March 28, 2016




The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met for a regular meeting on Monday, March 28, 2016, at the Fire Department Training and Conference Room.  Scott Oldham called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  Kevin Farris led the Pledge of Allegiance followed with a prayer by Scott Thomas.


Roll Call:  Members present were Scott Oldham, President; Dianna S. Bastin, Vice President; Kevin Farris, Brian Mobley and Scott Thomas.   Sandra Hash, Clerk-Treasurer; Jim Davis, Town Manager; Darla Brown, Town Attorney; and Rick Coppock, Bynum Fanyo and Associates, Town Engineer, were also present. 


Supervisors present were:  Mike Cornman, Danny Stalcup, Kevin Tolloty, Mike Farmer and Jeff Farmer.  Chief Deputy Jay Humphrey represented the Police Department.


Approval of Minutes

Scott Oldham entertained a motion for approval of the minutes for the regular meeting and Work Session on March 14, 2016.  Dianna S. Bastin so moved. 


Scott Thomas noticed the minutes for the Work Session contained one sentence.  He asked Ms. Hash if she was asked not to record the meeting.  Ms. Hash answered yes, she was asked not to record it.  Mr. Thomas announced if anybody wants to listen to the meeting, he does record Executive and Work Sessions.  The purpose of the Work Session, as he was told, was to “put them in their perspective places.”  The meeting lasted several hours and Mr. Mobley was unable to attend.  Nine people expressed concerns to him.  The Code of Conduct Guidelines (“Guidelines”) prepared by Jim Davis, Town Manager, was discussed during the Work Session.  At the work session he asked if they would be voting on the Guidelines at this meeting.  Mr. Oldham explained it was determined during the Work Session they weren’t going to vote on the guidelines and would discuss it further if they intended to do so.  Mr. Thomas stated it was brought to his attention Jim Davis, Town Manager, is to be the boss for all department heads and Mr. Oldham said this was the intent when the job was created.  Mr. Oldham stated “boss” means the day-to-day go to person and according to the law he can’t be the administrator for the Fire and Police Departments.  Mr. Thomas asked about the other departments.  Mr. Oldham answered day-to-day yes, but ultimately the Town Council is the boss of all employees because they have the authority to hire and fire.   Mr. Thomas agreed.  In the minutes from the January 27, 2014, meeting when the Town Manager position was created David Drake stated “He wants to see going forward and make it clear that the Town Manager’s job isn’t to tell the department heads how to run their departments.  They shouldn’t be told by him how to run their departments.”  This has been his understanding from the beginning in that employees reported to Town Council and Mr. Davis’ job was to be administrative and the go to person for projects and to keep things rolling.  He spoke with Dan Swafford who was also on the Town Council at that time.  Mr. Swafford was very adamant that it was never intended for Town Council to go to Mr. Davis who then goes to the employees and they report back to him.  If it is their intent that Mr. Davis handles everything, and as a Town Council they’re not supposed to do anything with the employees, he thinks it needs discussed in public to make that determination.  He does not believe that was the intent. 


Scott Oldham thinks he explained Mr. Davis is the day-to-day contact because Town Council meets every two weeks.  The day-to-day management is necessary when it takes three Town Council members to make a substantial decision.  Mr. Thomas agrees but it is not as he remembers from the recording.  If going forward they’re going to make substantial changes to the position such as not being allowed to talk with a supervisor or employee about concerns then he thinks it needs done in public. 


Kevin Farris’ understanding is the supervisors run their departments.  For example, if one of them wants to buy a backhoe then they go to Mr. Davis to discuss budget matters and do whatever is needed before it is brought to Town Council who has ultimate approval.  Mr. Thomas doesn’t disagree with this.  It is more about disciplinary action and who they report to.  Mr. Farris said the supervisors will conduct discipline within their own departments.  Mr. Thomas asked if the supervisors report to Mr. Davis or Town Council about hiring or firing.  Who’s the boss?  Mr. Farris answered it would be Town Council.  Mr. Thomas reviewed this and it was not his understanding.  He couldn’t approve the minutes without bringing these issues forward.  Mr. Farris thinks it would be phenomenally difficult if employees had to come to or take phone calls from Town Council, on their timetable.  Mr. Thomas agrees as it pertains to daily duties but he is talking about the larger issues because that is not how it has been portrayed.  Now, they all understand the supervisors report to the Town Council and are not subject to what the Town Manager has to say.  He believes Mr. Davis’s role as an intermediary is a great position for conveying information back and forth. 


Scott Oldham said the original intent was for citizens to have a day-to-day contact for the equitable management of the departments.  He doesn’t think they have ever empowered anyone other than Town Council to do the hiring and firing.  Mr. Oldham noted they have set limits on expenditures without Town Council approval.  Mr. Davis’ role is to carry out the wishes and intent of the Town Council.  Mr. Thomas agrees.  Mr. Oldham doesn’t think people should have to wait two weeks to come before Town Council for minor decisions. 


Dianna S. Bastin said if an emergency happened in Ellettsville the Town Manager could make the snap decisions instead of Town Council having to rush to Town and call a meeting in order to make decisions.  The Town Manager is to be the go to person until Town Council can convene.  She has never felt she couldn’t talk to the employees of Ellettsville which she does all the time.  She is one-fifth of their supervision and it is her job to make sure employees are as comfortable as possible while on the job.  She doesn’t want to tell employees how to do their jobs.  Nothing has happened to make Town Council think they wouldn’t have the ultimate say so as a council person.  It has all been smooth sailing.  Mr. Thomas said the issue was he was told he micromanaged the Police Department because he went directly to the Town Marshal.  He was told to go through Mr. Davis to talk to a department head.  He thinks if they’re making changes they need to be done during a meeting and not say “it was their intent all along.”  Ms. Bastin commented during the Work Session there were many conversations and it is not surprising if someone left confused.  She thinks they did air-out some issues and now they move on.  She thought it was a good meeting.  There is a lot going on in Ellettsville and they can’t be doing this all of the time.  They can’t be browbeat that something will be brought up in a public meeting or put on the agenda to embarrass someone.  These employees are professionals and they don’t need to be embarrassed in public, talked down to or their abilities questioned.  If they aren’t measuring up an Executive Session can be called to discuss them being fired.  Mr. Thomas said he has done this but he is ready to move forward.


Kevin Farris seconded the motion to approve the minutes.  Motion carried.


Accounts Payable Vouchers

Scott Oldham entertained a motion for action to pay Accounts Payable Vouchers. 


Brian Mobley had questions on claims which were answered by the supervisors and/or their representatives. 


Kevin Farris so moved on the motion to pay Accounts Payable Vouchers.  Scott Thomas seconded the motion.  Motion carried.



Parks and Recreation Board:  One Republican Appointed by the President, Term Ends 2017


Scott Oldham appointed Carol Hoobyar to the Parks and Recreation Board.



Resolution 06-2016 to Adopt a Written Fiscal Plan for the Hoosier Energy Annexation, 8636 W. Flatwoods Road (0.48 Acres).


Kevin Tolloty, Planning Director, explained this is for the substation next to the solar farm and the financial impact on the Town and property owners is next to nothing.  The assessed value is $9,300. 


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to adopt Resolution 06-2016 to adopt a Written Fiscal Plan for Hoosier Energy annexation, 8636 W. Flatwoods Road, approximately .48 acres.  Scott Thomas made a motion to adopt Resolution 06-2016 to adopt a Written Fiscal Plan for Hoosier Energy annexation, 8636 W. Flatwoods Road, approximately .48 acres.  Kevin Farris seconded.  Roll call vote:  Scott Oldham – yes; Dianna S. Bastin – yes; Kevin Farris – yes; Brian Mobley – yes; and Scott Thomas – yes. Motion carried 5-0.


Resolution 07-2016 to Dispose of Surplus Property – Street Department


Danny Stalcup, Street Commissioner, is seeking approval to surplus a 1989 Kubota Model F2400 and a 1991 Wheel Horse 520 HC.  He spoke with Richard Gieselman of Richard’s Small Engines who gave permission to put the lawnmowers in his auction on April 2, 2016.  Mr. Gieselman will not make any money off of the mowers but there will be a fee for the auctioneer. 


Jim Davis, Town Manager, clarified Mr. Gieselman is having the auctioneer sell the mowers for the Town of Ellettsville who will pay the auctioneer’s fees and receive the money from the sale of the mowers.  There are no storage fees.


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to approve Resolution 07-2016 to dispose of surplus property for the Street Department.  Dianna Bastin made a motion to approve Resolution 07-2016 to dispose of surplus property for the Street Department.  Kevin Farris seconded.  Roll call vote:  Scott Oldham – yes; Dianna S. Bastin – yes; Kevin Farris – yes; Brian Mobley – yes; and Scott Thomas – yes. Motion carried 5-0.


Resolution 08-2016 for Dispatch Policy Board


Darla Brown, Town Attorney, explained the Monroe County Central Emergency Dispatch Policy Board (“Board”) met earlier this month and passed Resolution 16-01 recommending the Monroe County Council Income Tax Council impose a County Option Income Tax to fund a county wide emergency management system.  This resolution parallels the Board resolution and if the Town Council passes it they are expressing support for the passage of the local option income tax.  Section 3 of the Board’s resolution says “The Town Council of Ellettsville is encouraged to support the adoption of an ordinance and cast its vote.”


Dianna S. Bastin asked since she is an employee for 911 dispatch in Monroe County should she recuse herself.  Ms. Brown replied it would be a good idea.  Ms. Bastin recused herself on the basis she is very proud to be a 911 dispatcher.


Jim Davis, Town Manager, sets on the Board.  The basic concept is both the City of Bloomington (“City”) and Monroe County pay for dispatch and this resolution is to take care of getting 911 funds that decrease each year.  This is a County Option Income Tax for dispatch and will replace what the City and county are paying out of their general fund.  Now everybody in the county will be paying the same rate.  It will also be an avenue for increases in the future.  Mr. Mobley commented there use to be a fund to pay into dispatch.  Is this still done?  Mr. Davis doesn’t know if they ever did it. 


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to adopt Resolution 08-2016 for Dispatch Policy Board.  Kevin Farris made a motion to adopt Resolution 08-2016 for Dispatch Policy Board.  Scott Oldham seconded.  Roll call vote:  Kevin Farris – yes; Brian Mobley – yes; Scott Thomas – yes; Scott Oldham – recused himself because he is an employee for the City of Bloomington; and Dianna S. Bastin – recused.  Motion carried 3-0, with two recusals.


Ordinances on Second Reading

Ordinance 2016-04 to Annex Hoosier Energy, 8636 W. Flatwoods Road (0.48 Acres)


Kevin Tolloty, Planning Director, explained Hoosier Energy requested this annexation for their substation property which will connect with the solar farm and allow lot lines to be moved around sometime in the future.  The annexation request was heard at Plan Commission on March 3, 2016, and received a favorable recommendation with zoning of A-1, Agricultural. 


Scott Oldham asked how it plays into the zoning for their planned use.  Mr. Tolloty answered it is a permitted use for what they need to do.  However, they’re basically exempt from zoning.  Should Hoosier Energy back out the zoning will remain Agricultural 1.


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to approve Ordinance 2016-04.  Dianna S. Bastin made a motion to approve Ordinance 2016-04.  Scott Thomas seconded.  Roll call vote:  Scott Thomas – yes; Kevin Farris – yes; Brian Mobley – yes; Scott Oldham – yes; and Dianna S. Bastin – yes.  Motion carried 5-0.


Old Business

Fire Department Roof


Darla Brown, Town Attorney, has provided Town Council with a copy of the structural engineering report which was prepared by EFI Global (“EFI”).  One of the issues was whether or not to accept Strauser Construction Company’s (“Strauser”) offer to perform remedial work on the roof.  The purpose of EFI’s report was to look at the proposed remediation and give an opinion as to whether or not it would be sufficient to take care of the problem.  The reports states the proposed remediation will take care of the problem.  She requested a motion with regard to whether she should contact Mr. Strauser and tell him the proposed remediation is acceptable to the Town with the understanding there be a pre-construction meeting to discuss what will be done so everyone is on the same page.  Specifically, the motion should authorize her to contact Strauser and accept the proposal for the remedial work.  Mr. Thomas asked if EFI was hired by the Town’s insurance company.  Ms. Brown replied that is correct.  EFI was originally hired by the Town’s insurance carrier to inspect the trusses of the Fire Department roof. 


Fire Chief Mike Cornman confirmed there was an engineering firm with Strauser who suggested doing the corrections.  They had the EFI representative return to confirm it worked for them and this is what they came up with.  Everyone seems to be onboard with it.  Mr. Farris thought EFI’s opinion differed in that they needed to go further with the work.  Chief Cornman agreed and it is one reason they want to have the pre-construction meeting.  It was a suggestion from EFI to have additional “X” bracing. 


Scott Oldham entertained a motion authorizing Darla Brown to contact Strauser Construction Company and accept the proposal for the remedial work.  Dianna S. Bastin made a motion authorizing Darla Brown to contact Strauser Construction Company and accept the proposal for the remedial work.  Scott Thomas seconded.  Roll call vote:  Dianna S. Bastin – yes; Kevin Farris – yes; Scott Thomas – yes; Brian Mobley – no and Scott Oldham – yes.  Motion carried 4-1.


New Business


Approve a Second Title Policy for New Town Hall


Darla Brown, Town Attorney, explained Lisa Lee, Bond Counsel from Ice Miller, suggested the Town needs a second title policy.  The Trustee needs to be insured in the event there is a problem with payments.  Ms. Lee has asked that the Town obtain a second title policy insuring the Trustee.  She checked with Bethel Title and the premium for the second title policy is $2,500.  The first title policy was issued on February 23, 2016, the closing date on the bonds.  This policy insured the Ellettsville Building Corporation as the owner.  There are funds available for the second title policy from fees leftover from processing the bond.  Mr. Oldham asked which Trustee will be insured.  Ms. Brown answered Old National Bank.  The issue is there is no mortgage to serve the security, it is just a lease payment.  Ms. Hash commented the money set aside for bond costs can’t be shifted to construction. 


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to approve the second title policy for the new Town Hall in the amount of $2,500.  Kevin Farris made a motion to approve the second title policy for the new Town Hall in the amount of $2,500.  Dianna Bastin seconded.  Roll call vote:  Brian Mobley – yes; Scott Thomas – yes; Scott Oldham – yes; Dianna S. Bastin – yes and Kevin Farris – yes.  Motion carried 5-0.


Approve Duke Energy Grant of Easement for New Town Hall


Darla Brown, Town Attorney, explained this is a proposed Grant of Easement (“Easement”).  The President of the Ellettsville Building Corporation (“Corporation”) has to sign the Easement.  She is working with the attorney at Duke Energy who drafted the Easement.  The Corporation has its annual meeting on April 4, 2016, at her office and they will review it.  This allows Duke Energy to put in the lines for the electric and telecommunications.  Ms. Bastin asked if the electrical lines will be buried.  Mr. Farris answered yes.


Consider Proposal from Indiana Voice & Data for New Town Hall


Jim Davis, Town Manager, explained this is a proposal from Indiana Voice and Data for the new Town Hall.  They did the wiring for the cameras in the Fire Department.  If the Town Council accepts this proposal, the telephone system for $7,055 is excluded because they are attempting to get a competitive quote from Smithville Telephone Company (“Smithville”).  Mr. Thomas asked if that is the only portion Smithville can do.  Mr. Davis doesn’t think Smithville does audiovisual work.  He thinks the issue is it is a different telephone system than what they’re accustomed to.  The Town has had very little trouble with the telephone system it has had for 12 years.  Mr. Thomas asked if the Town is required to get competitive quotes because the proposal is over $50,000.  Mr. Davis replied Deputy Chief Kevin Patton has been working on this and cannot find someone local for obtaining a competitive bid.  Mr. Thomas thinks Smithville is heading in that direction.  They’ve done a lot for the community.  If it’s in the ordinance he thinks they should obtain quotes from Smithville and around Indianapolis. 


Dianna S. Bastin asked if Deputy Chief Patton can’t find quotes from anyone else is this any different than the equipment they just purchased for the Street Department.  They only obtained one quote because no one else made it and they didn’t want a different model.  This is no different than what was approved for another department.  Mr. Thomas agreed.  Ms. Bastin admires the Street Department for looking at what they needed to do the job and save money.  She is a little prejudiced.  She knows Deputy Chief Patton and has worked with him before.  So, if he says he can’t find anybody else they ought to consider this.  They need to stop saying “you need three quotes and you don’t.”  They put their support behind the person who brought the bid.  They have set a precedence of doing this and there are going to be times when they are going to have to accept one bid and this is one of those times.  Mr. Oldham remarked there will be times when they want to sole source because there is a specific model or brand they’ve had good luck with.  Mr. Farris added or the supervisor has 1000% faith in a particular product.  Mr. Oldham said this is a case where maybe they need to section them out piece by piece to get the best overall deal.  He sees both sides of the coin and thinks there needs to be consistency.  Mr. Thomas thinks they need to be more consistent.  This is why in a previous meeting he asked when they look at data or generators if they’ll bid them out.  Mr. Oldham explained there are certain things for which they won’t want to take the time and effort to bid out.  When the Street Department presented a specific model and said only one company makes it there is no reason to go look for another bid.  Mr. Thomas disagreed because there is more than one person who sells it.  It may have been in Jasper, Indianapolis or somewhere else but that is Town Council’s fault.  If they want to be consistent then be consistent.  If they want to have a policy then adhere to the policy.  Shame on him for not catching the Street Department only had one bid at the last meeting.  Mr. Oldham suggested setting a dollar limit for setting bids.  What the Street Department purchased was not $50,000.  They need to be consistent and come up with guidelines they can adhere to as to when bids will be required so there are no surprises for anyone.  A limit of $50,000 has always worked.  Mr. Thomas asked Ms. Bastin if this was okay with her.  Ms. Bastin replied Police Cars don’t cost $50,000 but they have had them get three different bids. She doesn’t know that she wants a dollar amount set again.  These are professionals and they know what they’re doing.  She doesn’t have any problem with asking Deputy Chief Patton to look again but if he comes back in two weeks and says there is nobody else then they have already done it.  They need to be consistent.  Mr. Oldham clarified in this instance they would like to see if Deputy Chief Patton can find anybody else.  In the future, the threshold continues to be $50,000 for bids to be sought.  Under $50,000 they’re willing to accept a sole source unless there is something they need to discuss.  Mr. Thomas agreed and Mr. Mobley disagreed. 


Brian Mobley stated he doesn’t know what Smithville can do.  They’re a home based business.  Let’s find out what they can do.  Mr. Oldham is not referring to this specific case but in general. 


Jim Davis said one thing to consider is how far away is too far to ask for bids.  In the Street Department’s defense they tried to get two more bids and both dealers said they didn’t carry it and couldn’t get it.  Mr. Farris asked how much time should be spent on this.  Mr. Davis knows Mr. Stalcup went to Martinsville.  Ms. Bastin doesn’t want anyone to think Mr. Stalcup did anything wrong.  He did the research and she admires the work he did.  Her point is Town Council is acting differently not him.  It didn’t cost $50,000 but it was an important piece of equipment for Ellettsville.  Mr. Mobley retorted this is taxpayers’ money and they deserve to watch this and see where their money is going.  Ms. Bastin agrees.  Mr. Mobley is not degrading anyone and is just asking to let the public know what money is being spent on.   Mr. Thomas asked if Indiana Voice and Data was included in the costs cut from the construction budget for the new Town Hall.  Mr. Davis said $30,000 has been cut from their proposal.  Mr. Oldham reiterated they would like to see a few more items and talk to Smithville and potentially other vendors to find out where they’re at with this. 


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to table this until the next meeting.  Kevin Farris made a motion to table this until the next meeting.  Dianna Bastin seconded.  Roll call vote:  Scott Oldham – yes; Dianna S. Bastin – yes; Kevin Farris – yes; Brian Mobley – yes and Scott Thomas – yes.  Motion carried 5-0.


Sign Contract for Construction of New Town Hall


Darla Brown, Town Attorney, presented a standard AIA contract (“Contract”) between the Ellettsville Building Corporation (“Building Corporation”) and Neidigh Construction Company (“Neidigh”).  The Building Corporation will have to be the entity who approves the Contract.  She wanted Town Council to be aware this is coming up and they’re working on it.  The Building Corporation is issuing the bonds so they have to sign the contract.  Since the Town tentatively awarded the bid to Neidigh in December 2015, she needs a motion from the Town Council to assign the construction bid from Neidigh to the Building Corporation.  Then the Building Corporation will consider it at its April 4, 2016, meeting.


Scott Oldham asked if the Building Corporation can decline the bid.  Ms. Brown replied she hopes it won’t happen.  Mr. Farris asked if after Neidigh signs can they start construction.  Mr. Davis commented the site is ready to start.  Mr. Farris asked if $25,000 had to be paid and the title work done.  Ms. Hash answered the bond proceeds are already in the Trustee’s hands and she has submitted the first Affidavit for payment of several items and is getting ready to submit the second affidavit.  The money is in place as far as the bond is concerned.  Mr. Farris confirmed the contract will be signed on April 4, 2016.  Ms. Brown answered that is correct.  She prepared a resolution for the Building Corporation to sign whereby they accept the assignment of construction bid and authorize the President to sign the agreement.  The resolution will also authorize Mr. Davis to serve as the Building Corporation’s representative for purposes of acting as Construction Manager which can be found under Section 8 of the Contract.  Mr. Oldham asked if Mr. Davis is not able to be there can he assign the duties.  Ms. Brown replied that is correct. 


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to assign the Neidigh construction bid to the Building Corporation.  Kevin Farris so moved.  Scott Thomas seconded.  Roll call vote:  Scott Oldham – yes; Dianna S. Bastin – yes; Kevin Farris – yes; Brian Mobley – no and Scott Thomas – yes.  Motion carried 4-1.


Fire Department Request to Finance the Purchase of a New Copy Machine


Fire Chief Mike Cornman is requesting permission to finance $5,844 to purchase a copy machine which will be paid in four installments of $1,500.  They are financing the copier because they want to keep the funds in the Cumulative Fire Fund.  This fund is also used for the autos.  Peoples State Bank will do the financing at 3% for 24 months.  Mr. Thomas asked if the payments will come from the Cumulative Fund.  Chief Cornman answered that’s correct.


Brian Mobley stated there is $16,000 in the Cumulative Fund.  Why don’t they buy the copier rather than paying the bank 3% interest?  Chief Cornman is trying to be fiscally conservative because of the nature of the business they’re in.  When something of extreme value breaks they need to get the part now.  If they had to replace something like a transmission or a pump on a fire apparatus they won’t have the time to do an appropriation.  They have the cash elsewhere but there are laws that dictate how it is appropriated.


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to approve the Fire Department’s request to finance the purchase of a new copy machine through People’s State Bank.  Kevin Farris made a motion to approve the Fire Department’s request to finance the purchase of a new copy machine through People’s State Bank.  Dianna Bastin seconded.  Roll call vote:  Kevin Farris – yes; Dianna S. Bastin – yes; Scott Oldham – yes; Brian Mobley – no and Scott Thomas – yes.  Motion carried 4-1.


Main Street Request for Hanging Flower Planters to be Placed on Town’s Decorative Street Lights


Jim Davis, Town Manager, requested this be placed on the agenda because he didn’t think it had been resolved.  Chris Fisher and Jeana Kapzinski have advised the issue had, in fact, been resolved. 


Chris Fisher, Ellettsville Main Street, explained Main Street’s goal is to beautify the area.  They have been working on the Heritage Trail.  Main Street has some new members who commented there are no flowers down Sales Street and asked if they could be on a committee to put up hanging baskets of flowers.  Main Street did research including the American’s with Disabilities Act (“ADA”).  Today, they found the original purchase order for the street lights and contacted the person who wanted to buy the baskets and brackets.  They were assured they would be safe for the poles.  They’ve talked with Danny Stalcup of the Street Department and he doesn’t want the responsibility of maintaining the baskets and flowers.  They’re asking if they purchase the brackets, baskets and flowers can someone from the Town hang the brackets.  Main Street will be responsible for the cost and maintenance of the baskets. 


Dianna Bastin asked how the baskets will be maintained if they’re up high next to the street.  Ms. Fisher asked Brenda Wampler of Main Street how they will water the plants.  Ms. Wampler answered she does not know yet.  Ms. Fisher advised they have talked to the shop owners so they have some options and will have to get the watering worked out.  If this is not approved then they are requesting permission to put planters in front of the buildings.  They have checked on ADA compliance for the planters.  Main Street would maintain the planters.  They want to do something to brighten and make downtown more appealing at Main Street’s expense. 


Scott Thomas thanked them for their interest in doing this and trying to improve the beauty of the Town.  His only concern was if the poles will support the weight of the planters but that has been addressed.  Mr. Farris asked if they have a preference to poles over planters.  Ms. Fisher answered they prefer the poles over the planters because they can be easily seen by people driving by.  This is their first choice. 


Scott Oldham asked Mr. Stalcup if he has objections if Main Street maintains the hanging baskets.  Mr. Stalcup answered he has no objections if they maintain them.  They don’t have the time to keep them looking nice because they have a lot going on this summer.  Ms. Fisher understands this.  They have a group from the Endwright Center who she calls the “Flower Ladies”.  They have been researching the flowers, baskets and liners and would like to maintain the baskets for the Town.  Mr. Mobley asked if this would be for spring and summer.  Ms. Fisher replied that’s correct.  Ms. Bastin thanked Ms. Fisher for her research.  She asked Ms. Fisher if they would provide Town Hall with a copy of the light pole information. 


Chris Fisher commented they have been working with the Boys and Girls Club because it is their impression Main Street is to do the dedication for the Trail.  They have several things going on for which they will need approval from the Town.  They’re combining the two events to make it another fun thing to draw people downtown.  This is one of the reasons they would like to get the baskets up.  Thurman’s Garage has talked about having a car show and there are new businesses downtown.  Mr. Davis asked how many poles will have planters.  Ms. Fisher answered eight poles.  There will be 16 baskets because they will put one on each side of the pole.  Mr. Farris asked if they did planters would there be eight or sixteen planters.  Ms. Fisher replied it wouldn’t be that many.  The Flower Shoppe and the RBB Store already have their own planters.  Health Source would like a planter if they decide to do them.  Mr. Farris sees advantages to both but prefers the planters.  The disadvantage to planters would be someone putting out a cigarette in them.  When bad weather such as hail, rain and wind happens he wouldn’t want them to fall on someone parking.


Brenda Wampler, Main Street, has been involved in the investigation for the hanging baskets.  She specifically asked a group in California if weather is a concern with the hooks.  They said only in the coastal areas has it been a concern and they chained the baskets so they did not blow.  There is enough downward weight to make them stable.  Ms. Bastin thinks it is a good idea and is in favor of the hanging baskets. 


Scott Oldham entertained a motion to approve hanging flower planters for the decorative street lights on Sales Street.  Dianna Bastin made a motion to approve hanging flower planters for the decorative street lights on Sales Street.  Scott Thomas seconded. 


Kevin Farris asked who would be liable if a planter fell.  Ms. Brown replied someone could argue the Town would be liable because they own the poles and the Town has allowed Main Street to hang the baskets on them.  The Town has advised there is insurance coverage.  Their concern was if the poles could support the weight of the hanging baskets.  Everyone is convinced the poles will support the weight.


Roll call vote on the aforementioned motion:  Scott Oldham – yes; Dianna S. Bastin – yes; Kevin Farris – no; Brian Mobley – yes and Scott Thomas – yes.  Motion carried 4-1.


Council Comments

Scott Thomas thanked Jim Davis for this week’s report.  He has been requesting additional details and the report was great. 


Town Manager Comments

Jim Davis, Town Manager, received a letter from Mr. Knipe of the Department of Natural Resources wherein he advised he will have something to present to the Town on the flooding in April.


Privilege of the Floor

Kenny Williams, Vice President of the Ellettsville Chamber of Commerce, explained this is the Bicentennial year for the State of Indiana.  Part of the celebration will be a Torch Relay that goes through all of the counties in Indiana and then to the state capital.  He is coordinating this on behalf of the Ellettsville Chamber of Commerce.  The Ellettsville Journal will publish an article about the route.  There is going to be a Torch Relay.  The Torch will come from T.C. Steele Historical Site in Brown County by car to Bybee Stone.  From there they would try to get the Edgewood Choir to sing the National Anthem, have Mr. Oldham say a few words about the pioneer and limestone heritage of Ellettsville and then they will light the torch.  This will be on Tuesday, September 20, 2016, and the Torch is scheduled to arrive at approximately 3:30 p.m. to 3:40 p.m.  Once they ignite the torch then the route will go down Matthews Drive, cross at the light and head east on Temperance Street and then turn left and go downtown on Sales Street.  From there it will go through the Heritage Trail, cross Temperance Street and head down Hartstraight Road out of Ellettsville.  It will be traveling with a State Police escort.  Sometimes the torch will be carried in a car.  The nominations of who will be carrying the torch have been decided.  He envisions having the Ellettsville Band playing when it comes through Sales Street.  They want to make this as big as possible.  He would like to have as many people as possible lining the streets when the torch comes through.  He has talked to Smithville Telephone Company about doing an after-hours event at 4:00 p.m. on the parking lot across from the old Town Hall.  There will be a meeting with all the stakeholders to coordinate a fine event for the Town.  Ellettsville is the first stop for the Monroe County section of the torch relay. 



Scott Oldham entertained a motion to adjourn.  Dianna Bastin made a motion to adjourn.  Scott Thomas seconded.  Scott Oldham adjourned the meeting at 7:54 p.m.