Ellettsville Plan Commission Minutes


June 10, 1999


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Don Ashley, Terry Baker, Kevin Farris and Geraldine McIntyre. Also in Attendance: Rick Coppock, Town Engineer.


BOARD MEMBERS NOT PRESENT:  Diana Evans, Sandy Gann and Keith Argabright.




MINUTES:  President Don Ashley opened the meeting.


1.      Kinser Subdivision – preliminary and final plat.

Rick Coppock, Town Engineer, stated in front of you are the revised plans. They did change the cauldasack and put the duplexes in a circular configuration, which requires ¼ radiance due to the Town Code.  I have checked the drainage accurtation; they are all in order.  The only thing we need to show is dumpster screen pads for the commercial site.  And on the final plat shows, all the water lines changes we requested.


For the record, my name is Phil Tapp of Bledsoe-Tapp-Rigget my comments are very brief this evening.  We have had lots of comments and input from everyone and the only change we went back and made it a standard circular cauldasack.  Other than that we done everything that has been requested.


President Don stated the noticed that the Utilities department had concerns about the water lines.  Apparently, you have taken care of that.  Mr. Tapp said yes.


Terry Baker said he had talked to Jim Davis, Fire Chief, who looked at everything and doesn’t believe they would have any problems with the fire trucks getting in and out.  Rick said that is why the change was made.


President Don said going over the minutes of the last meeting; he had some concerns about the detention pond.  Rick stated that it meets all the requirements for the 2-5-10-100 years storms.


President Don asked about the walk out basements.  Do they meet the code and restrictions of Ridge Springs convenants.


Mr. Tapp said was not sure of the Ridge Springs covenants on the walk out basements, but he’s sure it would be any different that the other walk out basements in Ridge Springs.  A brief discussion was held.


Geraldine asked about what Mr. Tapp stated in the last minutes about just two or three would have walk out basements and now you are saying all would be.  A discussion was held.  Finally Mr. Tapp said only lots 2 and 3 would be.


President Don asked Terry about the Town streets.  Terry stated they would be.


President Don stated Geraldine asked if the duplexes were going to be rentals.  She stated that he is building them for his children.  But some of them don’t even live here.  Other own their own homes.  One said she didn’t think she would move so what now.  Mr. Tapp stated some could be rentals or sold he really doesn’t know.


Geraldine stated on the new plan they have a driveway going over to the commercial lot.  Terry stated he not like to see that happen.  Having cars going form the commercial site to the residents.  He said he believes it would reduce the concerns of everybody who has been talking about the traffic.  He said he would like to see the commercial area isolated where you can’t cut through to the residential area. 


Mr. Tapp stated that on the commercial they will have a drive in and out.  Right now, there is no plans to build anything now.  However, when it is built it would give people another way out instead of getting back on the highway.  Terry, Don and Geraldine stated that they didn’t agree with that.  Terry stated he still thinks it should not have the road.  This would reduce the problem of traffic on Ridge Springs.


Geraldine stated she would not like to see this happen due to the traffic now.  People from Spencer cut through now.  Also, the school buses and students etc…A long discussion was held.


President Don asked if there were any more comments.


Joanne Bowen, 115 Ridge Springs Lane, stated she couldn’t remember what type of rentals these would be.  Will they be regular rentals or special needs type of rentals.  Mr. Tapp stated no one has mentioned to him about special rentals.  Joanne said so you don’t know if they will be section 8.  Mr. Tapp said that it has never came up.  She asked about trash.  Are there going to be dumpsters or what?  Mr. Tapp said he believed they would have regular trash collections.  A brief discussion was held on the subject of trash.


Glen Benniger, 125 Ridge Springs Lane, asked is there no restrictions on the size and shapes of the building.  Is this on the plat approval.  Geraldine said that at the last meeting they said they would be 35 x 50 including the garage.  He asked if that was the minimum requirements or does he set it up what ever he wants.  President Don stated if he sets it up that way that what has to be built.  Once we approve this plat or plan and any changes will have to come back before this board.  A long discussion was held on this subject.


Carsten Reinhart, 121 Round Tree, asked what are these duplexes going to be built of.  President Don stated at the last meeting they said of brick and vinyl with shingle roofs.


Jeff Schunn, 131 Round Tree Court, I have a concern and after the last meeting Mr. Kinser came up walking the areas and he was trying to tell me where his property line was and that was about 50 feet off on my property.  He was trying to tell me it came almost up to my swimming pool about 4 feet from it.  I said no.  A long discussion was held.


(Tape was bad – I couldn’t hear who was talking)


Jeff Schunn stated that the tree line is actually about here and would they maintain the 10 feet natural tree line.  He was concerned about not having the tree line and children cutting through his property because of the pool.  He asked Mr. Tapp if there would be a tree line or fence back here.  Mr. Tapp stated that no fence was planned at this time.  A discussion was held.


Jane Fields, 327 Birch Street, had her concerns about the cutting down of trees.  (Tape bad – couldn’t make out the rest).

President Don asked if there was anymore comments or questions.  If not I would make a motion to approve the Kinser subdivision preliminary final plat.  Terry Baker still had concerns about he road going to the commercial site.  President Don asked if he wanted to make it part of he motion.


President Don stated a motion on the floor to accept the Kinser subdivision final plat as it is now and they will have to come back fore the commercial site.  Terry seconded the motion carried 3-1.  Geraldine voted no.  Motion didn’t pass.


 Mr. Tapp asked Geraldine why she voted no.  She had problems because she had not seen the plan on the duplexes and with the traffic.  Mr. Tapp stated he didn’t think she had a right to turn this down since we have done all that has been asked of us.  She stated she had a right to her own feelings.  After a long discussion Geraldine changed her mind.  President Don asked the roll call vote again.  It passed 4-0.


2.      Dollar General site plan approval.  They have asked to be put on next month’s meeting.

3.      614 Oak Street – discuss rezone -  Rick Anderson.  Rick stated he is here to get information.  My blue prints are about the same as my recording studio.  I like to make an apartment our of my garage.  President Don asked if that was zoned R1 now.

Rick Coppock, Town engineer, stated it was R1 and would need to change to a R2.  Mr. Anderson stated he had a R3 next to him.  He said David Steel is right beside him and Sandy (Ray) Lane has apartments also.


President Don asked if he is here to rezone.  Mr. Anderson said he hasn’t gone through the process.


Rick said he would have to get a packet from Diana, the Clerk-Treasurer.


Mr. Anderson said he had that.  Terry stated you will have to follow the guidelines.  A long discussion was held.


Rick said you will have to get a building permit for remodeling.


President Don stated when you get everything finalized you will come back before the board.




President Don asked for approval of the minutes for August 13, June 15, May 13, 1998 and May 13, 1999.  The May 13, 1999 minutes were approved, but since members of the board were not here to approve the other minutes, they were tabled ‘til the next meeting.






Terry Baker made the motion to adjourn.  Kevin seconded it, motioned carried 4-0.