The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on Monday, July 2, 2007 at the Fire Department Training and Conference Room. Michael Griffey called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call: Members present were Michael Griffey, Jimmie Durnil and Amber Ragle. Geraldine McIntyre arrived late. Brett Williamson was absent.


Approve Minutes of June 4th, 2007 Meeting

Jimmie Durnil made a motion to approve the minutes of the June 4th, 2007 meeting. Amber Ragle seconded. Motion carried.


Review Accounts Payable Expenditures

The expenditures for the month of June were reviewed and discussed. Amber Ragle moved to approve the Accounts Payable Expenditures. Jimmie Durnil seconded. Motion carried.


Old Business

No Old Business


New Business

Overview / Presentation – Monroe County Alternative Transportation Board

Dave Landis, a member of the task force for the Monroe County Alternative Transportation Plan presented the Parks Board with a handout that outlines the specific goals and projects for alternative transportation. The committee is implementing and promoting the Alternative Transportation Plan. Alternative transportation encourages other means of transportation, instead of vehicular traffic. It suggests walking, bicycling and horseback riding. They are trying to promote this plan further so there are less vehicular trips made throughout the county. The whole idea is to connect the various parts of the county in bike paths and/or walking paths. The connectivity is primarily to connect schools, shopping, parks, etc. Mr. Landis discussed the different options for paths that could connect Ellettsville to Bloomington. This task force is to guide people through the process of who to contact concerning easements and right-of-ways if they are interested in creating a path. If a resident comes to the Parks Board with suggestions for alternative transportation, they can be redirected to the Alternative Transportation Board who has the background and expertise to assist the resident with their idea. Mr. Landis invited the Parks Board to visit and get familiar with Karst Greenway.


Flowers for Gateways

Sandra Hash has received a couple estimates for planting annuals and perennials at both ends of town in the Gateways. One estimate is for $1,300 and the other is for $825. The company with the estimate of $825 will be donating the labor and will use colored mulch to make it look nicer. Sandra is requesting the parks board pay for the flowers. The utilities department is willing to install an irrigation system and the town would only have to pay for parts. The utilities department will water the flowers until the irrigation system is installed. The state was really kind and gave the money to put the gateways in and make them look nice and the town should be responsible for keeping them looking nice. There was discussion about the different types of flowers and plants that would be used and how long they would bloom since the Fall Festival is coming up and they should still look nice for that event.


Geraldine McIntyre made a motion that we go with the $825.60 and substitute the daylilies instead of the petunias (more color for the fall).  Amber Ragle seconded.  Motion carried.


2008 Budget

Sandra Hash worked on the 2008 Parks and Recreation budget and announced the Budget Hearings start July 18th.  She reviewed the budget with the board and there was discussion about the different sections. The material’s line has $4,500 and will be where the flowers are paid from.  Geraldine asked if that money is going to pay for the gravel at the nature park.  Sandra said she spoke with Brett, who said he felt it was a hopeless venture since the whole area was very wet and did not think the gravel would help.  Brett will have to address this issue.  Sandra stated the Parks Board has done very well with their present budget and should not make any changes for next year unless they want to factor in a raise.  Some items she pointed out were: 50% of the utilities line was still available and materials could stay at $5,000.  Geraldine asked where the money would come from for upgrades to the Shelter House.  New doors for the bathrooms were the only projects scheduled and any upgrades to the actual Shelter House would be paid for by the Fall Festival.  Sandra went on the say the posts on the Shelter House stage will not be removed this year and the only improvement scheduled is a new floor and maybe a removal ramp for the stairs to the stage.  Michael Griffey asked what time frame the Parks Board has on the budget.  Sandra reiterated the first Budget Hearing is July 18th and any requests should be formulated this evening to be presented at the hearing.  Michael has discussed the budget with Brett in the past and they felt a few items needed to be increased.  Sandra stated the spending pattern did not indicate that since 50% had not been spent.  Sandra suggested requesting a raise in the Electric Line of the budget to $2,500 since there was a discrepancy in the figures.  Michael Griffey felt a part-time laborer was needed in the summer for grass cutting.  Sandra suggested if a part-time laborer was hired, that person should be flexible enough to take care of the Shelter House when it was rented out; be responsible for turning on and off the electricity, taking care of the trash and  closing the bathrooms.  There was discussion about the duties of a part-time park laborer.  Michael will discuss this with Jim Ragle.  Sandra clarified the changes made to the Park and Recreation budget:

  • Raising laborer to $9,500 and do away with the PERF
  • Raising materials to $6,000
  • Raising electric to $2,500


Sandra will make the changes and will have forms available. 



Public Comment

Amber Ragle announced coke machine proceeds were $22.  Sandra was told during a conference sales tax needed to be paid on vending machines.  She spoke with the vendor for the vending machine and he will pay the taxes. 


The meeting was moved to adjourn by Geraldine McIntyre and seconded by Jimmie Durnil. Motion carried.