MARCH 10, 1997



The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Monday,March10, 1997. Member's present was Michael Cornman, President, Geraldine McIntyre, Vice President, Donald Ashley, and Gina Hawkins. Mr. Cornman called the meeting to order.Donald Ashley gave the prayer.











Rick Coppock informed the Council of a change order to raise one manhole on the interceptorsewer line project. ††The changes are required by the Monroe County Plan Commission and BZA, we had to raise the elevation of the plant and we ended up lowering that structure.We had to change the structure by 5.25 feet.The change amount is $1,623.He thinks all total the changes for the interceptor to date, we are just about back to the original bid price, it maybe a couple hundred dollars over.Rick said it was a required change.

It is located at the last manhole before the sewer enters the plant.Rick explained this to the Council.

Mike Cornman, said so we keep in accordance with the recommendations of the Plan Commission, he recommends to the Council, to approve this change order in the amount of $1,623, for the interceptor sewer, raising the manhole 5.25 foot.Geraldine McIntyre so moved.Donald Ashley seconded.Motion passed 5-0.



Gina Hawkins read Ordinance 97-5 by title only.This is a first reading.

Mike Cornman suggested to the Council that we accept this for a first reading on Ordinance 97-5.Geraldine McIntyre so moved.Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 5-0.




Jewel informed the Council that they have something a little different for the Ellettsville community to take a look at this evening.Across from the Endwright Center they would very much like to have senior citizens housing.They have been trying to find a way to do this, thatís good for the community, good for senior citizens, and with in their budget.

Numbers one and two are easy, number three is a little bit tougher.

They have come up with what they think is a unique solution, which is good for Ellettsville, good for the seniors and will help us be able to provide this housing.That is rather than building the housing as a not for profit entity and paying no taxes what so ever.They propose to build the housing in conjunction with a for profit entity.Which would be a for profit entity whose sole goal would be to lose money.They would like to build housing there that is paid for in part by tax credits.It is one, she guesses, of the popular ways to get things done in the community because there are some people who make enough money that they want to buy these tax credits.They have a similar project in Owen County.They sold 100% of their tax credits to the Owen Community Bank.One shot, they just bought them all.They believe the bankers in Monroe County would be even more eager to purchase the tax credits.They have already done their research and can in deed sell tax credits if the town will permit us to move ahead with the project.The project would take the housing that they have proposed andrearrange it, if they get tax credits approved.Jewelwent over the drawings with the Council.Jewel said water and sewer lines,stay the same as were detailed by Bynum and Fanyo Associates.Jewel said rather than having the 58 units in assisted care, they propose to instead have 48 units, moderate income, tax credit department, which would be located down on the other end (she is showing this on a drawing).Jewel said units would be a combination of brick and vinyl siding.There would be 48 units, they would cost, you can see in the budget approximately three million dollars.They are not changing the original plan that much. They are just moving the senior citizens' apartments to the back and changingthem from assisted care to apartments.Sets up regulations, rules and licensing procedures governing assisted living housing.This is the very reason they are not interested in doing assisted living housing.They have changed the regulations for the last two yearsnow.They propose to have this unit finished by the year 1999 and start construction in the year 1998.To enable them to draw in the tax credits we have to be able to compete with other entities across the state of Indiana.The Indiana Housing Finance Authority decides which entities get these tax credits.She thinks they look favorable upon their entity, however the community has to show that they indeed are interestedin bringing these credits into their community.They propose showing this in two ways.Jewel said this in some ways is the first hearing, you talked about for you last resolution, and that would be to do two things.Firstis to designate Edgewood Village area, about the 14 acres across from the Endwright Center, as an Economic RevitalizationArea.Jewel said she has given you packets and Economic Revitalization means that the town intends to do the following:

†††† That it desires to have a sufficient supply of affordable housing for low income†††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††

††††† Seniors.

†††† That it desires to continue to support economic development within its borders.

†††† That it is in need of community preservation goals that Edgewood Village has here in†††††††††††††††††††††††††††

††††† its community preservation plan.

Jewel said they have put a park in the middle ofthe village.Their park even has a little shelter house with grill and things so the seniors actually have some green space.They save almost all of the trees.Jewel said it helps with the mix of different income people living within these quarters.The plan development would approve housing conditions by providing permanent housing alternative for low and moderate income seniors.Jewel said it would most importantly for them enable their people to age in place and to remain in their community.It would bring over three million dollars in new developmentinto the target of preservation area.Jewel said most important for them it brings the rents down to the level that the senior citizens in Ellettsville told them they could pay.They have been working for two years to try to figure out some way to provide housing that was affordable for our people here.That is between $450 and $500 a month.Jewel said she has given you an out line of Edgewood Village, our rental housing.Then she has given you some various specifics about the tax abatement.Jewel said they are asking for a tax abatement of $77,527 accrued over a ten year period.During those ten years Ellettsvilleís portion of the abatement would be $18,252 and for that we will bring in 3 million dollars worth of housing developmentto the community.Jewel said you have in your folder an idea of exactly how those tax credits roll down, or the tax abatement.Jewel said we are not abating anything that you already have, this is new development.This is money if it is not built its not going to come in anyway or if it was owned solely by Area 10 you wouldnever see.We would be a not for profit and you wouldnever get the tax revenues.They are proposing a way to generate tax revenues for the community for much more than ten years.Also attract these tax credits to the community.It does require your assistance with a ten year tax abatement to help with the mortgage and draw down that tax credit and to look and say that we do intend to have revitalization with economic revitalization in this area.Jewel informed the Council that she and Eleanor are†† here to answer questions to help move this forward.As they understand the tax abatement process, you would just adopt these resolutions at this first meeting.This is the first hearing and this is not the final hearing.Jewel said if you would pass this then we would move ahead with our process for awarding the tax abatements by sending the notices to the different folks and also advertising a second and our hearing which must be at least ten days in advance of the hearing.Between this time and your second hearing they would be glad to meet with everyone, sit down with yourattorney and bring people in to help talk about the tax abatement process and exactly how all of that works and make sure we get everything in place.


Mike Cornman thanked Jewel and said the first thing that came in mind was when he thinks of the word hearing, which means posted somewhere or announced, was this a legal notice hearing for this meeting?Jewel said they only have to advertise the second.

Mike Cornman said you just have to advertise the second?Jewel said yes.The advertisement has to be 10 days before the hearing.Mike asked Jewel to explain the need is here for this type of arrangement, where did you get the information from, that saying this is what we need here?Jewel said they have done 2 feasibility studies.The feasibility studies show that we could probably have 300 to 400 units and fill them up as you can tell from Richland Apartments.They are proposing 48 units only.They think that it is very important to have mixed income housing.We need to explain right up front to everybody that this is not HUD housing, this is for profit, not for profit venture to help bring housing for the low moderate income people in the community.Jewel said all you have to do is look at the waiting list for senior citizens housing.When phase four of Richland apartments was opened up they called and said Jewel how do you think we should proceed with this, she advertised in the papers so everybody gets a chance, do not take a reservation at all, until you advertise it once.They had it filled within a day or two.Jewel said we know that there are some seniors looking for a place to live, especially when it's under $500.Jewel said it is the rent that drives the market and in this case, the income level is about $18,000 a year and below.

They continued to discuss this matter.


Mike Cornman asked Jewel what impact on the community is there as far as social economic needs.Is this really going to help the town of Ellettsville or is it going to hurt the Town of Ellettsville by having an over abundance oflow to moderate income housing?Jewel said first of all, we arelooking at some ways moderate income housing coupled with even a little bit more.The other piece of the housing is even more expensive than the project.Jewel thinks they are keeping people in our community.

They continued to discuss this matter.†††††††

Jewel said the type of development they are lookingis more like a Meadow Woodtype of apartment.There waiting list is 365 and growing every day.


Donald Ashley wanted to know who would control the rent on these properties since it is not a HUD housing?Jewelsaid it is not HUD, but because the federal tax credits have been awarded, they actually set the income eligibilityand are based on the medium income of the people in Ellettsville.The take the medium income of the people of Ellettsville and they say half of the people that live in these apartments can have 60% of the medium income or less or half of them could 50% of medium income or less.Itís always based solely onthe medium income of people in Ellettsville.As the medium income ofpeople in Ellettsville changes so does the requirements ofwho lives in this housing.It is based onEllettsvilles statistics.Don said if that is true and the medium income in Ellettsville rises, which we expect it to do, what about the senior citizens up there if their social security does not rise?Jewel said one half of 60% or below and one half is 50% or below.Jewel said once they are in there we are not going to boot them out.It just opens up eligibility, we are not going to keep people out of that housing.There was more discussion on this matter.


Eleanor said therents are going to be set and start outfor a one bedroom unit $345 a month, they will vary depending on peoples' incomes.She expects they will also except section 8 vouchers so that will cushion some people, if the medium income rises drastically.Eleanor said the first few years ofthe project are the most financially tight, and she thinks we can reasonably project within the next three years the medium income

in Ellettsville is not going to sky rocket, making are rents jump dramatically.


After the firstfew years if people could not afford it we would hold the rents relatively stable.There was more discussion on this matter.Mike Cornman said Area 10 is going to be the managing agent of this Village?Jewel said of the 48 units.

There was more discussion.


Donald Ashley wanted to know what happened with the seniors and youth where they could meet?Jewel said there is one piece of that that went by the way side.We designed it as what we called the Senior and Youth Center.When they stated designing it they though Head Start was going to be there.They were going to have an automatic mixture of senior and youth.Jewel said the cost came in 50% higher than they thought they were going to be.Jewel said they rebid, and cut it down into phase one, two, and three.Head Start was phase three.Jewel talked to Head Start as early as this winter, back at the end of last year, to see if they were interested.Jewel said Head Start opted that they would like to have something that was oreninted solely to Head Start.There was more discussion on this.


Mike Cornman wanted to know if this would be partially funded by Section eight?Eleanor said for example, someone is income eligable in Monroe County, she is not sure what the level is for section 8, and they have a voucher, they could come and live in our appartments and give us their voucher, they would pay 30% of their income for rent.The Section 8 program would pay the remainder of the rent our development would charge.

There was more discussion.


Donald Ashley wanted to know what section 8 comes from?Where does the money come from for section 8?Eleanor said it comes from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Geraldine wants to know the price for the two bedrooms?Eleanor said $414.


Jewel said they are writing the grant which is due April 1st, so they are under the gun.We are anshious to turn this in by the April 1st deadline.They do not anticipate that they will be funded April 1st, however they do antisipate that they stand a very good chance of being funded in the fall when they do their clean up round.So that is the reason they are turning it in now.They still have to meet the April 1st deadline for the fall clean up.Jewel said this is an application, so they are in here to ask you to do this, so we can support this application.Jewel said if you change your mind, they will with draw the application.


Donald Ashley wanted to know why it is just now getting on the floor of the Council if it was due that quickly?Jewel said part of that just has to do with them and the fact that they have just discovered that this was something they could go for and decided that April 1st was pretty soon.Jewel said if we do not go for it now they are not even looking at 1998 to be over construction of this facility we are looking at 1999 and beyond.There was more discussion.


Gina Hawkins wants to know where is the application.Jewel said we are putting the application together to go the State.Gina said right now we have a volunteer sewer banin order to not have a state imposed sewer ban.Gina asked how is that going to affectthese units?Jewel said if that ban is not lifted by 1998 they are in trouble.


A question came up on whether some of this is being built over a sewer line.Jewel informed that the architect has the Bynum and Fanyo plans.


Donald Ashley wanted to know if this new plan has gone to the Planning and Zoning.Jewel said if we get the okay to go ahead for this tax abatement this first time around then they are going to the Planing and Zoning.Jewel said if they do not get the tax abatement they are folding up their tents, they cannot get the money if they do not have the tax abatements.


Mike Cornman asked Mike Spencer concerning the abatement, could you give us your thoughts on it?Mike Spencer said no, it appears their statement of how the process works is true.Mike Spencer said as far as he knows Ellettsville has never done this before and he is very unfamiliarwith this area.Mike Spencer said you are asking for 10 years and yet you refer to it as a residential distressed area, itís five years.Mike Spencer said it says for all other Economic Revitalization area is 3, 6, or 10 years.

After a long discussion it was determined that Eleanorhad put that on one chart.Mike Spencer said he was not sure which way they are going.Jewel saidthat is what our Resolution is Economic Revitalization Resolution.Mike Spencer said we will have to look through that and see.


Mike Cornman said the other thing is with the abatement, one thing that concerns him, because of a lack of effective planning over the years, is the regional affect it has, particularly for future projects either State or HUD associated.Mike Cornman said even here at the local level with poor relief,due to what Ellettsville has allowedto occur in the recent years, that the poor relief has nearly doubled in Richland Township.Mike Cornman said he knows you are in the process of notifying the tax entity and the advisory board through the trustees.He said he should not be as concerned with that as he is with the Town of Ellettsville, but anything the Town of Ellettsville does when we are abating effects the entire county tax.He knows it is not there now and the effect of the school may or may not be minimal since no kids will begoing to the school system.Mike Cornman said it concerns him about using the tax abatement and the potential effect on a lot of other people and entities.Mike said a lack of planningand communications among other agencies cause a rate because of rift which is similar to this except the tax money is still being paid it just goes to pay for the infrastructure for this.


Jewel said understand this is a unique project because this is not for profit coming to you and saying we are going to pay you taxes.Instead of using their not for profit status and saying we are not going to pay any taxes and we are going to put this housing up.They are telling you we are going to pay you taxes.Help us during the first ten years to give this up, and so the answer is this is a tax revenue generating project.It is not a not-for-profit going in and putting up housing with no taxes coming to you. That is what is so unique about it and that is why she thinks it is good for Ellettsville.It is a tax generating project.Mike Cornman said I thought you said a for profit was going to be the one actually operating it?Jewel said no, the only thing the for profits do is buy the tax credits, that is all they do and then they are out of the deal.


Don Ashley wanted to know the life expectancy of these houses.Jewel said they believe by adding the brick to the structure it is upgrading the structures.

Don said he is not speaking so much of structure, he is speaking of what has happened to so many of these houses, some of them get---Jewel said you mean because of the residence tearing them up?Don said basically, yes.Don wanted to know the life expectancy?Jewel said 40 years, that is what they are planning on.There was more discussion.


Mike Cornman told the people wanting to speak on this to come up and address their concerns to the Council.


Patrick Wesoloski is the President of the Ellettsville Planning and Zoning.Pat does not know how they can come here and ask for something they are changing and have not come to the Plan Commission to change.Pat said they have to notify the neighbors, they are changing their plans.He wants to know if they have talked to the neighbors or sent any notification to the neighbors that you are changing the plans?Mike Cornman said they are securing their money first, like anybody else would, before they go any further.This is just to give the abatement or not give the abatement.Mike Cornman said they still have to go to the Planning and Zoning.Pat said there is a plan already in effect, they want to change that plan.How can they change the plan and ask for money for that plan, until that plan is changed.He does not know what the legalities are on that Mike (Spencer)?Mike Spencer said he thinks they are two different issues, one issue is whether this should be designated as an Economic Revitalization Area.They can go in there and they could legally change the plan, they could do what ever they want as long as it complies with the requirements ofan Economic Revitalization Area.But thatís just a financial factor and has nothing to do with the zoning issues.Mike Spencer said what you are asking is a question that went through his mind as well.They are going to have to go back and get that approved.Mike Spencer said, say thatís designated an Economic Revitalization, if you do not approve their plan, they are out of luck.


Pat also had concerns with the age of senior citizens and having children there.He thinks you should be able to have your children there.Pat also discussed his concerns with section 8.Pat also had a concern with the change in the plans.Pat expressed some of his other concerns.There was more discussion on his concerns.


Marion Jacobs, President of the Ellettsville Richland Senior Citizens Housing Group, said he is somewhat bewilder by this request, he just found out about it on Friday.Marion said they have been in the housing business for 30 years providing low income housing.Marion said each and every time we try to do a job we have always had to have a professional survey done.He has not heard anyone comment that you have not had a professional survey done to determine the needs here.It sounds to him like an internal survey.That is one of the things that bothers him.He stated his concern on the surveys and affordable housing.Marion brought his resident manager along, Carson Hayes, he stays up on all the latest rules of HUD, Farmers Home and so forth.


Carson Hayes said they have had a really good relationship with Area 10, they provide transportation and meals to their current existing housing. Cason has a real problem with this housing, this is not anything new, they could have done this 10 to 15 years ago as a board.

Carson said the board unanimously would not even look at it, the reason why is because this housing is not affordable.Carson said the thing that you have to understand is everything we have gotten up here at senior citizens, we are in process of being nominated for Ellettsville nationally as one of the outstanding projects.Carson said the thing that has happened, every resident that they have in all units that they deal with, 94 units, they pay 30% of their income.If they have zero income, they pay zero rent and either Farmers Home or HUD picks up the difference.


Carson said they looked at their current waiting list today.They pulled the first 10 people off their waiting list and the maxim income he saw was $8,000.Carson said if you are going to do $8,000, you are going to do health care, any kind of Blue Cross, you are going to eat right, have a little gas in you car, and you are not going to pay the kind of rent these folks are talking about.Carson said when we talk about a need, they have been through all of this and he hears all this reference to the Endwright Center, Morris Endwright is on our board and he was one of the champions that was totally opposed to any type of senior housing that didnít have rent supplement because of being a director of a state agency he knows that there was no way that you could fill this type of housing units.Then what ends up happening, they are not going to let the thing go back and go into the fall because we a talking about millions of dollars.Then they are going to open it up, itís a Federal Law, they are going to open it up and let anyone in, he can tell you right now because he deals with it all over the county.Please if you do have this housing you have to allow children, period, across the board it was challenged in HUD housing, Farmers Home Housing, he does not care what kind of housing it is.

He discussed vouchers, fair market rent, and other concerns.†† Carson said out of 94 units, right now only 3 people are paying this level of rent, those 3 are all working and having retirement and they sold a home and have some asset income.They have rents that are less than $50.00.


Carson said, why is he here tonight and why is Marion here tonight, it is not that they want to gent into a match with these folks, thatís not what this isabout.Carson said but yes you are going to mortgage the future of Ellettsville if you allow this abatement.†† When they go to Farmers Home and when we go to HUD they look at a need study.Carson said and you are talking about all these medium incomes for Ellettsville, he has never, and he has been in this all of his life, and he has run housing all over the country, he has never seen a medium income for Ellettsville, it is simple not out there, if it is he would like to see it, its Monroe County.Carson said they pay all utilities.Carson said two stories, how are we taking care of our elderly if we are going to make them climb stairs.Carson said the reason why this is detrimental to what Ellettsville and Richland Housing is, everybody is giving us wonderful compliments tonight, and they sincerely appreciate it, but they look at needs as far as the whole county and they look at any senior housing that is out there.Carson said it does not matter if it is deep subsidized or if it is on basic rent like this, itís all thrown together.The only way they are going to do Stinesville, looks like it is going to happen, they are going to build 14 units, they have, because of their track record, to way the points completely because this project that went in on the way up to the Junior High, when that went in even though it was elderly and family it screwed up the points so bad that without them waving the points we could not even have done Stinesville.He does not even have to tell you what a need there is for housing in Stinesville.Carson said Marion is also the President of the Richland Bean Blossom Health Care Facility.†† They have got adjacent land, after they do Stinesville they look to go again with 100% rent supplement and they want to go right next door to the Nursing Home.If this project goes it will throw offeverything that they are doing as far as the need study, because they are going to throw all of it in together and it will probably make this board not be able to do anything.Carson said he wants to remind the Board that this board was started by the Community Brotherhood, these are all folks that were, like his dad was involved, Garnet Durnelís dad was involved, it is going into a lot of the history of Ellettsville.They are not worried about their current facility because we have already seen what happens, they have a vacancy somebody paying $383, somebody can pay 30% of their income, it is not too hard to do the math where they are going.They are heading for Allen Street.Carson said the reason they are concerned is because they want to protect the future for seniors in Ellettsville, they want to continue the mission that they are doing and that is why they are coming to you tonight.


Jewel said we do not intend to compete with nor hurt Richland Apartments and your mission to work with the lower income seniors.We simply want to work with you and back you in any way we can with that.This is a very different type of project as you well know, we are moving up as you have pointed out to a different income level.Carson said but you said low all the way through the first part and he just keeps hearing this going back and forth and nobody spoke with them what so ever, they have had this partnership Jewel for all these years and nobody from your organization contacted our President here and said hey guys can we work together on this, what do you think about it, where are you at, what is going on.He found out after getting a phone call on a Friday night and that hurts after as many years as they have been together.Jewel said she apologizes for that----.There was more discussion on this.


Mike Cornman asked Jewel if this rent included utilities.Eleanor said it does.Jewel said it does not include telephone or cable TV or a secure line or anything like that.Patrick Stoffers wanted to know the monthly value of the utilities on average for a unit?Eleanor said she would have to look that up for him she does not have that with her.


Geraldine asked Mike Spencer what will this do if we give them the tax abatement, what will this do if we want to give another tax abatement, will we be able to do that right away, within a year, two years, or what?Mike Spencer said based upon his quick reading of the statue he does not think it effects your ability to give other tax abatements.What you are doing is simply designating an area, that is what this is, designating an area Economic Revitalization Area.Mike Spencer said once they are designated they are entitledto certain abatements, you can designate more than one area Economic Revitalization Area.Mike Spencer said he thinks that answer to that question is when you find out that you are costing you more money than you can stand in terms of revenue, tax revenues that is when you cannot give any more.


Geraldine said if we give an abatement here tonight, Monroe County is on that abatement too, right, they pay part of it too, right?Mike Cornman said it is his understanding from the auditor that if we do a tax abatement, it does not just abate the Ellettsville portion of taxes, it abates the entire tax, Township, County, Schools, GovernmentalEntities that receive the money, for that portion.


Patrick Wesoloski asked why the original developer is not proceeding, which the Planning and Zoning agreed to and the Town of Ellettsville Council agreed to, why are they backing out, or why are they not developing?Jewel said the original developer, the apartments set on 3.1 or the 14.1 acres and then the original developer will develop the rest of the 11 acres.Jewel said so the original developer has the other 11 acres, she showed you the plan for the entire 14 acres not just 3.1.


Patrick Wesoloski said also on the packet, he will use the number two hundred thousand and something.The last little paragraph says something in effect that if you cannot get a tax abatement, if the town could not see fit to give you $222,000 if that is the number to use, you could not go ahead with the project.Pat's question is why would the developer forget about these 3.1 acres and develop the other 11 then, why do they need your 3 acres?Jewel said the $200,000 does not go to the developer, the developer essentially sells us that 3.1 acres for this housing and that takes that developer out of these appartments.

Pat said the Town of Ellettsville would be helping you buy those 3.1 acres?Jewel said the tax abatement helps with the entire project not just buying the 3.1 acres.


Rick Coppock said he has two questions.Can you just designate any area as Economic Revitalization Area, does there have to be some kind of guide lines or anything on that?

Jewel said this is unique because there is not a building in this area that makes it easier.Mike Cornman said he does know for redevelopment you do follow a criteria for blighted areas.Rick said if the town gives it Economic Revitalization designation does that run with the property then, what happens if something falls through if it is already designated as that?


Mike Spencer said the definition of Economic Revitalization, means an area which is within the corporate limits of the city, town or county which become undesirable for, or impossible ofnormal development occupancy because of lack of development, sensational growth, deterioration of improvements or character of occupancy, age obsolesce and substandard building there.Other factors that-------values prevent a normal development of property or your use of property.

The term Economic RevitalizationArea also includes

A.   Any area where afacility or a group of facilities there technologically, economically or energy obsolete are located or where the obsolescence may lead to a decline in employment and tax revenues.

B.    A residentially distressed area except as provided in this chapter.


Mike Cornman said that helped him out a lot right there, the Town of Ellettsville knows what beholds us in the future, this may have come a year too late or 2 years to soon.

Mike Cornman would like to recommend to the Council that-before he does this he wants to talk about tax abatements, tax abatements are good if you use them in the right setting and the right way.He is not convinced that this necessarily is the right way, we may have so much low to moderate housing currently and with senior citizens involved.Mike said you can drive from Ritter Street, Association, Oak Street, Vine Street, part of Temperance, Main Street, several streets, the whole length of the street and you can find affordable housing to do with low to moderate income people in there. Mike said when a house on Vine Street 1,350 square feet home sells for $43,000, itís a nice home.That is affordable housing and they could buy that and have it for their own.
Mike Cornman thinks that tax abatements are good in the right setting and he does not think this is the right one.


Mike Cornman wants to recommend to the Council that we deny the request for the tax abatement.†† Donald Ashley so moved.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Mike Cornman asked for a roll call vote.

Patrick Stoffers††††††† No

Geraldine McIntyreNo

Mike Cornman†††††††† No

Gina Hawkins††††††††† No

Donald Ashley†††††††† No

Mike Cornman said it does not go any farther here as it does not say that this is a negative to say that this is not what we are needing.Mike thinks that more information is needed to clarify some of these things for the next round or the round here after, he is not saying that this is still not necessarily a bad idea he thinks they are uninformed on tax abatements and also we donít have the proper information on what is affordable in our community.Mike said he knows that the Plan Commission President has the same concern that we do not have a grasp of the numbers on what is affordable in Ellettsville.


Patrick Wesoloski wanted the motion read again, wasnít there a motion to deny?Reply was yes.Pat said did all of you say no?Mike Spencer said you are not passing the Ordinance either, that motion fails.Mike Spencer said there is no motion on the floor now, you recommended that the Resolution be denied.Patrick Stoffers said he intentionally voted no because he was not agreeing with the motion.Mike Spencer said the motion did not pass because everybody voted against it.

Mike Spencer said he thinks the only person that voted the way they felt was Pat and he thinks all of the others voted incorrectly.Mike Spencer said you are going to have to do it over.


Gina Hawkins made the motion that we deny the tax abatement.Mike Spencer said all those in favor say I, all those opposed say nay.Gina said anyone that agrees with the motion that we deny votes yes.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Those in favor of the denial was 4, Patrick Stoffers voted no.




Gina Hawkins read the following Proclamation.

WHEREAS, The Monroe County Chapter of the American Red Cross has served the††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

†††††††††††††††††††† citizens of Ellettsville with compassion and integrity since its inception in

†††††††††††††††††††† 1917, and


WHEREAS,The American Red Cross encourages and inspires individuals to dedicate††

†††††††††††††††††††††† their time and resources toward humanitarian service on a local, national,

†††††††††††††††††††††† and international level, and,


WHEREAS,†† Every day, our local chapter of the American Red Cross continues to teach

†††††††††††††††††††††† our citizen's emergency prevention and preparedness, aid them in time of

†††††††††††††††††††††† crisis, provide them with transportation to vital medical appointments and

†††††††††††††††††††††† maintain for them a safe blood supply.


NOW THEREFORE, The Ellettsville Town Council, Ellettsville, Indiana, do hereby

†††††††††††††††††††††† proclaim the month of March, 1997 as


††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††AMERICAN RED CROSS MONTH

†††††††††††††††††††††† and do urge all our citizens to continue their generous support of our local

†††††††††††††††††††††† Monroe County Chapter.

Mike Cornman said all in favor of this Proclamation say I, all where in favor.




Geraldine McIntyre made the motion that we accept the minutes and claims.Donald Ashley seconded.Motion passed 5-0.




Mike Cornman said this is pay request 28, 29, and 30, Reynolds Incorporated for $297,344, Number 29-R.W. Armstrong for $17,867, Number 30-Bynum Fanyo for $8,641.Total requested for this payment $323,852.

Mike Cornman said he recommend to the Council to approve this claim.Geraldine McIntyre so moved.Patrick Stoffers seconded.Motion passed 5-0.










There was a discussion on the water tower for Cooks.Mike Cornman read from the letter Ty Conner sent to the Council.The letter said it would be our recommendation that the Town allow our firm to do a preliminary financial study to examine these options and determine the best avenue for the Town to pursue.

Mike Spencer said he thinks you are going to have to if you want this thing to move smoothly, you better get your finances lined up at the out set, because it does not do you any good to find out you cannot finance it.Mike Spencer said he thinks they should do it especially if you want it to move quickly towards the end of the year.


Mike Cornman recommended to the Council that we have H.J. Umbaugh & Associates do our preliminary financial study to examine the options and determine the best avenues for the Town to pursue on this water tank project.Geraldine McIntyre so moved.Donald Ashley seconded.Motion passed 5-0.


Gina Hawkins said Rick could get the schedule of events for the whole project together at the same time we get this financial study done.You do not need a motion.




Patrick Wesoloski wanted to know if the Plan Commission wanted to change an Ordinance how they went about it.Mike Spencer said you would submit a proposal to the town and the town would pass it like any other zoning ordinance.




Jewel said she sent a check along with their request to go before the Zoning Board, they are with drawing that request. Diana informed the Council that Area 10 would like their money back that they gave her for planning.

Mike Spencer will look into this.




Geraldine McIntyre made the motion to adjourn.Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 5-0.