January 14, 1999


Board members present: Terry Baker, Don Ashley, Sam Smith, Sandy Gann and Geraldine McIntyre.


Board members not present: Diana Evans and Keith Argabright.


Also in attendance:  Rick Coppock, Town Engineer


Don Ashley called the meeting to order.  He said the first thing on the agenda is the Election of Officers.








Geraldine nominated Terry Baker for President.  He declined.


Geraldine nominated Don Ashley for President.  Don asked for other nominations.  Terry Baker moved to close the nominations.  Sam Smith seconded it.  Don asked all in favor of closing the nominations say I.  Carried 5-0.


Don opened the floor for nominations of a Vice-President.  Terry nominated Sandy Gann.  Sam moved to close the nominations.  Terry seconded it.  Don asked all in favor of closing the nominations say I.  Carried 5-0.


Terry Baker nominated Geraldine McIntyre for Secretary.  Don seconded it.  Terry moved that all nominations be closed.  Don seconded it.  Don asked for all in favor of closing the nominations say I.  Carried 5-0.


President Don stated the next thing on the agenda is the Belcher Subdivision.




Belcher Subdivision – Preliminary and final plat -  Highway 46 and Lakeview Drive.


Rick Coppock of Bynum, Fanyo and Associates, Inc. Rick said I am here representing the developer.  The petitioner is asking for approval on this subdivision.  We are also asking for both the preliminary and final plat.  You have the site plans before you.  This property was brought before the Plan Commission requesting annexation and given a C-3 zone.


Right now this property is vacant and been divided into four lots.  The part east of Lakeview Drive will be developed first with mini warehouses as shown.  These will be on the back of the property.


Due to the creek that runs along there, areas have been set aside for detention ponds.  A long discussion was held on this.


President Don asked if all the property owners had been notified, Rick said yes.


Geraldine asked if the Belcher car lot was in the Town.  Rick said no.  But the property we are discussing now is. Sandy asked about buffers and green space.  Rick said this would not apply here.  However, when they come back to the Plan Commission for lots 2 and 3 we can request buffers and green space.


Terry said if they build these like the ones on # 48 they will be nice.  He said the man who oversees them lives there in a small apartment.  A long discussion was held.


Sam asked about fire protection, etc…Rick said no, they mainly don’t require things like that.


Another thing is re-routing the Eastern-Richland Sewer that runs a long there.  Rick said he talked to Sid Cowden and there was no problem with this.


Sandy made the motion to approve the Belcher Subdivision – preliminary and final plat on Highway 46 and Lakeview Drive.


Sam questioned the fact that we give them the preliminary and final plat at the same time.  Rick said that Ellettsville has never done many of these in the past.  However, Bloomington does this a lot.


Generally, in a residential subdivision things tend to change.  On the final approval make sure the number of lots and the lay out of the roads and streets are the same as the preliminary plat shows.  One thing about doing it this way, Rick said they can’t change things.


Sandy’s motion to approve the subdivision restated.  Terry seconded it.  Motion carried 5-0.












Terry made the motion to adjourn.  Sam seconded it.  Motion carried 5-0.