Park and Recreation Board

June 4, 2001



The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on Monday, June 4, 2001 at the Ellettsville Town Hall. Members present were Darlyne Sowder, President; Art Moynihan, Vice President; Patrick Stoffers, Secretary; L.D. Axsom, and Edwin Macatangay.




Art Moynihan made a motion to approve the May 7, 2001 meeting minutes. Patrick  Stoffers seconded the motion. Motion passed.




The Parks Board discussed skate park volunteer liability, revisions to previously adopted skate park rules, and reviewed a letter from Mike Spencer to Leasa Farkas.


Cathy Cerajeski informed the Parks Board that they have volunteers to cover the skate park 6 out of seven days of the week. She said there is a visual inspection to be done of the facility and equipment prior to use by the volunteer on duty, background checks are currently being done on volunteers, and she will provide information on the checklist to the Parks Board. Cathy mentioned that either Rita or Brenda of Lowes could discuss safety issues associated with the ramps to be installed. There was further discussion.


The title to the property is being held up due to an error in the description. Apparently the state owns a strip of land along the road. Darlyne Sowder said she would talk to Mike Spencer about the ramps and mentioned a pay phone can be installed in the general vicinity of the skate park.


Edwin Macatangay made a motion to adopt the skate park rules and regulations, the waiver release agreement, and the skate park resolution. Art Moynihan seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Patrick Stoffers made a motion for the Parks Board to request the Town Council to adopt the Marci Lewis Memorial Park as a town park contingent on a lease being secured with Richland Township. Art Moynihan seconded the motion. Motion passed.





Darlyne Sowder inquired of the board whether the meetings should be tape-recorded.                  Patrick Stoffers said there is no requirement in the Indiana Code to tape any meetings. For purposes of minutes, only actual votes constitute official action and the motion and outcome must be kept as part of the record. Patrick Stoffers made a motion to not have Parks Board meetings taped. Edwin Macatangay seconded the motion. Motion passed.




Jim Ragle discussed with the board the condition of the shelter houses and the necessity of initiating repairs.  Jim believed a chimney needed to be removed as well as repairs to walls and posts. Darlyne Sowder suggested the board contact Maurice Endwright for any knowledge he might possess on the whereabouts of any members of the Campbell family to advise them on the necessity of the repairs as well as run an ad in the newspaper. Jim Ragle said they would reinstall the memorial stone in the wall once repairs were completed. 




Patrick Stoffers made a motion to adjourn. Art Moynihan seconded the motion. Motion passed.







_____________________________                       ____________________________

Darlyne Sowder, President                                      Art Moynihan, Vice President







_____________________________                       ____________________________   

L.D. Axsom                                                             Edwin Macatangay








      Patrick Stoffers, Secretary