††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† March 11, 1999


Board members present: Don Ashley, President; Terry Baker; Diana Evans, Sandy Gann, Geraldine McIntyre, Secretary.


Board member not present: Keith Argabright.


Also in attendance was Rick Coppock, Town Engineer.


President Don Ashley called the meeting to order.








Preliminary and final plat Ė Kinser Subdivision:


President Don Ashley asked if there was anyone here to talk about it.


For the record my name is Phil Tapp of Bledsoe, Tapp, Riggert.I am here representing Don Kinser who is out of town.Mr. Tapp stated you all have copies before you.I apologize for last monthís meeting.However, getting Rickís letter the day of the meeting I assure you I have everything here from last monthís meeting concerning the original plat and the thirteen items.


Ten of the thirteen items are easily addressed such as sidewalks, street trees and utilities comments and everything else.


The first three items that I wasnít ready to address last month with Mr. Kinser being out of town.The plan showed two access points on Ridge Springs Drive and if we would be restricted to just one, I didnít know how this would effect the project or Mr. Kinserís plans for the project.


I have talked to him over the last month.I have also given him some input from the neighbors not really wanting the apartments and this and that.So he fine, he really doesnít have any real interest in the apartments.


What he would like to do is the duplex units and since the property is zoned C-1 he would like to reserve part of it for commercial use.However, he has no immediate plans to build anything there.But he really needs two cuts.He would have a separate one for the duplex units.


And Ridge Springs Drive being a local road that services lots of subdivisions has driveways back on it.As long as you have safe access points, since we have done a site study called phase one the field and will provide this information to Rick over the next month.There would be no reason not to have these two points of access.That is option A that we would like to pursue.


Mr. Tapp stated that he is not asking for approval by any means.But I am looking a little bit of direction of whether we can have two cuts or one cut on Ridge Springs Drive.Once I have that issue dissolved that will give me the direction to detail out one of the two plans.I will come back next month for approval on that plan.So I am now asking for the approval on the cuts.If I can answer anyoneís questions please ask.


President Don stated that he was real curious about the water situation.There is a lot of water going down the back of the property right now.I didnít see you address that in the first plan.


Mr. Tapp said that the property adjoining this is already in the flood plain and in the past when we have had property next to the flood plain it has been somewhat the rule of thumb we let that water go on downstream.According to Rickís letter you donít do that anymore and request detention.


So in the final plan that comes back to you whether it be apartments, duplex units or commercial or whatever it will have detention to control the increase drainage on this site to your standards.


President Don also said that we have letters from the neighbors concern number one about the traffic.


Don also asked if you are not going to build the apartments this will help some, am I correct?


Mr. Tapp said with option A there would be 7 duplex, 14 units along with the front as commercial.This would reduce the traffic greatly.A long discussion was held about this and what they called for.And about the traffic also the two cuts you are asking for.


Don asked Rick if he had looked at these plans.Rick stated that the real question is the standard method would be adequate site distance.The reason I put one driveway cut is because of the town ordinance has one driveway cut per 600 feet.There is not enough distance to have two cuts.


After a brief discussion was held on this and what type of building these would be, are they going to be brick, sided or what.Mr. Tapp stated that it hasnít been decided.


Geraldine stated that due to all the traffic on this street, she is ready to ask for a three way stop.I have trouble turning in my drive because I have almost been hit several times.The risk on this street is getting worse.


Harry Warner, who lives on Pine Cone Court, agrees with Geraldine.He said the cars come out of Richland Manor and use the street like a racetrack.


Janet Harris and her husband, Paul, 201 Ridge Springs said her driveway would be right across from one of the cuts.It is very dangerous in the morning getting out of my drive.I have to back out and those cars coming 40 to 50 mph I have almost been hit several times.I have called the police and I have received no response.The traffic is really bad.


Glenn Benniger, 125 Ridge Springs said he lives directly across from the development.I notice on the master plan that this street was a collector street.I donít believe this is the case.I would think it to be a minor road.He said there are 160 houses.I am concerned about the traffic.Also I own my home along with other residents and I worry about rental units.He also worried about how many houses being put on 2 acres.


Jan Fields, 327 Birch Street stated she lives directly behind the development and said she is concerned about the flooding since this is in the flood plain.She had to get a flood elevation to prove she was above the flood plain.


Steve Whales, Highway 46, my property joins this development and I have had flooding.He addressed Mr. Tapp about this.Mr. Tapp stated that this would be addressed at the next meeting.Mr. Whales stated I guess Ďtil then I will hold judgement.


A brief discussion was held.


Joanne Bowen, 115 Ridge Springs Lane is concerned about the traffic.She is also worried if this goes in about the lights, noise, etcÖ


Jeff Schunn, 131 Roundtree Court, I own property adjacent to the west of this and looking at the two plans I donít see how any water detentions can be done to adequately retain the water.


Carsten Reinhardt, 121 Roundtree Court, he is concerned about the traffic.Also, he is worried about making a left hand turn off of Highway 46 into the addition.A long discussion was held.


A brief discussion was held on the property being zoned as C-1.


President Don requested a motion as to give the development one or two cuts.Terry Baker made the motion to deny the two cuts.Diana seconded it.A roll call vote was taken.Motion carried 5-0.




Site plan review Ė Matthew Hall


President Don asked who is here to explain it.My name is Matthew Hall.I own the present laundry along with my father and brother.Right behind that is a building that we just purchased.What we want to do is take 20 feet on the west side of the building.This will give us a two-lane access in the laundry parking lot.The rest of the building, which is 1350 feet, we would like to turn into 10 self-storage buildings.


A long discussion was held about parking and the new access road.Also this will mainly be walk in storage.Another is how close the building sets on Vine Street.Also what the new highway will do to this.People use this as a street to get to Vine Street.There was concern about that many driveways on Vine Street.Also we are concerned about losing some of our parking lot.


President Don asked if he had plans for this.He stated that he had just a site plan but Mr. Hall will bring us plans before the next meeting.Don has two concerns about green space and the alley.


Rick stated that we are at the point of asking for the drive.


Terry Baker said he had no problem with the drive but before we go any further with this, I would like to see a scale of what they are proposing.Also if you do a structural change you have to come before the Plan Commission.


Diana stated that now we are to approve the driveway into the laundry off of Vine street.


President Don asked if there was a motion to approve it.


Terry made the motion to approve the demolishing of 20 or 25 feet of the building so thy can have a driveway to the laundry.Diana seconded it.Geraldine asked if she could recommend speed bumps be put in the driveway.Terry amended the motion to include two speed bumps and 5 feet of green space and width of 20 feet.Motion carried.


Diana said we have a visitor here tonight.Don asked that he give his name.My name is Barry Fisher and I go to Ball State University and I am here tonight because of courses I am taking requires I attend such meeting.








Diana made a motion to adjourn Sandy seconded it.Motion carried 5-0.