big pipe installations we have been using an excavator, which we rented.  The next phase will be taking at least two years.   If we rent the equipment it will be $6,000 per month rental.  The rental increases to over $10,000 per month if it is big enough to break rock.  We need to have access to an excavator all the time.  We need to be prepared to break rock.  We will be responsible for opening all trenches.  Based on the rental fees and the length of time needed per year we believe a lease purchase option would be the best choice.  The cost will be $130,000 plus for an excavator.  If the project would go over two years or if we would have another project to complete we may take the option to purchase the equipment.  A cost analysis shows the equipment, after a 2-year lease, will be worth as much or more than we will pay for it with ballooning.   If the project is over and  is clean and we decide to relinquish control of it we will just pay the lease on it.  A twelve-month lease would cost the same as six-month rental.  Mike requested permission to obtain bids or quotes as directed after discussing the requirements with Mike Spencer.    He also would like permission to purchase the tamper and air compressor.  He added the lease purchase for the excavator would fall under the rental agreement with the project.  There are monies allocated so some of the lease agreement payment will come out of the rental reimbursement.  This purchase will not put any burden on the operating account.


Jerry Pittsford stated he would entertain a motion to purchase a tamper and air compressor.  Geraldine McIntyre replied so moved.  David Drake seconded.  Motion carried.


Responding to a question Mike Farmer said the equipment had been budgeted prior to the negotiations to do our own installations from capital improvements for Highway 46.


There was more discussion on the need for a tamper that would hook onto a backhoe to allow speedier trenching on installations.


Mike Cornman made the motion to investigate the possible lease purchase for a track hoe.  David Drake seconded.  Motion carried.


Mike Farmer added the Indiana Department of Transportation has very specific guidelines on tamping excavation to insure there will be no cave ins when the project is complete. 


Ron McGlocklin


Ron said Officer Bohall and Officer Mobley would be going to Breathalyzer school at the Plainfield Academy on January 24th and 25th.  Indiana Department of Toxicology is providing the training. 


Ron read the following presentation:


On January 11, 2001 at approximately 1:10AM, Officer Alva Bohall EV6, while on duty for the Town of Ellettsville, heard radio traffic dispatching county officers to 1934 Ridgeway Drive in reference to a female having been shot by her husband.  Officer Bohall, although on duty without backup, responded to the scene in an effort to prevent further injury and/or loss of life.  Upon officer Bohall’s arrival he ordered suspect out at gunpoint and held same for Sheriff’s Deputies.  It was later determined that the suspect had shot his wife two times, once inside the marital residence and fired at her twice at a neighbor’s residence. Striking her once.  The two firearms were later recovered outside the residence.  The victim survived her injuries.  The suspect was arrested and booked on charges of attempted murder.


Officer Bohall began his career with the Ellettsville police Department as an unpaid Reserve officer in January 1996.  He was hired as a part-time officer in June 1997.  Officer Bohall was then hired as a full-time officer for the Town of Ellettsville in January 1998.  In the year 2000, he received the officer of the year Award from the Ellettsville Exchange Club.


Due to the aforementioned incident and officer Bohall’s selfless devotion to protect and serve, The Ellettsville Police Department proudly awards this 22nd day of January 2001 a medal for Meritorious Service to Officer Alva L. Bohall.


The audience and council acknowledged the award with a round of applause and Jerry Pittsford added the town also commends Officer Bohall for his heroic intervention.  His heroic actions were reflected not only in his devotion to his duty but also in the wisdom of his approach.  Officer Bohall was alone when he responded to this call.  This was a good opportunity for a young officer to make a big mistake.  He didn't do that.  We can be proud of both his bravery and his wisdom in his approach to the situation.  We do appreciate the fact that he approached it wisely so we could give this to him instead of his wife.  Thank You


David Sorokoty


David reported he attended a meeting at the Monroe County Public Library where they voted on the agreement to start broadcasting the Ellettsville Town Meetings on Bloomington Access Television.  The contract will be from July through December of this year.  The money has been budgeted for the contract.  The approval was unanimous.   The contract will be forwarded to the Town Council for approval.



David also said as Health Officer he has responded to 100 of 120 complaints.  He thanked David Drake for his contribution on revising town code concerning the maintaining of refuse. 


Jerry Pittsford


Jerry Pittsford gave a State of the Town Address by saying we pay our bills.  We pay them on time.  With money we planned to use.  We managed to give acceptable pay increases to our employees within the confines of our budgetary increase.  We are meeting the needs of the citizens of Ellettsville through all our departments as they grow every year.  Ellettsville is a town that is growing economically, by population and area.  There are so many things going on that we do well to watch our finances.  Most of us know it is the time of growth when you can get into the most trouble with your finances.  The Council itself is starting to solidify.  The town is being served by five people who are giving a lot of attention to the service of this town.  Who are very much concerned about positive growth and the positive image of this town.  We are able to enjoy the services of a fine Police Department, with members like Alva Bohall whom we recognized this evening.  We rest secure in our Fire Department as it continues to update and improve its equipment, as have our other departments.  We have planned for those improvements, many of which were planned before I was on the board.  We will continue to make plans so we can grow smartly.  Ellettsville is doing well.  God willing we will continue to do well as long as we grow cautiously but certainly because grow we must.  We are fortunate to have the services of many volunteer organizations developing the growth of Ellettsville, The Ellettsville Main Street Committee, The Ellettsville Area Economic Development Commission, The Chamber of Commerce, and The Exchange Club, all these bodies encouraging and anticipating the growth of Ellettsville.   We are blessed to have them.  Yes, Ellettsville is fine, thanks for asking. 




David Sorokoty moved to adjourn.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.






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Jerry Pittsford, President                                  David Sorokoty, Vice President





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Mike Cornman                                     David Drake





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Geraldine McIntyre                                              Sandra C. Hash, Clerk-Treasurer