Park and Recreation Board


The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on Tuesday, January 8, 2002 at the Ellettsville Town Hall.


Members present were Darlyne Sowder, President, Art Moynihan, Vice President, Patrick Stoffers, Secretary, Edwin Macatangay and L. D. Axsom.


The meeting was called to order by Darlyne Sowder, President, at 7:00pm.




Darlyne Sowder noted a correction to the December minutes; it should be plaque rather than plague. Art moved that the Minutes of the December 4, 2001, meeting be approved as amended.  Edwin seconded and the motion carried by a 5-0 vote.


Election of Officers

L.D. Axsom agreed to serve as a Parks Board member for another four years.


Nominations were made for 2002 officers. Edwin Macatangay nominated Darlyne Sowder for President.  Art Moynihan seconded the motion. Art Moynihan nominated Edwin Macatangay for Vice President. Patrick Stoffers seconded. Edwin Macatangay nominated Art Moynihan for Secretary, Patrick Stoffers seconded. The Board voted 5-0 to elect this slate of candidates, thus officers for 2002 are: Darlyne Sowder, President, Edwin Macatangay, Vice President, and Art Moynihan, Secretary.


Meeting Times

Regular meetings will take place the first Tuesday of each month at Town Hall.   The May and November meetings will be moved to Wednesdays, May 8 and November 6, due to local elections. 


Public Comments




Old Business


Skate Park

The Board discussed the future of the Skate Park relative to the Extreme Sports legislation and the statutory liability limit of $300,000. Darlyne will discuss future insurance issues with the Town Council President to understand their willingness to fund insurance premiums in the coming year.


Main Street Forestry Committee Report

Edwin will have an update at the February meeting.


Basketball Court Funds

Darlyne reported that some funds to shift the basketball courts have been collected, and there is still a balance due of under $1,000.00. She expects further funds to come forth in the next month.


New Business


Heritage Trail

Instead of sidewalks adjacent to the new west wing of highway 46 through town, a suggestion has been made to establish a trail that would be about 20 feet from the roadway. Also, landscaped island areas have been suggested at both ends of town as part of the highway 46 improvements.


Well Site Woodland Park

Dave Sorokoty will host a tour for the Parks Board. We will arrange a special meeting to do this.



The next meeting of the Parks Board will be 7:00pm, Tuesday, February 5, 2002 at the Town Hall.




Art Moynihan made a motion to adjourn the meeting. L. D. Axsom seconded the motion. Motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.






_____________________________                          ____________________________

Darlyne Sowder, President                                           Edwin Macatangay, Vice President



_____________________________                          ____________________________

L. D Axsom                                                                 Patrick Stoffers




Art Moynihan, Secretary