March 13, 1997



Board members present: Patrick Wesoloski, President; Terry Baker, Donald Ashley, Sandy Gann, and Geraldine McIntyre, Secretary.


Board members not present: Diana Evans and Charlie Merrimon.


Rick Coppock, Town Engineer was also present.






Geraldine stated that she and Mike Cornman, President of the Ellettsville Town Council and Rick Coppock met with members of the City of Bloomington on annexation today.  We have come to some agreement but we do have other things to work out.  It is looking better than it did when we first met.






Pat Wesolowski asked Geraldine about the planning on our ordinance, the street sizes.  Geraldine stated that the street sizes are already in our book.  Rick explained that the street size in the book is 31 feet back to curb, back to curb.  Most coming in now are 28 feet back to curb, back to curb, but we have an ordinance passed that allows us to go 31 feet.  Pat asked about the tree plot.  Actually the code states that the side walks should be adjacent to the property line or right away line so we automatically have to have a tree plot in there.


Pat Wesolowski asked about the width of driveways?  Rick said that it was not in there and that he has sent a request to Mike Spencer, Town Attorney to draft up an ordinance to change the drive ways to a minimum of 18 feet by 20 feet which is tow (2) parking spaces.  Pat asked the members of the Plan Commission if they were in favor of this ordinance.  All members agree that we need this ordinance.




Pat asked if he was going to be here.  Geraldine said that he was to be at this meeting since the February meeting was canceled due to the weather.




A letter was presented to the Plan Commission members from Rick Coppock, Town Engineer or Bynum Fanyo and Associates, Inc., regarding the subdivision.


Pat asked who was here to speak for this subdivision.  Shannon Childers stated that he was here to speak for this subdivision.  Mr. Childers stated that according to this

it doesn’t apply to a public street.  He asked do we have to?  Rick said that he spoke to Mike Spencer about the easements and the one easement being on the property that Childers owns the easements for Mr. Earl Siniard to act as his property which

is west of the project site.  What Mike Spencer said was as long as the development was done in that area they would have to continue Mr. Siniard with access to his property. 


The other property easement belongs to Mr. Siniard does not give them the right to use that easement.  In order for them to use that easement they would have to work out some type of agreement with Mr. Siniard.


A long discussion was held on just where the property was and how could you get to the property.  Rick said that when Mr. Siniard did the plat for this area up in here, Ray Graham started at the end at this point here.  He stated that he pays taxes on this street.


Jim Arnett, 1008 W. Oak Street stated that he owns the blue house on the back.  He said that his house is on Oak Street and at one time he tied to buy this property.  He also stated that he had bought Carl’s Body Shop, his plans for this is not complete yet.


Don Bohmen stated that there is a old house on this property that has been condemned and was to be tore down, now it is being remodeled.


John Bybee said that he was concerned if the development were to go in what would it do to the drainage problem that would occur?


Donald Ashley asked about the size of the lots, he stated that they look small.  Mr. Childers said that is next.  The lots are 4 feet short.  They are supposed to be 70 foot wide but they are only 66 foot.  We are planning to ask for a variance.  Geraldine then informed him that he would have to go before the BZA board.  Mr. Childers said he was aware of this.  He said that the had to bring it before us and be turned down first.


Mr. Childers asked if he were to buy these streets from Mr. Siniard could he turn it over to the town.  Rick stated that he could if the streets were up to town construction and town standards and after Jim Ragle gave his okay.


President Pat entertained a motion that we table this until the next meeting so we can look at this property.  Pat hopes that all parties involved sit down and see if they could come up with a decision that works things out and come back to us.  Terry Baker made the motion.  Sandy Gann seconded.  Motion passed 5-0.




There was a long discussion held on what type of homes we would like to see in Ellettsville.  With the new sewer plant coming on and when the sewer ban is lifted we are going to see a lot of growth in this area.


The next meeting will be April 10, 1997.




Patrick Wesolowski made the motion to adjourn.  Donald Ashley seconded.  Motion passed 5-0.