June 12, 1997


Board members present: Patrick Wesolowski, President; Terry Baker, Donald Ashley, Sandy Gann, and Geraldine McIntyre.


Board members not present: Diana Evans and Charlie Merrimon.


President Pat Wesolowski called the meeting to order.






Rick Coppock, town engineer stated that he was not here to speak on this, but he would do so.The Oak Street extension was brought before the Plan Commission tonight.Rick said he talked to Jim Davis who gives permits for building.Jim had some questions about easements.When he looked at it before it had a three (3) lot subdivision.So this was forwarded to Mike Spencer, Town attorney for him to view and give his opinion. That is why you have a letter from Mr. Spencer before you to view.


Mr. Childers has a building permit pending right now for one house on that lot.Not three as before.The only question now is the road easement owned by Earl Siniard.So that is why you have this information in front of you.


Pat asked if you build a house up there can he get a easement for 2 more houses on his property?Are we here tonight to give permission to this? Rick said that all this is for is for us to view the letter from Mike Spencer.


Pat asked if Jim Davis has given him a building permit?Rick said he didnít know for sure.Geraldine asked about the house they are remolding, wasnít this house to be torn down?Rick said he didnít know only what he had heard. Pat said we should review the letter from Mike Spencer and wait for Mr. Childers to come in and talk with us.


The following is the letter from Mike Spencer:


Dear Commission Members:


††††† This subdivision was accepted by the Town Council on February 14, 1994.According to the subdivision, there is a 35-foot wide road and utility easement that essentially extends northwest of Oak Street.The plat does not describe this easement as an extension of Oak Street, however, it does describe the easement is available to the public for use.I am not convinced, however, that this is an extension of Oak Street since it is not so named in the plat.


Don Ashley said after reading the letter from Mr. Spencer he assumed that the road doesnít belong to the town of Ellettsville and the town should not maintain it.


Earl Siniard, owner of the property next to this property, stated that he had Ray Graham to survey this and he messed the whole thing up.He said that it was his understanding when he bought this property he owned the easement and this was to get things back then.He also stated that Mr. Graham said that Oak Street stopped there.


Sandy asked about the utilities easement.Pat said according to the letter from the attorney this is a easement for the public to use back to the property, however it states that he is not convinced of this.


According to the attorney this easement is available for the public for use, however I am not convinced that this is the extension of Oak Street.Pat asked who owned the easement?Mr. Siniard stated that he does.


Sandy asked, if someone said at the last meeting, did you dedicate the street to the town?Mr. Siniard said he never dedicated the street to the town.


After a long discussion no action was taken.




Rick Coppock stated that they built a house on the lot that was to have a small detention pond.We looked at it several times the last time and discussion was held about the property that adjoined J. R. Lanes property and a agreement was reached.It showed a 35-foot pipe that came out to be cut back.A long discussion was held.


Pat asked if a developer came in with plans that showed a detention pond how can he change the plans and who gave him the permission to do so?


This has been an on going situation for some time.To answer Patís question Terry said that once the Town Council approves this we have nothing to do about it.


Pat said we should send this to the Town Council to look at the original plans.So that this canít be done again.


Don asked if he wanted this in the form of a motion.Don Ashley made the motion.Terry Baker seconded.Motion passed 5-0.






Rick said that this is the continuation of Lake View Drive.There is already homes being built there by Charles Wright and Bill Deckard, the developers.Phase I and II have already been approved.Both Mr. Wright and Mr. Deckard are here tonight if you have any questions.This is for the final plat approval.


After a brief discussion Donald Ashley made the motion to accept the final plat for Forest View III and IV.Terry Baker seconded.Motion passed 5-0.




Bill William, Superintendent County Highway stated that he was sorry for being so long in coming back to us since the meeting he was supposed to be at was canceled.I will try to give you a wrap up of everything in a nutshell.In 1991 the County commissioners recommended to the County highway to prepare a update survey.This is in reference to the 1991 Transportation Act passed by Congress for larger communities.


The County Highway worked with a consultant.We drove all the county roads and recorded the daily traffic.This gave us the route of increases on these roads and also gave us the cost for maintenance.This was completed in 1992.The other program was the Capital Improvement for the entire system.Each road was determined for their use.


The arterial system shown on this map, the most traveled roads, and how we could improve it and get quick access to other roads. The other problem is to improve these roads is getting the right away.I can give you examples the first phase on Curry Pike cost over one half million dollars. The Capital improvement program this will aid us in future planning and developing for future major road projects and the cost for each one.Several roads on this list are Curry Pike, Smith Road, Union Valley, Vernal, Hartstrait Road, airport Road, Fairfax, etc.All of these roads would cost about 32 million dollars.This money is given each year.


After a long discussion and looking over several maps, Mr. Williams said he was pleased to be here and thanks for asking him.








Pat wanted to know if there was an attendance requirement for the Planning and Zoning members.He was concerned because one of the members was not attending the meetings.Terry Baker said there were none.


Geraldine said she has talked to Charles and he said Thursday night was a busy one for him but he would try to re work his schedule.




Terry Baker made the motion to adjourn.Donald Ashley seconded.Motion passed 5-0.