MARCH 24, 1997



The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Monday,March 24, 1997. Members present were Michael Cornman, President, Geraldine McIntyre, Vice President, Donald Ashley, Patrick Stoffers and Gina Hawkins. Mr. Cornman called the meeting to order.Donald Ashley gave the prayer.




Mike Spencer opened the bid from Cornerstone Paving, Inc.

Appears to be in good and proper form, on Form 95

Bid Bond of 10 per cent, properly signed and Non-Collusion Affidavit.

Bid is for the following bituminous mixture.

5,000 tons or less Hot Asphaltic Mixtures, F.O.B. vendorís plant:

††††††††††† H.A.C. Base††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $23.00 Per Ton

††††††††††† H.A.C. Binder††††††††††††††††††††††† $23.50 Per Ton

††††††††† H.A.C. Surface†††††††††††††††††††††† $24.00 Per Ton


5,000 tons or less Hot Asphaltic Mixture laid with a paver complete in place and

††††††††† compacted in the following types:

††††††††††† H.A.C. Base††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $28.55 Per Ton

††††††††††† H.A.C. Binder††††††††††††††††††††††† $28.55 Per Ton

††††††††††† H.A.C. Surface†††††††††††††††††††††† $28.55 Per Ton


1,000 tons or less hot mix patching material laid by hand and compacted:

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $40.00 Per Ton


1,000 gals. Or less AE-T tack coat liquid asphalt:†† $1.40 Per Gal.


1,000 tons or less mixed winter stockpile material: $31.00 Per Ton


Bituminous Milling of Streets††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† .60 Per Sq. Yd

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Minimum Daily Charge $4,500


Rental Rated if requested by the Town of Ellettsville

Triaxle trucks with driver††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††† $50.00 Per Hour

Power broom with operator††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $45.00 Per Hour

Grader with operator††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $60.00 Per Hour

Backhoe with operator††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $55.00 Per Hour

Roller with operator††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $45.00 Per Hour


Mike Cornman recommended to the Council that we take this bid under advisement.

Gina Hawkins made the motion we take these bids for asphalt, bituminous material and aggregates under advisement.Patrick Stoffers seconded.Motion passed 5-0.










Gina Hawkins read Ordinance 97-5 by title only, this was a second reading.

Donald Ashley made the motion to accept Ordinance 97-5.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion passed 5-0.










Gina Hawkins read Ordinance 97-6.Donald Ashley made the motion that we accept Ordinance 97-6.Gina Hawkins seconded.

Mike Cornman said any questions?Geraldine McIntyre said when we were doing this in the Planning and Zoning we forgot to addapartment, right now if you have an apartment its a parking space and one half.Geraldine said should we correct this to also include apartments?Rick said this will cover duplexes, single family to two family.Rick said it wouldnít cover apartments, which has a different Code reference.Geraldine said do we need to amend this Ordinance to say apartments?Rick said that would be a separate code section, this would just take care of single and two family.Rick said if you want to change it to apartments there is a different section for apartments.


Melvin asked on single family housing you have got to be able to park two cars off the street?Mike Cornman said that is correct.Gina said, it says within the structure as well, so does that mean it has to have a two car garage?Mike Spencer said it means a two car garage.Jim Davis questioned duplexes, like the duplexes, Garreth Blackwell built on Laubs Lane.Jim wanted to know if you are going to require him to put a 2 car garage per each duplex?Jim said so each duplex that is built you are going to require a 2 car garage attached to that duplex, so they can park their vehicles inside?Mike Cornman said it sort of looks like it.


Geraldine said this is a new Ordinance and anything built from now on.There was more discussion on the two car garage.That is what the Planning and Zoning Board agreed on.Gina asked to have 2 car garages?Geraldine said no, just 2 parking places.Don said everybody would have to be able to park at least 2 automobiles

off the street.


Rick Coppock looked at the Town Code book and said it should be for each separate dwelling unit within the structure.It should read 2 parking spaces shall be provided for each separate dwelling unit within the structure.If you had a duplex you would have to have two separate dwelling units within that structure.We were not intending to have 2 car garages it was 2 parking spaces.For each separate dwelling unit within the structure, so if you had a duplex you couldnít count it as one dwelling unit, it would be considered as two separate dwelling units, it has nothing to do with garages, we need to change this wording a little bit.

The intent was to have two parking space for each dwelling unit within the structure.


Mike Cornman said we have a motion and second on the floor so what do we do?

Rick said change the Ordinance.Mike Spencer said you need to move to amend.

Mike Cornman said it should read-two parking spaces shall be provided for each separate dwelling unit within the structure.

Mike Spencer said move to amend to include that language, then he would say you need to table it to make the final vote until he makes the changes.

Geraldine McIntyre made the motion that we move to amend Ordinance 97-6 to change the language from two parking spaces shall be provided for each separate dwelling unit within the structure.Mike Spencer said that is what the language should read.Geraldine replied yes.Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 5-0.

Mike Cornman said we had a motion on the floor to accept this.Mike Spencer said yes there is a current motion if you want to vote on it, you can vote on the amended motion.

This is just a first reading.Mike Spencer said if this is just a first reading you donít need to table it.

Mike Cornman said there is a motion and a second to submit that for first reading for Ordinance 97-6 as amended.Motion passed 4-1, Mike Cornman voted no.




Jewel said this essentially talks about 2 things, one is the Endwright Center and the other is Edgewood Village across the street.The Resolution is brought to you as a means of preserving the integrity of that area and that development.The Endwright Center was brought in originally for senior and youth opportunities.Head Start has withdrawn as we know so it is senior activities but it also includes youth in intergenerational activities.Maybe somewhere in the future there will be youth activities but right now it is senior and intergenerational activities.They have some youth activities and they have some plans for more, she wants to make sure you know and understand that.They see it as a good positive recreational facility for this community and for the area.Jewel would like to have everybody help celebrate bring that new center into the community.They would like to set, at Mr. Endwrights request, June 28th as the date for the dedication of that facility.They have not set the time yet.


Jewel said they welcome anybody to come up to the facility and after March 31st it will be done.They are holding out funding for things like the airconditioning that they canít finish until it get over 70 degrees.Jack was suppose to put the pavement down today and it didnít get finished because it was to cold and cloudy.It is going to be pretty close to done on the thirty first.They are going to be starting their activities on the first of April.Dr. Bill Breshue will be there Tuesdays and Thursdays where they will be doing fitness and health activities.He is doing one on one, personalize health care, health plan, for everybody in their exercise schedule.They have the gym, basketball and volley ball.They are planning on bring the kids in for some after school activities as well.


Jewel said the housing across the street has returned to the development that was okay through the Planning Commission.She wants to assure the neighbors that this is going to be a planned community and of high quality and that is pretty much what this says in here (referring to the Resolution).They are looking for some fairly nice housing to come in there and help the seniors out.She thinks that will be a nice part of the Town of Ellettsville and they plan to work with you to make it that way and that is why they have the Resolution for you this evening.


Mike Cornman said you are talking about the preserving of the integrity of the development, is it being threaten right now by anybody or anything?Jewel said it was threatened by her last time, if you want to look at it that way, she changed it.Jewel felt like she needed to come back to you and say that we are going to bring it back around to the way it went through the Planning Commission.


Geraldine said this means you will have home health care?Jewel said they are going to put up housing and there will be some caring in the housing units, yes.


Mike Cornman said in the definition of Preservation Area, they did not get an Attachment A.Jewel said that is the 2 acres that the Endwright Center sits on and the 14.1 acres is straight across the street that the housing development will sit on.


Mike Cornman asked if this borders 46?Jewel said no it does not.Mike said it says the definition of preservation area, the area bounded by Reeves Road to the south, Edgewood

Drive to the north , Highway 46 to the northeast, the describe in Attachment A.Mike

said he didnít think it went that far.Jewel said it doesnít say that in the resolution.

March 24, 1997Ellettsville Town Council minutes continued


That is just because when she (Eleanor) was talking about that she was talking about working with the school, the Richland Beanblossom School.Just has to do with when they were trying to get the school kids up there. Look at section 6, plan development is located on the unproved land off School road and Reeves Road south of Edgewood High School in Ellettsville, Indiana.


Mike Cornman said on section 2, it says the Edgewood Village and development designed by Area 10 agency.Mike said shouldnít it have read as designed by Bynum & Fanyo and Associates, that is what came to the Plan Commission and was approved and to the Council, he knows it was with her blessing.Jewel said they did put the map together, we designed the housing and they drew it for them.Jewel said they put in the sewers, the septic, hills and valleys and all that kind of stuff.


Mike Cornman asked should there be something in there that says, going to use the plan as approved by the last, date?Jewel said itís a PUD3 plan and so they will be going back before the Zoning Board one last time, she thinks.Jewel asked Rick if they have to go before the Zoning Commission one last time with their plan?Geraldine said not unless you are going to do it like you did before.Jewel said donít tell me we are totally done.


Mike Cornman said a question that has come up between some of the Council members, is why are we doing it.Jewel said why are you voting on this?Mike said why are we doing itif we thought you are going to go back to your original plan.Jewel said because she didnít think they ended very good last time.She needed to come back here and make sure that she had on paper exactly, if this is what you want, that is what we agree to, so she can proceed.Jewel doesnít wants to go out there and waste her time and everybodyís time, she wants to make sure she is heading in the right direction.


Mike Cornman said the reason he voted against it last time was he doesnít think the town should be abating somethingÖ..Jewel said there is no tax abatement.Mike Cornman said he understands, but something that could be done on your own so to speak.Jewel wants to make sure we are on the same road here, she is finishing with the Endwright Center, she thinks it is a good center, it was not exactly as we described it in the beginning.The Head Start is not there.Jewel discussed more with the Council.


Geraldine wanted to know if she took some land across the street for busses?Jewel said they did ask for some parking space across the street forpeople who are using the center. They think they may need overflow parking sometime.Jewel said there was no bus parking across the way.


Geraldine asked Jewel if they are still going to do the condo part?Jewel said her focus right now is try to get the apartments, but she does want to work with developers to put in high quality housing.She wants to make sure that everybody knows that is what the goal is.


Geraldine said you are still going to have the housing for 55 and over can live?Jewel said yes.Geraldine said they are to be bought by the people?Jewel said the one unit in there is apartments and then there are other units owned by the people.Geraldine saidyou are still going to have in that one little section, but you are going to tone it down some, like in care housing, for people that need assistance, that was in the original plan.Jewel said yes, but it is not assisted living, itís called care.Jewel doesnít want to deal with the assisted living standards.She doesnít want to be held to those standards because they change them all the time.Jewel discussed this with the Council.


Donald Ashley wanted to know if it is day care type of services?Jewel said or people that have their own apartment, like phase four ofRichland where they would be totally handicapped assessable and there would be home health aids in there to help them and that kind of thing.


Geraldine wanted to know if it would be where they didnít have to go out in the weather and they could wheel chair themselves around all through there, like they would come out their door and go down a hallway?Jewel said yes, and she would hope so, she wants to give them the maxim amount of privacy, that is her concern and the maximum amount of space.


Donald Ashley asked if this was basically the same plan that we on the Planning and Zoning approved some time back?Jewel said that is right.Mike Cornman said it is the exact same plan, right?Jewel said that is right, that is what she has dropped back to.


Mike Cornman asked Mike Spencer if he got a copy (Resolution) of this today?Mike Spencer replied yes.Mike Cornman asked him if he had anything to add.

Mike Spencer said it seems to him that the part of the resolution that deals with the development, the community plan, he thinks he understands what you are wanting to do, but it is confusing, just because of all the questions that have came up.Mike Spencer said you have been approved, it is his understanding by the Plan Commission for PUD, right?Jewel said yes we have.Geraldine said she doesnít understand why the resolution has to be signed.Jewel said because she wants to make sure that we are all in agreement.Jewel said she left here last week pretty discouragedand she figured she had better come back here and listen to what you folks where saying and bring it -----so we are all together on this.Jewel said it sounds like we are all together on it, that is all she wants.


Mike Cornman asked Jewel on this project are you still going to seek state assistance?Jewel said if we are going to have the funding for some of these units-----it is $500 we are going to go out and get some sort of help, yes.Mike Cornman said you also expressed to him that still there was an urgency to have some paper work in by April 1st, so you are more or less still going for the same grant, or what ever?Jewels said that is the reason she sat down and talked to Marion Jacobs, we are not even using the same kind of funds.

Mike Cornman said that is understandable, and he thinks they all understand that, the question was, your going to still apply for the same thing your were going to apply for when you were here two weeks ago, your just not going to change the plan and your not asking for abatement.Jewel said that is right.


Mike Cornman asked Jewel if she needed this, so she could go to the State to say what we do have the town in agreement with this part here?Jewel said yes, we do have the thing that we have been through with the town already as far as how it has been approved.Jewel said their concern is they can build it two ways, we can build it nice or we can put it up, and they only way we know to make it nice so we know it is going to be the quality we want is to go out and get some help with the funding.


Mike Cornman said we never have done that (resolution) before to his knowledge,---------we would set a precedence by saying if you give a resolution for Area 10 to get state assistance now such and such development is going to do a Farmers Home we would like to have a resolution for you guys.Jewel said this resolution has nothing to do with state assistance, its not in here, she didnít see you wanting to deal with that the last time she was here, she did not put it in the resolution, that is something Area 10 is going to have to deal with, out there by itself.

Mike Cornman said but in fact you will probably use this when you apply, right?

Jewel said she will and she will use this in the dedication of the Endwright Center.Jewel will use this in the dedication of the new housing to make sure that we maintain standards that we have set.Jewel wants who ever works with this to know that we are going to have some sort of high quality standards, we are looking for something nice for the senior citizens.Jewel said she is using this to maintain standards.There was some discussion.


Donald Ashley said he canít see any use in this resolution for the very simple reason we have already passed the plan----, we have already agreed with what happened at the Endwright Center and how it was built.Don doesnít think this resolution is at all necessary.Jewel said you didnít seem to agree with the Endwright Center last time she was here and there is no qualities set for the material across the street.Jewel said she has vendors that can go both ways and they can still meet you specks.


Geraldine said she thinks what Don is saying, when you were here the last time you were wanting to put in low income apartments.Jewel said she was asking for a tax abatement.Geraldine said a tax abatement and those apartments were going to be HUD, some of the use of those apartments paid by HUD, right?Jewel said, Eleanor said they could use Section 3 because it is against the law for anybody to turn down Section 3, you canít as an apartment owner in Ellettsville refuse a person who comes to you with a Section 3 certificate, it is against the law.


Jewel said this is not rent subsidized, it is not like Richland Apartments, it is not even in competition with Richland Apartments.There is specific rent set for the facility.


Gina said she thinks, Jewel, has told them, you brought us this (resolution) in order to show us, or prove to us that you are wanting high quality.Jewel said she wants to know what you want, if you guys donít want high qualityÖ.Gina said of course we want that.Jewel said I am just going to pack it in and turn it over to those guys.Gina said, I think we are confused about is whyyou are bringing this to us saying you are going to put in high quality things, and of course we want the highest quality anyone can get.Jewel said she has put a new building up there and she doesnít want a bunch of junk sitting right across from it.Gina said the question is why do we need to sign a resolution to that?Jewel said because the thing you passed before didnít deal with the quality of the housing across the street.There was more discussion.


Mike Spencer asked Jewel, say you donít put something up of quality, what can I do with this?Jewel said this document?Mike Spencer said yes.Jewel said I think that this document says, to anybody who develops, she doesnít care who it is, if you want to put something over there, it needs to be nice, because that is what we set that aside for.


Mike Spencer said he thinks, like Rick has mentioned, we have within our ability certain powers.Mike said one of our powers is to enforce building ordinances.Jewel said but you can meet code with all sorts of different levels of quality.Mike Spencer said he understands that, but you are seeing this as a broader document than he------as far as he can see this has no value to us.Jewel said maybe it just has value to me, because it speaks to her to say that this is what we envision up there for----folks.Jewel said we want to have housing that is quality housing.Mike Spencer said let him suggest another alternative, why donít you write us a letter and say we are going to put up high quality housing there, and we will write you back a letter saying that sounds real good, we are all for you, go do it.Gina said that is what she is saying that is why she thinks we were kind of confused as to why it needed to be done in resolution form.


Dan Rogers said maybe the resolution should be made by our board and signed by our board and then presented to these people.Jewel said understand because there are going to be homes that our owned by people and built by people, it is not just them, other people are going to be building houses.Geraldine said then I think you need to bring this before the Planning and Zoning to.


Rick Coppock said there is already an existing recorded plat that has to be vacated to implement the R-3PUD plan that was approved.Rick said as part of the R-3PUD plan

there were single family lots showed on the plan, so if you want to insure high quality development then your covenants are restrictions for those lots and development should

contain specific wording as to the type of foundation and exterior finishes and roofs and

things like that which would in effect insure the high quality of the development because

the owners of the property within that development then could have some grounds to

dictate who was building next door to the.Jewel said right.Jewel said but this at least

gives me something to hang my hat on.


Mike Spencer said he thinks Rick Coppock has hit the nail on the head, the way that is done, what you are talking about is through the covenant and restrictions.Mike Spencer said for example in his subdivision they have a covenant and restriction that is 42 pages long, telling what you can do and what you canít do, what color you can paint your front door.Mike Spencer said that is how you do that and that way it is enforceable by somebody.Jim Davis said but not by us.Mike Spencer said right not enforceable by us.Jewel said then you stick the enforcement back on--.Mike Spencer said we donít have the power to do it, even with this resolution, weíre saying that you are going to do this, it is almost like we are warranting.Jewel said you are saying to Area 10 if you are going to put a development across from that nice Endwright Center, then make it nice.Mike Spencer said we need to have done that when we approved your PUD 3 and said

well we want these covenant and restrictions in there.Mike Spencer said in other words its got to go with in the form of the structure we have, that we can enforce something.Mike Spencer said the way we do that, we say look at your covenant and restrictions, we want this in your covenant and restrictions, we want those added.Mike Spencer said that way we are forcing you to build high quality development.


Mike Spencer said with this document here we are not forcing anybody to do anything we are almost public guaranteeing that you will do it and if you donít then we are almost going to be liable to people to get penalized.Jewel said you are putting the responsibility here falls------your saying Area 10, if you are going to design you better make sure it is high quality.Mike Spencer said but your name is not on this.Jewel said it says development designed by Area 10.Mike Spencer said it is not an agreement, you really need to do what you want to do which I think is good, within the context frame work of an enforcement previsions that we had and the way we do it is exactly like Rick said.Mike Spencer said what you need to do is bring me your covenant and restrictions and lets go over your covenants and restrictions and maybe what we need to do is amend your covenant and restrictions under the PUD.Mike Spencer asked do they have those in the PUD?Rick Coppock said I donít believe so.Mike Spencer said what about the housing aspect of it, there is covenant and restrictions in that arenít there?Rick said there has never been any final plat.Mike Spencer said when the final plat comes in we have to have something.Rick said they would have covenants and restrictions with the final plat.Mike Spencer said so when that final plat comes in lets get those covenant and restrictions built up high enough.Jewel said this helps her set them where she wants them.Mike Spencer said you donít need this.


Jewel said we put a lot of money in that building across the street and they would like to see the development next to us be nice.Mike Spencer said but you are doing it arenít you?Jewel said not necessarily.Geraldine said doesnít that land belong to Area 10?Jewel said it does not, not an acre of it.Mike Spencer said this will have no effect on that developer then.Jewel said this says to Area 10 we can go to the developer and say we met with Ellettsville and we want to work with you to develop this high quality and she agrees it should go back before the zoning board one last time, that is how she believes it has to be done.Jewel said she came to get this so when she deals with the developer she can set the level of quality that she thinks needs to be across the street there.


There was a long discussion on this matter.


Mike Spencer made some changesand deletion to the resolution, the changed resolution is as follows:

Resolution 3-97

††††††††††† ďA resolution approving the planned development in furtherance of the

††††††††††† Edgewood Development Plan for Ellettsville, Indiana to include the

††††††††††† Endwright Center.

WHEREAS, Ellettsville, Indiana Developed the Endwright Center to sever as a

††††††††††† resource center for the community providing senior and intergenerational

††††††††††† activities, and

WHEREAS, Ellettsville, Indiana developed the Endwright Center to serve as a

††††††††††† recreational facility for the elderly, and

WHEREAS, Ellettsville, Indiana desires to invite the public to celebrate the

††††††††††† addition of the Endwright Center to the community,



Section 1:June 28, 1997 shall be the date for the Dedication of the Endwright

††††††††††††††††† Center.

Section 2:That this resolution shall be effective and in full force after its

††††††††††††††††† approval by the Town Council, all by law provided.


MARCH, 1997


Gina Hawkins read Resolution 3-97.Mike Cornman said is there a motion to approve Resolution 3-97 as amended.Gina Hawkins made the motion that we approve Resolution 3-97 as amended.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion passed 5-0.




Gina Hawkins made the motion we approve the minutes and claims.Donald Ashley seconded.Motion passed 5-0.




Mike Cornman said he was asked by Jiles McKeel of the Ellettsville Exchange Club, permission to do a fund raiser at the stop light on Sales Street, it will not be on the Highway.Mike said this is a similar request that was made last year.

Mike Cornman recommended to the Council to approve this road block for Sales Street for April 25, 1997.Donald Ashley so moved.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion passed 4-0.Gina had to leave the meeting early.




Mike Cornman read the following proclamation;

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† A PROCLAMATION TO

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††PREVENT CHILD ABUSE


Whereas, child abuse is an ever-growing tragedy across America that affects the lives of every one of us; and


Whereas, nearly three million cases of child abuse were reported last year, affecting the lives of millions of children into whose hands we will eventually entrust the future our nation; and


Whereas, we need to create greater public awareness of the problem of child abuse by educating everyone we know on the seriousness of this social malignancy;

March 25, 1997Ellettsville Town Council minutes continued



No, Therefore, as Town Board President of Ellettsville, I ask all citizens, and in particular, parents, to respond to the call of preventing child abuse.Support the Exchange of Ellettsville in it Quarters for Kids Blue Ribbon Campaign, themed ďTreat Your Children Well,ĒWear a Blue Ribbon pin to indicate your dedication to children;


And Further, I do hereby proclaim April to be Quarters for Kids Blue Ribbon month in Ellettsville, to help focus public attention on the increasing problem and join forces with the Exchange Club of Ellettsville through both example and education, to combat child abuse.


Mike Cornman asked if there was a motion to accept this Proclamation to Prevent Child Abuse.

Patrick Stoffers so moved.Donald Ashley seconded.Motion passed 4-0.




Mike Cornman asked Mike Spencer to bring him up to date on his conversation with Ty Conner.Mike Spencer said he spoke with Ty Conner and he also spoke with the Council at Ice Miller.Mike Spencer said there are two ways of handling this at this point and time.One, build the tower, and we can buy it from them at a set price or we build the tower and we will have to finance it, and that is the problem.Mike Spencer said since this is water we are under the auspices of the IURC, that means we have to get their permission to do this and that means it takes us longer to get it done and slows us down but we would have to issue bonds to get that done.Mike Spencer said there is two ways of doing that, you can do it the way we did with the sewer plant, if you will recall we issued a ban which was a bond anticipation note for a year or less as an interim financing method and then once you issue the ban you can go ahead a start your construction then you would also continue to processing issuing permanent bond, that is the one that would take a long period of time.The ban you would use because you can get that done relatively quickly and you do not need IURC approval for that since it is less than one year.Mike Spencer said since the bond funding which replaces the ban is for longer than one year you need IURC approval and that is what takes you a long time.


Mike Cornman asked Rick if he had anything to add about the time frame here.Rick said the time frame is still about the same, which is the tank and the supply line really iscritical.That it, is up an operational by around December 1st of this year, that is why there is some kind of a time crunch on this.


Mike Cornman said in regards to Cook putting it up or us putting it up, did that discussion ever come out with their engineer?Rick said he talked to Greg Blum today and he said he was going to have to get with the people at Cook and discuss whether or not they were willing to put up one point two or three million for the tank, if they wanted to do that much, have that much out of pocket expenses and one of his main concerns was that actually was purchased from them on completion by the town-----insurance along those lines.Rick said that was his major concerns right now.Rick said he (Greg) was going to try to get with them within the next two or three days and see what his higher ups thought about it.


Mike Cornman said a couple things comes to mind, our master water works plan called for a second water tank to be constructed in 1995, is that right?Rick said the plan was actually 1985.Mike Cornman said but it was said by 1995 we would have a second tank put up so we are already going to be year and half, two years out where we should have been any ways for our water supply and reserve capacity thatís required the other thing is to make sure Cook maintains what they have now.


Rick Coppock said this actually started around September of 1995, they contacted George about the possibility of getting some type of water because they needed more volume and more pressure at their plant site than they currently had.Rick said that was a requirement they had through the State Building office for their expansion that they did at that time.Rick said they actually obtained a permit to put a tank on site, and not wanting to be in the water tank business, that is when they contacted George and asked what can be done, if the town was maybe willing to work with them and develop some other option.Rick said 18 months has passed since then and they are still pretty much at that same point except for the fact that they are getting ready to go in for another expansion at that plant site and they still have got the water issue hanging over their heads because expansions require buildings to be sprinkled, and they just didnít have the volume of water to do that. Rick said that is what makes the time frame critical and if becomes a real issue with the State offices it could kill the expansion project and they would have to do the expansion at a plant some place else and move those operations out of Ellettsville.There was more discussion.


Rick said the town currently uses about 800,000 gallons a day which comes from the 12 inch line along State Road 46 from Bloomington.The town has reserves of 500,000 gallon tank out on Louden Road which is part of the original water works plan.Rick said if you have a major break somewhere along 46, you are going to be out of water rather quickly.That is why there is a need to build at least a 350 or 500 thousand gallon tank, you would really probably want more storage than that, but for this particular area that is the size of tank you are looking for which would also feed the downtown area and maintain the water pressure at what it is about now.Rick said by building an elevated tank you can have almost the same level as the Louden Road tank which is one a ridge and is quite a bit higher than the area on McNeely Street where we are looking at or even where the original plan stated.Rick said it is probably a good move for the town, itís something the town is going to have to do anyway and Cook is willing to put what expenses they were going to have into a tank into building this tank in partnership or what ever for the town.


Mike Spencer said it is his understanding that Ty is going to be down next week.Geraldine asked Rick, you said you would know in three or four days or he would know in three or four days.Rick said right, he was going to take to them in three or four days, he wants the maximum amount of assurances that he can get before he goes into that meeting because the more he is assured the more comfortable he will feel with it and the better he can sell it to his superiors.


Mike Cornman said at this point it would be a continuance, perhaps at the next meeting we would know what size or sizes we need to decide on what size tank we want and then how to proceed with the ban, or whatever or do we do it now?Rick said I think we need a 500,000 gallon tank.There was more discussion on this.


Mike Cornman said would it be suggested to wait till Ty Conner has his numbers official or is this something we need to approve tonight, or bring up for a vote tonight?Geraldine said she thinks Greg wants to know tonight, right?Rick said Greg wants to know something definite as soon as he can.Rick said he is not sure what your vote would be.Mike Cornman said it could be pending our accountants recommendations?


Mike Spencer said it seems to him you could take a vote to direct your accountants and your engineers to that work that is necessary to come up with how we would finance this tank, the methods to finance and whether it is financially wise for the Town of Ellettsville to do that and to agree that the Town Council is interested in pursuing building the tank subject to information we get back from our various experts.

Geraldine McIntyre made a motion to what Mike just said.Geraldine McIntyre said I make a motion that we turn it over to our finance people and Rick to come up with the finances for this and she feels the town does need the other tank and maybe they could work with Cooks and get it started.Donald Ashley seconded.Motion passed 4-0.




Mike Cornman said there is a letter from Kay Neal that says, this is a request from the Utilities Department for permission to write off these small amounts so that we can clear accounts.The amounts are penalties applied after the final bills were not paid on time.

Total water $3.46, total sewer was $24.80 and total hydrant fees $18.77.

Donald Ashley made the motion that we clear the water and sewer accounts.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion passed 4-0.




Rick Coppock said they have been working on the water line along Woodyard Road to do this---property research on that and laying out some preliminary provisions for a line.Meet with Scott Dompke of the City of Bloomington Utilities to coordinate tying into their systems so that when the 46 project starts the town will have an actual secondary source of water from Bloomington, in case of some unforeseen circumstance we would be able to continue to operate as normal.



Geraldine McIntyre made the motion to adjourn.Donald Ashley seconded.

Motion passed 4-0.