June 6, 2005   Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board meeting Minutes


The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on June 6, 2005 at the Fire Department Conference and Training Center.  Members present were Jeff Frownfelter, President; Edwin Macatangay, Vice President; and L.D. Axsom. Geraldine McIntyre was absent.


Approve Minutes of May 2, 2005

Edwin Macatangay made a motion to accept the minutes from the May meeting.  L.D. Axsom seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Approve Accounts Payable/Review Expenditures

Expenditures were reviewed for the previous month.


Skate Park

Jeff Frownfelter added the rules word for word that the insurance company wanted posted and he noted that they have indeed been posted at the Skate Park by the Street Department. He also commented that the medical and accident insurance for the park has been paid.

He let the other members know that there is a rumor circulating that the Fall Festival is thinking of using the space at the Skate Park as a potential stage for future festivals. Amber informed the board that the next Fall Festival meeting will be held on June 16, 2005 at 7:00 pm in the Cafeteria at Eagles Landing if anyone would like to attend.


Member / Secretary Update

It was brought to the attention of the Parks Board that in order to serve, you must be a property owner in Ellettsville. Jeff informed the board that Amber is not a property owner and therefore cannot be appointed. There is an option to create a “Secretary” position for the Parks Board and appropriate funds to compensate that position for attending the meetings and taking minutes if the board so chooses. Jeff asked the other members if it was something they were interested in. LD said he liked that idea. Jeff will look into the process.


New Business

Dennis Williamson took the liberty of talking to Hall Signs about signs for the Wishing Well Nature Park and brought the information with him. He said there are 3 different grades of signs, which indicate the intensity of the sign and 3 corresponding prices for the signs. He had examples of the signs Monroe County uses and said they have lasted for about 5 or 6 years. Edwin suggested the wording on the sign should be “Wishing Well Nature Park” and the coloring be more ‘Parks’ appropriate, such as brown or earth tone colors instead of red and blue. Dennis commented that wouldn’t change the price of the signs. There was discussion about doing some work to the trails at the park before purchasing signs. Jeff said he would look into the costs of getting gravel to work on the trails. Jeff thanked Dennis for doing the legwork on the signs.


L.D. gave some possible future dates to reschedule the trip to West Boggs Park. They were June 25, July 16 and July 23. He would like the board to think about these and let him know at the next meeting.


Amber Ragle informed the other members that $81.00 was received this month from Spicer Enterprises.  It was for proceeds from the Coke Machines located at the Skate Park.


The meeting adjourned at 7:43 pm.