January 8, 2007




The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session on Monday, January 8, 2007, at the Fire Department Training and Conference Room.  Dennis Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Roll Call:  Members present were Dennis Williamson, Phillip Rogers, Ted Robertson, Dianna Bastin and Dan Swafford.  Sandra Hash, Clerk Treasurer; Mike Spencer, Attorney and Rick Coppock, Town Engineer were also present. 


Supervisors Present:   Jim Davis, Jim Ragle, Ron McGlocklin, Jay Humphrey, Mike Farmer, Jeff Farmer Frank Nierzwicki were present.  


Election of Officers


Dan Swafford nominated Dennis Williamson for President Ellettsville Town Council.  Dianna Bastin seconded. 


Dianna Bastin made a motion to close nominations for President.  Dan Swafford seconded. 


Dennis Williamson announced he has been nominated for President.  Motion carried. 


Dianna Bastin nominated Dan Swafford for Vice President.  Phillip Rogers seconded. 


Dianna Bastin motioned to close nominations for Vice President.  Phillip Rogers seconded. 


Dennis Williamson announced nominations were closed and called the vote for Dan Swafford as Vice President.  Motion carried. 





Police Department:  Dan Swafford

Fire Department:  Ted Robertson

Street Department:  Dianna Bastin

Utility Department:  Phillip Rogers

Planning Department:  Phillip Rogers

Grievance Officer:  Dianna Bastin


Presidential Appointments:              

Planning and Zoning (one Republican and one Democrat):

 Frank Buczolich and Don Calvert

Board of Zoning Appeals (one Democrat):  Phillip Rogers

Park and Recreation Board (one Democrat):  Amber Ragle

Redevelopment Commission (one Republican):  Vacant


Three people have approached Dennis about the Redevelopment Commission so he will conduct some interviews and announce his appointment at the next meeting.


Town Council Appointments: 

Planning and Zoning (two Council members):  Dianna Bastin and Dan Swafford

Ambulance Advisory Board:  Jim Davis

Solid Waste District Board:  Dennis Williamson

Monroe County Emergency Management Advisory:  Jim Davis

Chamber of Commerce:  Sandra Hash

Animal Control Commission:  Marlin Dodge


Approval of the minutes


Dianna Bastin motioned to vote to approve the minutes from the regular meeting December 27, 2006.  Phillip Rogers seconded.  Motion carried.


Action to Pay Accounts Payable Vouchers


Dan Swafford made a motion to approve the Accounts Payable Vouchers.  Dianna Bastin seconded.  Motion carried.


Approve the meeting dates for 2007


Dennis Williamson explained the Town Council meetings will be held the second and fourth Monday of the month unless noted due to holidays.


Dan Swafford made a motion to approve the dates for the 2007 Town of Ellettsville meetings.  Dianna Bastin seconded.  Motioned carried.


New Business


Fire Service Agreement with Richland Township


Jim Davis, Ellettsville Fire Department presented the Fire Service Contract Agreement between the Town and the Township for 2007.  A copy was sent to Mike Spencer in August for review and changes.  This is negotiated with Don Lewis, Richland Township Trustee, during budget time.  Dan Swafford clarified this contract is for one year. 


Ted Robertson motioned to approve the contract.  Dan Swafford seconded.  Motion carried.


Public Comments


Art Hayes made a request for Sandra to have something placed on the agenda for the next Council meeting.  He would like a discussion of the application and enforcement of subdivision ordinances. 


Russ Ryle, Reeves Road resident welcomed returning members and the new members.  He requested Sandra to post meeting dates on the Town website.  Sandra responded that was on her to do list.  


Supervisors Comments


Frank Nierzwicki, Director of Planning and Redevelopment Services received information from Mike Spencer concerning the purchase of the building at 207 N. Sale Street.  The building passed the inspection with some areas for improvement.  There were two appraisals and a title search completed.  Frank read a synopsis of the proposed resolution. 

  • Richland Township no longer needs this building
  • The Town Council determined the town is in need of additional office space
  • The Town had the property appraised by two appraisers with the average being $49,750
  • Be it resolved; the Richland Board of Trustees and the Town Council of Ellettsville, the Town of Ellettsville shall purchase the building at 207 N. Sale Street for $49,750


After approval of this proposed resolution, it will go to the Richland Township Board for approval. 


Sandra had a concern with this resolution not being numbered.  This is so noted by the Town Council.


Dan asked what minor issues were found during the inspection.  Frank explained some warping of the floor due to poor water drainage.  There are minor modifications needed for handicap accessibility.  A new window needs to be installed in the front.  Dan asked if the building was checked for mold.  Frank answered yes but added it was difficult to access the underneath space.  Only two boards have been warped due to the water and with the remodeling that needs done; it can all be corrected at that time.  Dennis asked when the Township Adivsory Board is meeting.  Frank answered “as required” and will call a meeting for this. 


Art Hayes stated “your Town is my Town is everybody’s Town” and then asked if bids should have been taken for the sale of the building.  Sandra answered “no, not when there is a sale between municipalities”. 


Frank requested a motion for approval of the proposed resolution in order to pass on to the Richland Township Board for approval. 


Ted Robertson questioned the price.  He thought it was about $42,000.  Frank said the estimated price would be closer to $50,000.  Indiana Code requires two appraisals.  The price is determined by the average of the two appraisals.  Ted was curious who owned the buildings between 207 N. Sale Street and Town Hall.  It might be a good thing to consider since they are all connected together.  Frank explained the space became available and the idea is to have a vibrant downtown area. With the assistance of Main Street there may be grants available for façade improvements. Having an office space close to Town Hall is a plus.  Ted asked if the office was handicap accessible.  Franks responded the rear entrance would be accessible.  Dan asked what the cost of the renovations would be.  Frank is hoping to have the work completed “in house” but does not have any figures.  He would like the space to be as efficient as possible with a front reception area, his office and a break room.  The building is 1,350 square feet. 


Mike Spencer asked about the common walls.  Frank said there are two common walls, one with the Coin Shop and the other with the Mason Lodge.  Mike said the title policy referenced a north east common wall.  Frank Nierzwicki explained it was his understanding the Coin Shop and the old Township Office were built at the same time and shared a common wall.  The Mason Lodge addition was built independently on a vacant lot.  Therefore the common wall referred to in the policy would be the wall between the Coin Shop and the old Township Office.  Mike Spencer read an excerpt from the contract:  subject to agreement for the perpetual use of a portion of a stone wall lined a long the north east line; recorded February 17, 1931.  He was not sure if this was in reference to the common wall or at one time there might have been stone fencing.


Dianna asked Frank to explain the work being done “in house”.  Frank explained different Town Employees have been able to assist with some basic improvements at the Street Department and Utility Billing Office.  


Dan suggested tabling this until the next meeting.  Dennis would like the Council to have time to review this information and satisfy the attorney.  The Richland Township Board can have their meeting to approve this. 


Dan Swafford thanked everyone for electing him and he will see how the next four years go.


Sandra Hash informed the Council by State guidelines she has to furnish the Council with financial statements each month after the books are reconciled.  The print outs are included with the packets listing all the funds balances.  Future financial statements will be placed in the Council members’ mailboxes.


Dennis Williamson welcomed the new members on board and is looking forward to a good year.  He reiterated what Mr. Hayes said earlier “we are the Town, I am the Town, you are the Town, and together we all are the Town”.




Dennis Williamson adjourned the meeting at 8:00 p.m.