January 20, 1998


Board members present: Terry Baker, Donald Ashley, Diana Evans, and Geraldine McIntyre.


Board members not present: Patrick Wesoloski, Charlie Merrimon and Sandy Gann.


Diana Evans acted as President for this special meeting in the absence of Pat Wesolowski.




Mr. Hoffman built a house on 445 Violet Court. The measurements of the front set- back were measured incorrectly.  A portion of the garage and front porch is not in the set back.  He is here to ask for a variance.


Diana talked to Mike Farmer, Water Superintendent and he stated that there were no utilities in that section.  This would not affect the deed.


Donald Ashley said that since there is no utilities in the set back and where the house is located he sees no reason why this shouldn’t be passed on down to the BZA Board with a favorable recommendation.  Diana asked Don if this was a motion?  He said yes.  Terry Baker seconded.  Motion passed 4-0.


Diana said she would call the BZA and set up a time for him to meet with them.  She will tell them it was sent with a favorable recommendation.




Terry Baker made the motion to adjourn.  Donald Ashley seconded.  Motion passed 4-0.