Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board meeting Minutes

January 3, 2005


The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on January 3, 2005 at the Ellettsville Town Hall. Members present were Darlyne Sowder, President; L.D. Axsom, Denise Knell and Jeff Frownfelter, Secretary. Darlyne Sowder called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM; Jeff Frownfelter seconded the start of the meeting. 


Minutes from Previous Meetings

Denise Knell motioned to accept the minutes from the December 6th Meeting, L.D. Axsom seconded the motion; the minutes were approved 4-0. Minutes from the December 16th meeting are forthcoming.


Floor Open for Public Comment - No public Comment.


Old Business


5 Year Master Plan

The plan is awaiting final adoption by the town council.


Skate Park

The Board is researching plans to spend $5,783.96 with an emphasis towards purchasing more permanent equipment. These funds come from the Build Indiana funds assigned specifically to the skate park and its facilities. Denise Knell has volunteered to look into some equipment and report back.


Wishing Well Nature Park & Memorial ParkNothing to report


Campbell’s Park

The town council prepared an ordinance for the rental of the shelter houses. The Town council has a few questions concerning the rental. 1. Where would the fees go upon receiving them? Answer; They would fall into the parks board maintenance budget (materials-231 or miscellaneous supplies-211) and be used for repairs and upkeep of facilities or it could be put into the Parks and Rec. Donation fund –36 and be used for a wider range of purposes. 2. Who would settle disputes concerning shelter house use? Answer; as with any town ordinance dispute, citizens are encouraged to call the local authorities. Any citizen renting a shelter house should be given a copy of their registration and can use this to show proof of facility use authorized by the town for that day. A copy should also be kept in the Town hall. 3. Who will be responsible for taking money for the registration? Answer; Previous conversations with Sandra Hash indicated that the town clerk/treasurer would be willing to take reservations in the manner stated by the registration form. The parks board also discussed creating signs to be posted at all shelter houses that can be flipped or turned over to indicate that the shelter house was reserved for the day. The town clerk also indicated at one time this task could be done by the clerk’s office. Another suggestion would be to have the street department, who is currently maintaining our parks and residing directly across the street, to turn the reserved sign over. A brief discussion concerning signs has taken place with the street department.


Budget - No comment on the budget.


New Business

Officers for the year 2005 were elected. This was preceded by a brief discussion of the duties of each office so that board members would be more aware of the requirements asked of them for the upcoming year. Denise Knell nominated Jeff Frownfelter for the office of President. L.D. Axsom seconded the motion. Motion and election approved 4-0. Denise Knell nominated Edwin Macatangay as the Vice-President, motion carried 4-0. Jeff Frownfelter nominated Denise Knell as Secretary, motion carried 4-0.


The meeting was moved to adjourn by Denise Knell and seconded by L.D. Axsom. All members voted to adjourn, meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM. Motion carried 4-0