The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on Monday, June 4, 2007 at the Fire Department Training and Conference Center. Members present were Brett Williamson, President, Geraldine McIntyre, Vice-President, Michael Griffey and Amber Ragle. Jimmie Durnil was absent. Brett Williamson called the meeting to order.


Approve Minutes of April 2nd and May 7th, 2007

Michael Griffey made a motion to approve the minutes of the April 2nd and May 7th, 2007 meeting. Geraldine McIntyre seconded. Motion carried.


Review Accounts Payable Expenditures

The expenditures for the month of May were reviewed and discussed. Brett said there will be a $1,900 expenditure for a roll up garage door to install on the bathroom building. It is a heavy duty door made of steel and is vandalism deterrent. Michael Griffey made a motion to approve the purchase of a roll up garage type door to be installed on the entrance to the bathroom building. Geraldine McIntyre seconded. Motion carried.


Old Business

Request to Waive Shelter House Rental Fee – Ranee Love

The Edgewood Junior High Cheerleaders are requesting use of the big shelter house to hold a garage sale as a fundraiser. All the proceeds go to the cheerleading squad to purchase uniforms, pom poms and to help pay for cheerleading camp. They are requesting waiver of the rental fee. Michael would like to waive the rental fee, but still collect the deposit. The deposit would be refunded if the trash is taken out and there are no damages to the building. There is no electricity needed. Ranee said the date they are looking at is June 30th. There was discussion about whether or not to allow individuals to have garage sales in the shelter houses. Geraldine made a motion to approve the request for a waiver of the rental fee on June 30th, but still collect the deposit that is refundable upon meeting all the requirements. Michael seconded. Motion carried.


New Business

Request to Waive Shelter House Rental Fee – Ellettsville Christian Church

The Ellettsville Christian Church has Vacation Bible School during the day in July and want to walk over and use the park and shelter house for about 3 hours. They won’t be using any electricity or bathroom facilities. Brett said the deposit should still be collected in case anything happens while they are down there.


Tree at Memorial Park

There is a dead tree in Memorial Park. Jim Ragle has looked at it and there is nothing that can be done with it and the Street Department needs approval to cut it down. Amber asked if there was a cost involved or if it will be done in house. Michael isn’t sure but will find out.


Public Comment

Ron Wayt, Fall Festival President, has come to explain what improvements are going to made at the park. Ron passed out a map with everything that is going to occur during the Fall Festival this year. The Town Council voted to close Park Street and Campbell’s Park Drive, although now Campbell’s Park Drive will not be closed. It will be used for people to get to the Festival and be able to turn around. There will be 13 food vendors. Don Lewis approved and paid for a gravel extension on Park Street for the vendors to park on, which will keep flooding from occurring and prevent damage to the grounds. The vendors will be faced toward the street. On the other side by the foot bridge at Campbell’s Park is where the games will be located. It is about 70’ section. The craft section is after that. There will be power ran across the road if they need to use it. The craft vendors will be on the pavement. Turtleback Creek Drive will be closed. Vendor parking is located in the parking lot at the baseball fields. Bybee Stone will have a stone cutting demonstration located by the entrance to the parking lot at the baseball fields. The festival and Pic-a-chic are still negotiating to bring rides. The car show will be on the street in front of the rides. The commercial tent will be located on the basketball courts. There might be a hospitality tent with tables and seating for 150. It will be placed in the gravel parking lot next to the shelter house. The information booth is in the corner of the gravel lot and the police department will have their van in the other corner of the lot. There will be a Pac-Van trailer that is approximately 10’ x 40’ and is fully heated and air conditioned. It will be used as a green room for the entertainment and queen contest. It will also be used as festival headquarters. There will be no damage to the Festival grounds from the Pac-Van trailer.


There has been a new gravel access road installed at the park. It was built in conjunction with Don Lewis. There have been some complaints from one of the neighbors behind the park that people are getting on their property. Her yard is not fenced in like the other neighbors’ yards are. She is extremely unhappy because people were parking along the road during the opening day of the RBBYS baseball season. There have been gates installed at both ends of the road and the only time this access road will be used is during the Festival or in case of an emergency. It will be locked and not open for the general public. There will be no parking along the road during the festival. It is only to be used for entertainment to unload and load. It is also a safety issue. The entertainment drove down Park Street last year to the gravel lot and that is not safe. The fire department requested this road be built. The road was paid for by the Fall Festival and is not a Town venture.


The shelter house stage has a temporary plywood particle board decking on it as the flooring. Underneath the temporary decking is normal wood decking with gaps. Entertainment, queen and talent contestants were not able to walk across the floor with high heels, so the temporary decking was installed. It needs to be replaced with something more permanent. This has to be approved by the parks board before the improvements can be made. Jim Ragle has agreed to look into what materials should be used and the cost. Another issue is the posts on the stage that block the audience’s view of the performers. The festival has hired an engineering company to look at the structure of the building and see if the posts can be removed. It may not occur this year. Ron will probably come back at a future meeting to get permission to remove the posts. The approximate cost of removal will be around $9,000. There also needs to be a temporary ramp built over the stairs. It will be removable and will only be used during the festival or if a group that rents the building needs the accessible ramp. It is mainly for equipment. The sound company requested this to make it easier to get their equipment on and off the stage with hand trucks. Ron is asking for approval to proceed with repairing the stage flooring and the ramp to be built. With the vandalism issues, Brett hates to see the festival spend money on something that will be damaged by vandals. Ron said something that is permanent, long lasting and strong that won’t be damaged by vandals is what they are intending on using. The vandalism issues need to be enforced. There was discussion about enforcement and damage to the restroom facilities. That is the reason the restrooms have not been open yet this year. Ron also said that people have come to him about the $100 cost for rental of the shelter house. He suggested lowering the price. Brett informed Ron that a fee study was done and there wasn’t really anything comparable so a median was arrived at. The parks board has only received one complaint so far. There have been several public meetings concerning the fee structure and there was no public comment. Brett encourages anyone who receives a complaint to have them call the clerk’s office and make a formal complaint. Then, the complaints can be logged and this issue can be readdressed if it is warranted. There have already been three rentals and the season is just getting started.


Ron questioned the lease. It is very confusing. It seems the Festival built the building, the Township Trustee controls the land and the Parks board leases the building to the Festival. Brett explained he met with Don Lewis and Cullen McCarty last year. Cullen asked the Parks Board if they could take the ownership since the festival didn’t have the means to take reservations and maintain the building year-round. The only thing Cullen stipulated is the third week of September was reserved for fall festival use and the town would take care of maintenance and electricity. Brett explained the town is paying Don for the use of the land and the festival is not paying any amounts for the use of the shelter during the third week of September. Michael Griffey made a motion to allow the festival to make the needed improvements to the building. Amber Ragle seconded. Motion carried.


Ranee Love, representing the Edgewood Junior High School Cheerleaders, asked to use the shelter house and have the $100 fee waived. It is for a fund raiser and the money will be used for uniforms, pom-poms and cheerleading camp. Last year, the garage sale was held at the Junior High and some people were unfamiliar with how to get to the Junior High. They thought the shelter house would be a better location. Michael Griffey wasn’t aware that the fund raiser was for a garage sale. He doesn’t think that garage sales are allowed at the parks. Ranee asked if that was a town ordinance. Brett will look into it and speak to Mike Spencer and research the ordinances. Ranee said there will not be any electricity used or tables needed. Brett said the next meeting will be the first Monday in June and asked if that will give them enough time to advertise. Ranee said that would be enough time. The date they are looking at for their sale is June 30th.



Old Business

Michael Griffey wanted to discuss the fees for the shelter house. To have a person pay a $100 deposit and $100 fee up front is too much. He suggested just taking the $100 deposit at the time of rental and a week prior to use, collect the $100 rental fee and put that into the stipulations. He also feels there should be a clause allowing a certain amount of time to cancel and get their deposit back. Brett said we require a 24 hour cancellation notice. Michael thinks that should be extended to a week for a cancellation notice. Brett’s name and phone number should be added if he is going to be the one turning on the electricity and inspecting. Ranee asked what happens if someone uses the facility that has not reserved it. Brett said the facility is first come, first serve provided they do not need electricity or the bathroom facilities. If electricity and/or bathrooms are needed, they are required to rent the facility and pay the rental fee. Michael made a motion to modify our existing ordinance that allows a person to rent the shelters with only the $100 deposit due upfront and the rental fee due a week before rental. Amber Ragle seconded. Motion carried. Sandra Hash suggested that motion be put in ordinance form. Brett said he would write it and bring it before the council and amend the ordinance that passed in December.


Another issue at the park is the bathrooms. The street department has put up plywood to seal them up. The actual restrooms can be locked, but people could still get into the entryway and vandalism was occurring. There have been a couple rentals that wanted use of the restrooms and didn’t get them. Brett has been trying to come up with a solution. He has thought of a metal garage door with a track that rolls up that can be locked when not in use. He would like to proceed if the parks board agrees. Sandra said she would like to see the parks board put in their budget to hire a person to lock/unlock the restrooms and turn on/off the electricity. Ranee asked if it was possible to go in with RBBYS, the town or whoever to hire a person as a groundskeeper. Brett said he is going to put it in the budget for the coming year. He doesn’t know if it will be approved, but it is worth a try.


New Business

There was a shelter house rental on April 14. The bathrooms were not open, there were no trash cans at the shelter house so they took their trash home with them and the weather was rainy and cold. She would like a portion of her rental fee back. Michael made a motion to approve a $50 refund to the rental on April 14, 2007. Amber seconded. Motion carried.


The meeting was moved to adjourn by Michael Griffey and seconded by Amber Ragle. Motion carried.