March 29, 2005



The Ellettsville, Indiana Board of Zoning appeals met at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 29, 2005.  Jack Neal called the meeting to order at the Ellettsville Fire Station.


Jack Neal, President; Ray Freetage, Vice President; Terry Baker Denise Knell and Geraldine McIntyre, Secretary were present.  They joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Jack Neal, President, stated since this is the first meeting of the year, new officers should be elected.  Jack Neal was elected President, Ray Freetage was elected Vice President and Geraldine McIntyre was elected Secretary.


Jack Neal stated we are here to consider a variance request for a billboard that was taken down due to the widening of State Road 46.  Hoosier Outdoor Advertising applied for a height and size variance.


John Shean, Attorney, represented the petitioner John Baugh about the lost sign.  John stated that when Dave Sorokoty was President of the Town Council there were more restrictions added to the sign ordinance due to the new traffic on State Road 46.  The proposed Hoosier Outdoor Advertising sign is 17 feet above the ground.  The top of the sign is 29 feet high which is 3 feet above the 26 foot maximum allowed in the Ellettsville Town Code.  The 2 signs would be 300 square feet each for a total of 600 square feet.


Jack Neal pointed out this is a big sign.


Tom Ponton and Bud Cross own the Cross Paint and Body Shop, which is adjacent to the Baugh property. They discussed some concerns on cleaning the ditch between the properties.  Mr. Ponton mentioned he knew someone interested in buying the Baugh property.


Frank Nierzwicki, Director of Planning stated Hoosier Outdoor Advertising started the process of replacing the sign before his employment with the town.  The sign requirements are 80 square feet in the town and 60 square feet along State Road 46 making the request for a 300 square foot sign almost three times the legal limit. 


Geraldine McIntyre added that when Mr. Land and the Plan Commission worked on the sign restrictions it was to improve the appearance of the town.  Allowing signs that do not fit the requirements would be taking a step backward.


Frank Nierzwicki will check the BZA, Town Council and Plan Commission minutes to find what was discussed on the sign issue.


Jack Neal summarized the concerns as follows:  The Town Planner advised the sign doesn’t fit our requirements and the safety issue at the corner of Lakeview Drive and State Road 46.  There have been several automobile accidents at that corner.


Ray Freetage stated two 300 square feet signs for a total of 600 square feet seemed extremely large.


Terry Baker made the motion to deny the 600 foot sign.  Jack Neal seconded.  Motion carried.


Jack Neal discussed having another meeting in a few weeks regarding this matter.


Denise Knell made the motion to adjourn.   Terry Baker seconded.  Motion carried.