July 6, 2010 Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board Meeting Minutes


The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at the Fire Department Training and Conference Center. Jimmie Durnil called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Members present were Jimmie Durnil, President; Richard Pease, Vice-President; Amber Ragle, Secretary; Michael Griffey, and Geraldine McIntyre.


Approve Minutes of June 7, 2010


Geraldine McIntyre made a motion to approve the minutes of the June 7, 2010 meeting. Richard Pease seconded. Motion carried 5-0.


Review Accounts Payable Expenditures


Amber Ragle reviewed the expenditures for June.


Old Business


        Parks & Recreation Master Plan Update


Connie Griffin, Director of Planning - informed the Board the I-69 Grant was submitted on the due date. She gave the Board a copy of the product submitted. She stated they have time to add some things to it. She went on to say we will want to add an inventory of the facilities, how many swings and play sets and such we have. There is also the Limestone Symposium we will want to add. She added we could now go back and polish the document. She said we could start looking at the comments from the surveys as well in order to come up with some goals and activities we want to look into.


New Business


        ADA Transition Plan Update


Connie Griffin, Director of Planning - informed the Board she thinks this will be financed through the Metropolitan Planning Organization. She said we can be reimbursed - she and the street department - for the work they do on this. There is a match and we don't have to worry about finding a grant to fund it. She plans on starting that the first of August.


        PEP Grant Discussion


Connie Griffin, Director of Planning - stated they received a request from the school to work on a PEP grant with them. It was short notice and wanted things submitted from the Town by today. This is a $750,000 grant that can be obtained over a three year period - with that amount available per each year. They were trying to develop cooperative agreements with different groups like the Boys and Girls Club, the Town of Ellettsville, and Bloomington Hospital to help them with some of the matching elements and then supplying pedometers and such. The only thing the Town could think of was to possibly do something like a trail connection. But the time frame they gave us created a lot of obstacles in getting the information and approval for this. Unfortunately, this is not going to be something we will be able to help them with. Jimmie Durnil asked if the school is still pursuing this and Connie responded they were. She went on to say if they needed an ERC - an Employee in Responsible Charge, she would still be willing to work something out. She worked about twelve hours trying to put something together. But, without having the blessing of multiple people and the right prices, we could have ended up getting ourselves into a much greater commitment.




Geraldine McIntyre made a motion to adjourn. Michael Griffey seconded. Motion carried 5-0. Jimmie Durnil adjourned the meeting.