July 12, 1999




The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Monday, July 19, 1999.  Members present were Michael Cornman, President, Geraldine McIntyre, Vice President, Donald Ashley, and Patrick Stoffers. Mr. Cornman called the meeting to order.  Donald Ashley gave the prayer, which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.








Cornman said is there a motion to approve the claims.  Geraldine McIntyre so moved.  Gina Hawkins seconded.  Motion passed 5-0.










Mr. Norris was not present.  Mike Cornman requested Cherry Hill be removed from the next agenda.  Mr. Norris has been on the agenda for the three meetings and has failed to attend.



PERSONNEL:   Promotion Salary Adjustment


Jay Humphrey received the promotion to Chief Deputy Marshal.  We should have put the salary with our acceptance.  Mike Cornman recommends the Council approve the salary adjustment in accordance with the current Salary Ordinance for the Chief Deputy pay.  Don Ashley suggested making it retroactive back to the date of the promotion.  Gina Hawkins so moved.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded.  Motion passed 5-0.




Ron McGlocklin explained to the Council, the grant is a 75/25-match grant for equipment.  They plan to purchase a radar unit with the grant.  They used the grant last year to purchase two radar units.  They are phasing out the old units.  Each unit is $1,038.00.   They have the matching money.  Mike Cornman said the reason he signed it in advance was they received it on Monday and it was due Friday.  There was no Council meeting during that time so I signed it and now for the record we request post approval.  Mike Cornman recommended to the Council that they approve the seat belt grant already signed.  Gina Hawkins so moved.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded.  Motion passed 5-0.




Mike Cornman informed the Council, this is the same contract we had in the past.  It is for $4,000 over a period of 4 years.  Mike check the old agreement and it is identical.  It reads as follows:


This Agreement is entered into between the Town of Ellettsville and the Richland Bean Blossom School Corporation in order to provide police protection for the School Corporation properties located outside of the Town of Ellettsville. 


The parties agree that the Town of Ellettsville will authorize its Police Department to respond to calls originating from the Richland Bean-Blossom School Corporation’s properties.  These properties are as follows:


High School                Edgewood Drive

                                    Ellettsville, IN 47429


Junior High School     Edgewood Drive

                                    Ellettsville, IN 47429


Elementary School      Association Street

                                    Ellettsville, IN 47429


EECC                          Highway 46

                                    Ellettsville, IN 47429


Stinesville Elementary

                                    Stinesville, IN


The Ellettsville Police Department shall provide normal police protection to those properties as it would and other property located within the Town limits.


The payments to be made by Richland Bean-Blossom School Corporation for these services are as follows:


Year 1 (June 19,1999 to June 18, 2000):  $3,850

Year 2 (June 19, 2000 to June 18, 2001):  $ 50

Year 3 (June 19, 2001 to June 18, 2002):   $ 50

Year 4 (June 19, 2002 to June 18, 2003):   $ 50


Mike Cornman said this is to replace our police dog.  Sarge is about to retire.  Mike Cornman recommend the Council approve this Interlocal agreement between the Town of Ellettsville and the Richland Bean Blossom School Corporation.  Don Ashley so moved.  Gina Hawkins seconded.  Motion passed 5-0.






Jim requested the Councils permission for Mike Cornman to sign the paper work from Bank One required to pick up the new fire truck.  Mike signed the orginal papers to put the money into escrow and he needs to sign the papers to get it out of escrow.  The truck will be ready by the end of the month.  Geraldine made the motion for Mike to sign the proper papers to release the money for the fire truck.  Don Ashley seconded.  Motion passed 5-0.




Ron said they would have all the receipts, from the lightning strike, ready to go to the insurance company by the following weekend.


The Town had some vandalism. The Police Reserve’s car had three tires slashed while parked at the Police Station.  There was also a large truck, with four-wheel drive, that drove through several yards in Greenbriar knolls causing a lot of yard damage and a little bit of property damage.  On Sioux and Tecumseh street signs and stop signs were driven down.  This all happened early Sunday morning after 2:00AM.  The Police are going to concentrate a little more patrol in the additions.




Highway 46 update: Mike Farmer reported they were going to start at Wickes at the railroad track, but as you know, we started at IGA.  We actually started at Briargate.  There were so many conflicts with utilities on the West End we had to move until we can make other arrangements with Smithville Telephone and The Sewer Company.  One good thing about this project there is plenty of places to work.  After getting across the IGA entrance, which was tedious and hard to do, we made some good progress.  We will go across Union Valley Thursday night after 10:00PM.  We will put up all the proper signs.  We are working with the state, they will tell us how they want the signage.  It should not cause any problems with the traffic flow after 10:00PM.  




In accordance with Special Exceptions in Ordinance 98-3, which reads as follows: The Town Marshal or Fire Chief or Street Commissioner will not receive overtime pay for hours.  In special circumstances with documentation, overtime may be approved by the Town Council and, if approved, may be taken in overtime pay or comp time.


Ron McGlocklin is requesting 11.63 hours of straight time, not really overtime pay, but straight hours.


Gina Hawkins ask why Ron is taking straight time.  After some discussion, the request was tabled until they could consult with the Clerk-Treasurer.




The grant from IDEM to conduct a study of Jacks Defeat Creek and Ellettsville storm water is underway.  There is now a web site on the project for all the world to see.






Don Ashley ask if the kids are using the Skateboard Park because they are certainly using my street.  He saw 3 or 4 of them going down Kelly Drive Sunday afternoon.  They were moving right along.  I did not know they could move that fast.  He commended that the young people grouped together to build the skateboard park and now they are not using it.

Don ask is there not a way we can keep them off the streets.  Jay Humphrey responded we do not have an ordinance concerning skateboarding on the streets.  We have had some complaints on skateboarding.  The Council might consider passing an ordinance addressing skateboarding on the roadways.   Jay did not see anything in State Statue on skateboards.  Don Ashley feels there is a potential for an accident with the skating in the streets.  There was more discussion on the use of the Skateboard Park.  Mike has seen a few at a time there and a few times, there have been several there.   There has to be an adult there when it is open.  Mike Cornman said they formed their own association to address that and make sure they had enough money for the liability insurance.  Mike Cornman said they would ask a representative to be at the next Council meeting so they could see what is going on.




Mike Cornman asked is there a motion to adjourn.  Gina Hawkins so moved.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded.  Motion passed 5-0.