Date:March 1, 2001


The Ellettsville, Indiana Plan Commission met in regular session at 7:00 p.m., Thursday, March 1, 2001. Members present were Kevin Farris, President; Terry Baker, Frank Buczolich, Sandra Hash, Geraldine McIntyre, David Drake, and William Evans, Secretary.Rick Coppock, Town Engineer was also present.Mr. Farris called the meeting to order.




David Sorokoty, 810 Chandler Drive.


Mr. Sorokoty asked about the zoning between the new one-way pairs of streets on town when the new streets were completed.He stated that he had spoken with Bill Land, Town Planner, and Jerry Pittsford, Town Council President about this.It was their consensus of opinion to possibly make the zoning between these pairs commercial.Mr. Land had suggested that the area east of the Town Hall to the Village Inn be zoned commercial open with the exclusion of auto sales, etc., and to get rid of the cold spots such as the old car wash, trailer sales, etc. West of the Town Hall he suggested that we zone commercial restricted residential.In other words, things that are friendly to residential, such as antique shops, bed and breakfast inns, etc..There isnít any certain time frame for this, but I personally would like to see it done before the new pairs are completed so that we can put it in the papers and possibly attract some businesses downtown.You can see how the town looks now, we have vacant buildings, buildings that are crumbling and falling, and if we are ever to rejuvenate this town we need to get a tax base in here and to find a home for the tax base.Otherwise, I think that you will continue having sprawl.To avoid that, especially on the west side of town, I think that if we can at least offer a place for them and maybe give them incentives to move down here it would be a wise thing to do.


Ed Bitner.430 Main Street.


Stated he also had been asking and trying for about two years to get this area zoned commercial, with some reservation.The questions I have are, if it is zoned commercialon a State Highway, and it is taking part of my property, will I be taxed as a business, or would I still be taxed as residential?If this is going to raise everybodyís taxes along the affected area, Iím not going to stand up here and say that we would all like to have this area zoned commercial so that when we sell our properties we will get more out of it.


Kevin Farris told him that it really didnít make any difference, if he would go to business it would be assessed as a business, but if it were a residence, it would be assessed as a residence.You can have C-3 zoning, and still build a house in that.


Ed said that he thought it would be advantageous to the town to put zoning through this area for commercial, especially now since I have got my area out of the flood plain now would be real nice, and I think that it would attract some businesses.You couldnít get anything real big down here, but you could have some other small businesses in the area.In my opinion, I feel that everyone down here would like to have it zoned commercial, if only for the fact that it would increase our property values should we decide to sell.They could sell either residential or commercial at that point.


Geraldine McIntyre pointed out to Ed that the area would be like Temperance Street, Temperance Street is really supposed to be zoned commercial, but you have a lot of residences on it.


There was more discussion between Kevin, Geraldine, and Ed about the zoning in the area and the methods of doing it.



State Road 46 and Deer Park Zoning:


Mr. Bill Thompson, 3952 Ironwood Court, Bloomington, In.

Representative for CFC, Inc.


Mr. Thompson asked for clarification of the zoning of a parcel of land owned by CFC, Inc.CFC has an opportunity to sell the parcel of land, and needs to clarify the zoning for it.He feels that it is designated C-1, The land is owned by CFC, and they would like for it to remain zoned in that manner, and to clarify what is permitted in that zoning classification.Mr. Thompson said that he was only asking for a clarification, not for a rezone.


Kevin Farris then read a letter that he had received from the town attorney, Mike Spencer.After Kevin Farris read the letter from the town attorney, Mr. Thompson said that he didnít feel that he had anything to add other than it has always appeared to be commercial, and obviously everybody knows that there is a wide mix all up and down that corridor, so thatís all I have unless anybody has any questions.


Geraldine McIntyre said she thought they had gone through the procedure that they should and they had notified the people before they came to the last meeting.That was my impression, and we are here tonight to decide which this is going to be, whether it is going to be strictly a C-1 or make it a C-1 P.U.D, we can do that, since it is in the town.P.U.D. is restricted on what can be done in the zoning of the area.


There were many residents of the surrounding area of the area in question at the meeting to voice their concerns about further development in this particular area.Their concerns included increased traffic, what types of businesses would be located in the new development, safety, water runoff from the increased concrete in the area, property values, etc.


After much discussion by the board members and Rick Coppock about the zoning of the suggested parcel of land, it was decided to zone the area as R-1 and that the developer could come back and ask for a different zoning at a later date.


Motion was made by David Drake to zone the property as R-1 only, seconded by Sandy Hash.


It was explained by Kevin Farris that the reason for this was that the Board wanted to keep some control over what was developed in this area.


William Evans asked if this would come in as R-1with the P.U.D.Kevin Farris said that it would come in only as R-1 and that someone would have to come back and initiate the P.U.D. Geraldine McIntyre said that the developer may come back and request to get it zoned for C-1 and we can put it as a C-1 P.U.D., or just a plain C-1.††


Motion made by David Drake to zone the property as R-1 only, seconded by Sandy Hash.Motion passed 4-yea, 2-abstentions.Terry Baker and Kevin Farris abstained.




Request by R.B.B.S.C. for sidewalk and street tree zoning variance around the new school.


Mr. Bill Riggert, 713 South Woodlawn Avenue, Bloomington, In.


Mr. Riggert requested a zoning variance for sidewalks and street trees around the new school site.Mr. Steven Cain, Superintendent of the R.B.B.S.C. assisted him in his presentation and also answered questions from the zoning board about the requested variance.The request was to change from the regular sidewalk regulations and put in some asphalt sidewalks in different areas on the school site.Their was a possibility that they could go ahead at a later date when the school bonds were paid down and put the regular sidewalks in.


Kevin Farris asked for comments from the audience.Ed Bittner asked if there was money already budgeted for the sidewalks.He related to the sidewalk that had started at the bridge on Main Street and ended at the entrance to Chandler Drive and has went to nowhere.†† He asked if the money that had already been allocated for this from the tax increases that we would be paying for the school.


John Davis, 731 Chandler Drive, has lived in the area all of his life and has paid taxes on different property that he owns in the area.John says that part of the problem with the town now is the fact that the sidewalk problems in town have gone too long without anyone doing anything about it.If we let this problem go on, the town of Ellettsville will have to pay for them.The Richland Bean Blossom School can afford this a lot better than we can, and if they donít have the money right now, they know where to get it at, because they keep raising our taxes.If they spent 27 million to build two new schools, they can build a few feet of sidewalk.


There was discussion between the Board members, Mr. Riggert, and Rick Coppock about this variance.


Motion made by David Drake to approve the Land Use and Development Approval for the new Edgewood Elementary and Intermediate Schools with Rick Coppock recommendations to be adhered to.Sandy Hash seconded.Motion carried, 5-1.


Motion made to deny the request for a sidewalk variance of the new elementary school site by Sandy Hash.Seconded by Geraldine McIntyre.Motion carried, 4-2.


Motion made by Terry Baker to table the request for a variance for the street tree requirements at the new elementary school.Seconded by Geraldine McIntyre.Motion passed, 6-0.




Motion made by Geraldine McIntyre, seconded by David Drake to approve the minutes of the February 1, 2001 meeting.Motion carried.




Motion made by Geraldine McIntyre, seconded by Terry Baker to adjourn the meeting.Motion carried.




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William Evans, Secretary