January 5, 2009


The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on Monday, January 5, 2009 at the Fire Department Training and Conference Center. Jimmie Durnil called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Members present were Jimmie Durnil, President; Geraldine McIntyre, Vice-President; Amber Ragle, Michael Griffey and Richard Pease.


Election of Officers 

Jimmie Durnil opened the floor for nominations.

Geraldine McIntyre nominated Jimmie Durnil for President. Michael Griffey seconded.

Geraldine McIntyre nominated Richard Pease for Vice President. Amber Ragle seconded.

Richard Pease nominated Amber Ragle for Secretary. Michael Griffey seconded.

Geraldine McIntyre moved the nominations be closed.

Jimmie Durnil went over all the nominations. Motion carried.


Approve Minutes of December 1, 2008

Geraldine McIntyre made a motion to approve the minutes of the December 1, 2008 meeting. Michael Griffey seconded. Motion carried.


Review Accounts Payable Expenditures

Amber Ragle presented a summary of expenditures for the entire year, along with a report showing the Fund Balance at the end of 2008. 


Old Business

Geraldine McIntyre asked if the Parks Board paid their portion of the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Amber said yes. Richard Pease attended the event and it went very well. Amber added there was a good turnout from the community. 


New Business

Amber Ragle presented a proposed ordinance that will go before the Town Council on January 12, 2009. This ordinance will “clean up” the Parks and Recreation section of the Town Code. The first change is in Section 95.10 (B) Reserving the Shelter Houses. It will state the rental fee amount includes Indiana Sales Tax; it will no longer specify the Indiana Sales Tax at a certain percentage. This will accommodate any changes that may be made in the future for the actual percentage rate to be charged. The second change is under Section 95.20 Skate Park; Permitted and Required Equipment, this section will be deleted in its entirety since the Town no longer has a skate park and this is no longer applicable. The third change is in Section 95.21 (B) (5); it will now say “Public facilities”. There were no objections to any of the proposed changes.



Jimmie Durnil adjourned the meeting.