July 7, 2014


The Ellettsville Parks Board met in a regular meeting on Monday, July 7, 2014, at the Ellettsville Fire Department Training and Conference Room, 5080 West State Road 46, Bloomington, Indiana. Jimmie Durnil called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance

Jimmie Durnil led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Members in Attendance

Jimmie Durnil, President, Richard Pease, Claudetta Kelly and Amy Slabaugh were present.††† Geraldine McIntyre was absent.


Approval of Minutes

Richard Pease made a motion to approve the minutes of June 2, 2014.Amy Slabaugh seconded.Motion carried.


Review of Accounts Payable Expenditures

Claudetta Kelly explained Sandra Hash, Clerk-Treasurer, did not provide a new statement because there were no changes.


Old Business

Park Benches

Amy Slabaugh advised the benches have been ordered.


New Business

Claudetta Kelly explained Senior Housing no longer wants the cabin.They are wanting to know if the Park Board would like to take responsibility of the cabin.Mr. Durnil is interested in the cabin.


Dennis Fisher, Vice President of the Senior Housing Board, explained they inherited the cabin 10 years prior.It has been under their liability insurance and they have repaired the roof and a few other things.It was turned over to their property manager who opens up for Christmas and Pioneer Days.In the last few years they have come to feel it is not under their jurisdiction.Maurice Endwright was on their board and he thought they would take care of it.It was learned they had it when Mr. Endwright passed away.The bottom logs are rotten.The back porch needs to be torn down so they roped it off.Joe Peden said he would take the cabin and they could have Pioneer Days at his farm.In the meantime, Main Street has said they donít want it moved and would like to keep it where it is.It was then brought to their attention the Park Board would like to take it over.He doesnít know what is necessary for the Park Board to present a letter of interest to the Senior Housing Board since they already voted to give it to Mr. Peden.Their board will have another meeting to discuss it.He has asked Mr. Peden not to do anything with the cabin.


Claudetta Kelly asked if Mr. Peden was really wanting the cabin or was he taking it because there wasnít any other solution.Mr. Fisher replied thatís what it was and Mr. Peden thought he could use it when he has Kid Days.Mr. Durnil commented it would be perfect for Mr. Pedenís use but he would hate for downtown Ellettsville to lose it.If the Park Board could use some of its money they should take it.Mr. Fisher thinks as a board they can say their interested and then someone would have to go before the Town Board.Mr. Durnil thinks there are sufficient funds in their budget to fix up the cabin.


Chris Fisher, Main Street, explained their goal is to keep downtown Ellettsville attractive.They have used the log cabin for Santa on Sale Street for the past three years.The log cabin is open for an old fashion Christmas.Two or three years prior the funding for Honey Creek School was cut, retired teachers put together Pioneer Days and have been using the log cabin with the permission of Senior Housing.This gets people downtown so Main Street has been supportive.They have talked about using the cabin for other activities if it is stable.


Jimmie Durnil asked Mr. Fisherís assessment of the condition of the cabin.Mr. Fisher is uncertain because he hasnít gotten that far.Itís his understanding the cabin was moved in 1964 or 1965.Theyíve never had anybody look at it except for Mr. Peden who thinks one of the logs is rotten.


Chris Fisher said one of the concerns for Pioneer Days was the back porch. This year it has tape around it so people will stay off of it.They were disappointed they didnít have the porch to use.She thinks there could be other uses for the school.She told Diana Johnson, a retired school teacher, that Mr. Peden was going to take the cabin so they didnít plan Pioneer Days for next year.This is what got it all started because the children really enjoy the cabin and Ms. Johnson asked if there was any way to save it.


Jimmie Durnil would like to see the cabin kept downtown.Ms. Fisher remarked Mr. Pedenís Pioneer Days are for kindergarten and first grade and he has a lot of activities.If there is an option they would like to leave it downtown.Ms. Slabaugh commented the kids enjoy it and she has one who went last year.She would like it to be kept downtown.


Jimmie Durnil asked what Main Street would like for the Park Board to do.Ms. Fisher replied Main Street has several other projects and doesnít have the funds to maintain it.This is why it made sense for a Town department to oversee it.They want to encourage that it be downtown.Maybe other activities could be held at the cabin.Main Street would like to show movies downtown on a side of a building.Mr. Durnil asked if Ms. Kelly talked to Sandra Hash about this.Ms. Kelly answered she did not mention it to her because she wanted to find out everybodyís thoughts.Mr. Durnil thinks the consensus is that the Park Board wants to help out.He reiterated he would like for it to be kept downtown.Mr. Durnil asked Mr. Fisher if $10,000 would fix it.Mr. Fisher answered that would be plenty.Mr. Peden had some of his guys make repairs to the building.Ms. Fisher reiterated Main Street would really like for it to be downtown but doesnít have the funds or the people to maintain it.Mr. Durnil said if they take it over the Town would mow it.Mr. Fisher suggested they could include improvements for the cabin in the Park Board budget each year.


Jimmie Durnil entertained a motion that if it is feasible for the Park Board to take charge of it and spend their money then theyíre very interested in taking it over.Richard Pease made a motion that they look into taking over the cabin and getting some cost estimates of what it would take to make it safe for children and people to move around in it.Amy Slabaugh seconded.Motion carried.


Jimmie Durnil asked the procedure for moving forward.Mr. Fisher thinks because the Park Board approved it their next move would be to approach the Town Board.†† Ms. Fisher suggested they talk to Mr. Peden first.Mr. Pease asked Mr. Fisher if the Senior Housing Board owns the land.Mr. Fisher replied they own a quarter of a lot behind it that goes with the cabin.Theyíre non-profit and donít pay taxes on it.He will bring it up for discussion at their next meeting.Mr. Durnil asked Ms. Kelly to convey this to Sandra Hash when she drops off the paperwork from the meeting.He will talk to Sandra Hash.


Privilege of the Floor

Chris Fisher announced Main Street and the Fall Festival are working hand-in-hand for the Fall Festival.If they have any suggestions, let Tiffany Willingham know.Main Street is willing to work with the Park Board on other things.Mr. Durnil thinks the cabin would be a good project for the Park Board.They have been stymied for so many years because of money limitations and they have money they receive every year.The money keeps building up and then the Town takes 20% away every year.†† Ms. Fisher thinks the cabin would be good for the Town.It would be a great place for an outdoor wedding or to have childrenís photographs taken at the cabin.


Amy Slabaugh commented the Area 10 farmers market is struggling and maybe the Park Board could let them have it at the shelter house and help them out by waiving the fee.Mr. Durnil asked if they had to pay where theyíre located.Ms. Slabaugh doesnít think they have to pay but she has never been to it.Mr. Durnil said if the restrooms were to be used they would have to have a deposit of $100 weekly.Once they stopped having it there the money would be refunded.He doesnít see any problem with doing that.They need to come and ask the Park Board.Ms. Slabaugh asked if it is a one-time $100 fee.Mr. Durnil replied as long as there is not any damage.†††††



Jimmie Durnil entertained a motion to adjourn.Richard Pease made a motion to adjourn.Claudetta Kelly seconded.Motion carried.The meeting was adjourned at 6:07 p.m.