January 8, 2001 


The Ellettsville Indiana Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 PM, on Monday, January 8, 2001. Members present were Geraldine McIntyre, President; Jerry Pittsford, Vice President; Mike Cornman, David Sorokoty, and David Drake.  Sandra Hash, Clerk-Treasurer, and Mike Spencer, Town Attorney also attended.  Geraldine McIntyre called the meeting to order.  Jerry Pittsford gave the prayer and David Drake led the pledge of allegiance.




Geraldine McIntyre opened the floor for nominations.


Mike Cornman nominated Jerry Pittsford for President.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded.  Motion carried.


David Sorokoty moved to close nominations for Council President. Mike Cornman seconded.  Motion carried.


Mike Cornman moved to elect Jerry Pittsford for President of the Council.  Geraldine McIntyre Seconded.  Motion carried.


Geraldine McIntyre nominated David Sorokoty for Vice President of the Council.  David Drake seconded.  Motion carried.


David Drake moved to close nominations for Vice President.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded.  Motion carried.


Mike Cornman moved to elect David Sorokoty as Vice President of the Council.  Geraldine seconded.  Motion carried.


Geraldine McIntyre passed the gavel to Jerry Pittsford.




Jerry Pittsford appointed the liaisons as follows:


Mike Cornman             Police Department

David Drake               Fire Department

Geraldine McIntyre            Utilities Department

David Sorokoty            Street Department


David Sorokoty resigned from the Plan Commission to be an officer of the Fall Festival, which met the same night as the plan commission.


David Drake will replace David Sorokoty on the Plan Commission.

Geraldine McIntyre will remain Ellettsville's appointment to Monroe County Solid Waste and the Ellettsville Planning and Zoning.

David Sorokoty will remain the Health and Safety Officer.

Jim Davis will remain on the Ambulance Advisory Board.

Jim Ragle will become Deputy Health Officer.

Chuck Pate will continue to represent the Town on the Animal Control Board as requested by the Monroe County Animal Control.

Jerry Pittsford will remain the Grievance Officer and serve on the Monroe County Emergency Advisory Board.


Board of Zoning Appeals           Jack Neal                   David Sorokoty

Paul Baugh Bill Bastin

Terry Baker



The Park Board will be filled at a future meeting.


Town Attorney


Mike Spencer presented his contract for the year 2001.  He explained the retainer increased $500 for the year and the hourly rate increased $5 per hour. The retainer will be $7,500 per year paid in monthly installments.   Sandra responded yes to the question of an increase in the budget to accommodate the request.


David Sorokoty moved to retain Mike Spencer as the Town Attorney.  Mike Cornman seconded.  Motion carried. 


Town Planner


Mike Spencer also presented the contract for the Town Planner, Bill Land.  Jerry Pittsford announced the total contract for the Planner is for a maximum of $16,848.00 at an hourly rate of $27.00 for the year 2001.  Sandra Hash added that is an increase of $848.00 over the 2000 contract and the adjustment has been made in the 2001 budget.


Mike Cornman moved to retain Bill Land as the Town Planner.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded.  Motion carried.




Geraldine McIntyre moved to accept minutes and claims.  David Drake seconded.  Motion carried.




Ron McGlocklin


Ron told the Council he would have the 2000 annual report for Police Department prepared by the first meeting in February.  It will include the Police Reserve information also.  The question was asked if the Van had been purchased for evidence.  Ron McGlocklin answered yes.  It is a 1992 Chevrolet diesel.  The list price was $7,400; we purchased it for $6,200.  There is $4,000 budgeted to outfit the Van.  The van will be equipped with the following:


Portable generator for additional lighting

Riot helmets and shield (to be purchased by an existing grant)



Life saving ropes

Storage cabinets and desk (to be anchored down)

Gun storage cabinet (future purchase)


Mike Spencer gave an update on the suit concerning the Police dog.  K-9 World filed a

response.  He has his own council and filed on his own.  Our attorney in Michigan has moved to dismiss certain aspects of the plea.


David Sorokoty


David will be meeting with Monroe County Public Library Board of Trustees on February 18th at 4:00 PM, to go over the contract for CATS TV to cover the Council meetings starting July 1st.  The contract will be for six months, from July 1 through December 31, 2001.  They may start telecasting on June 1st.  This also means we need to renegotiate the franchise fee with the cable company from 3% to 5%.  This will bring



us up to the same rate charged in both Monroe County and Bloomington.  After they approve the contract it will be presented to the Council for their approval. 


David also thanked Geraldine for her extra work as Town Council President with a special thanks for serving for 1 and 1/2 years to allow the new members to get their feet wet and understand what was going on.  It has been nice to have a front person to answer questions and take a little heat if needed.  It was nice to learn in a good environment and have someone watch over us. 


Mike Cornman


Mike also wanted to thank Geraldine for serving as Council President.  She just got it dumped in her lap one night.  She took it and did very well with it and he wanted to express his appreciation.  He went on to say with the make up of the Council now it is very much a working Council, which is one of the reasons he came back to the Council.  Mike is looking forward to working under the leadership of Jerry and David to address the many issues at hand and future issues that arise. 


Geraldine McIntyre


Geraldine thanked everyone for letting her serve as President for a year and a half.  She explained she had tried to do her best; she made mistakes along the way as everyone does.  She commented we have a good board now with a good working relationship.  Everyone knows what needs to be done and how to do it.  She expressed confidence in Jerry and David ability to do a good job.  She attending a Highway 69 meeting sponsored by the Ellettsville Chamber and EADC.  She forwarded information for a file to be created concerning I-69.  There are 14 different routes under consideration.


Geraldine announced the opening of Stogstill’s Antique Shop at 521 South Sale Street.  The winter hours will be Saturday's 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.   The owners are Joe and Joella Grubb.  They hope to make the upper level into a Bed and Breakfast after it is remolded.  The Planning and Zoning granted them a special use permit at the meeting on January 4th, 2001. 


Jerry Pittsford


Jerry Pittsford thanked Geraldine for all she has done.  In his service on the Council for a year there have been a number of times when he has consulted with Geraldine on issues and expectations.  He relied on her experience as they went through the budget process.  Jerry and David Sorokoty joined the Council at the same time with no prior experience in government.  Like anyone who has a new experience like this we had all these wonderful ideas that we thought we ought to do.  Geraldine never once said that is a bad idea that will never work, you shouldn't think like that; you need to think like this.  She never once told us that anything we were thinking about was off course.  She allowed us the freedom to think things through in meetings, to offer our thoughts, and to

allow us to make our own missteps.   As a teacher I can assure you there is no greater tool for instruction than allowing the opportunity for an individual to make there own discoveries.  He also expressed his appreciation for the vote of confidence from his fellow council members in electing him to be their president.  He commits himself to all the duties and obligations of that role, but not without this reminder that he is only 33 years old.  He has only done this for a year and he still has mistakes to make.  He still has missteps that he is going to commit.  He asks for their cooperation and ideas so that he can entertain them hopefully with the same open mindedness that Geraldine did with his.  A Council can't function with one person making all the important decisions and leading all the discussion.  He is blessed to have as many strong-minded people sitting with him at the table as he is.  That is invaluable.  He looks forward to working together in the next year.  He hopes, as Council President his obligation is simply, be the person out front in terms of criticism or information that comes in and not the one to dictate


action to be taken.  The Council as a whole will make decisions.  He expressed appreciation to David Sorokoty for taking on the role as Vice President.   In closing he thanked everyone who committed themselves on the burying of the power lines, communication lines, and cable lines in the Town of Ellettsville in conjunction with one-way pair.   A special thank you to Vi Simpson, for all her help and coordination with the Highway 46 project.


David Sorokoty moved to adjourn.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM.




_____________________________                          ____________________________

Jerry Pittsford, President                                              David Sorokoty, Vice President





_____________________________                          ____________________________

Mike Cornman                                                       David Drake




_____________________________                               ____________________________

Geraldine McIntyre                                                          Sandra C. Hash, Clerk-Treasurer